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Detection Unlimited
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Detection Unlimited Slumped on a seat under an oak tree is old Sampson Warrenby with a bullet through his brain He is discovered by his anxious niece Mavis who is one of the ten people in the village is the running fo
  • Title: Detection Unlimited
  • Author: Georgette Heyer
  • ISBN: 9780099550433
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Slumped on a seat under an oak tree is old Sampson Warrenby, with a bullet through his brain He is discovered by his anxious niece, Mavis, who is one of the ten people in the village is the running for chief suspect, having just cause to dislike Warrenby intensely.Only Chief Inspector Hemingway can uncover which of the ten ha sturned hatred into murder.
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    1. Sophia says:

      I m making my way slowly along through all the old Georgette Heyer detective stories that are told in the tone and style of the Golden Age of British Detective stories.A victim that not a soul liked, a village full of quirky suspects, and a chief inspector with a delicious sense of humor while he dug out all the secrets, sifted through the facts and clues, and eventually arrived at the truth.Like the old style detective stories, this one introduces the characters while building to the moment of [...]

    2. Nikki says:

      I gather I m reading this somewhat out of order, in that there are several other books featuring the same detective and this is the last of them and the last of Georgette Heyer s mysteries as a whole, I believe I blame the fact that they re not numbered in any way Not that I think it much mattered Chief Inspector Hemingway couldn t really win my heart, given that my fictional detective sweetie is always going to be Dorothy L Sayers Lord Peter But he was fun enough to spend some time with, and I [...]

    3. Kim says:

      First published in 1953, this was the last of Georgette Heyer s mysteries and the last in my project to read them all Written in order to pay a tax bill if I remember correctly from Jennifer Kloester s excellent biography, Georgette Heyer Biography of a Bestseller the novel has a cast of quirky characters and is full of Heyer s witty dialogue The plot a reasonably standard whodunit with a range of possible culprits is not exactly a page turner but was engaging enough to retain my interest I didn [...]

    4. Hannah says:

      Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsWho would have wanted to murder solicitor Sampson Warrenby Apparently everyone in the village of Thornden.There s no shortage of suspects to question when Scotland Yard sends one of their finest Chief Inspector Hemingway to ferret out means, motive and opportunity You ve got the village squire and his ailing wife, the victim s long suffering niece, a rival solicitor, a mysterious couple, a crime writer, a handsome foreigner, and a military officer whose wife breeds [...]

    5. Teri-K says:

      While I reread this I kept thinking it would have been nice to keep a list of suspects, a timetable of their movements, and to create a map of the town where the murder took place However, as I was also taking care of two small boys, I was satisfied with just enjoying reading it My point is that Heyer s mysteries contain all the details you need to solve them, and at the same time she pulls you in with her likable characters and quaint English settings Adding a bit of romance never hurts.

    6. Carol Clouds ꧁꧂ says:

      Sadly this is the last detective story that GH wrote.Hemingway now a Chief Inspector sparkles throughout this book worth reading for his dialogue alone.I have one leg longer than the other myself I was wondering why Gavin simply didn t wear a lift in his shoe Surely they would have been available in the 50s But a minor quibble for a very enjoyable book.

    7. Bev says:

      In Georgette Heyer s Detection Unlimited we have suspects and detectives than we can shake a stick at Sampson Warrenby is dead and just about everybody in Thornden has a motive and the opportunity to have done him in He s found slumped on a seat under the oak tree in his garden.with a bullet through his head Most of the suspects were at an afternoon tennis party and were wandering about the area on their way home when the the shot was heard When the local police decide to bring in Scotland Yar [...]

    8. Anwen says:

      The last Heyer mystery written and, in my opinion, the cleverest Set in the changing world following the Second World War, the disillusionment inherently felt in the slow erosion of the class structure is made clear, and the whole book is permeated by a sense of gentle melancholy In a sense, this is a lament to times gone by, and the thrusting character of the victim who, it is made clear, was not of the county but needed to be shown how to behave, epitomizes the new world order to come Inspecto [...]

    9. Nell says:

      A total wallbanger For years people have been praising Georgette Heyer so I caved and tried this one Wordy, pretentious and not fit to lace up Agatha Christies shoes.

    10. Tami (synchro from BL) says:

      Actually a little boring It felt like forever until it was concluded.

    11. Kathy says:

      Another Inspector Hemingway mystery which takes place in an English village peopled by folks who could be stereotypes, but often seem surprisingly modern in their thinking The murder victim is disliked by everyone for good reasons, and one suspect is a clever fellow who brags that he might have done it which is intended to throw the Inspector off.

    12. gufo_bufo says:

      Il giallo non si addice a Georgette, il suo colore decisamente il rosa antico Qualche guizzo ironico, qualche brillio nei dialoghi non riscattano una serie di personaggi macchietta e una trama quasi inesistente Peccato.

    13. Annette says:

      Everyone has secrets This small English village is filled with people with secrets One of those secrets gets a man killed.Inspector Hemingway is called in from Scotland Yard because the people involved in this murder are from the upper classes and they make it harder to get questions answered.The gentleman who was murdered definitely needed to be killed The number of people who had a motive for murder is large And everyone involved is playing detective There are as many theories given to Inspect [...]

    14. Melissa says:

      Detection Unlimited was the last of Heyer s mysteries So far, it s actually the only one I ve read because my mother happened to have her original copy and passed it along to me As I learned in The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Jane Aiken Hodge, her husband who left his career as a mining engineer to become a barrister actually helped her with writing her mysteries, making sure that she left appropriate clues that would give the reader a fighting chance to solve the mystery.As with her Reg [...]

    15. * kyrat says:

      Enjoy her regency novels and can look past the dated ness and figured the anit semitism and occasional racist comments were the way they were in the 1700 s.And I m sure England was pretty homogenous in the early 60 s but I was still annoyed by the contant Pole bashing by all the characters and the insistance on demonizing foreigners even if she was trying to make a point about it.But the final straw is after meandering about with all the suspects and all their theories, there is NO resolution I [...]

    16. Miriam says:

      More like Detection Extremely Limited.

    17. Jemidar says:

      Buddy read with Kim.

    18. Joan says:

      This is the last of Heyer s twelve mysteries, first published in 1953 On one hand, the story is among her better mystery plots and the action moves on a little better On the other hand, the edition I read was full of typos and bad writing, i.e missing punctuation and missing words The story evolved around the murder of the local curmudgeon, and the characters included the usual irritating and cynical individual who makes a joke out of everything Heyer was born in 1902 and obviously enjoyed an ea [...]

    19. Nancy says:

      I read my first Georgette Heyer book in 1968, and spent years after that no Kindle or Overdrive in those days reading all her Regency romances and British cozy mysteries So imagine my surprise when, having an hour to kill, I went into a library and looked for a Heyer novel to skim during my wait, and found this cozy that I had apparently never read Of course I checked it outThis is one of Scotland Yard s Chief Inspector Hemingway s most humorous appearances, and has a couple of entertainingly od [...]

    20. C says:

      I really enjoyed this book It s the first time in ages I haven t got to the suspect before it was revealed, so it s definitely a nice plot twist the problem, as the narrator finds, is that none of them are suspicious, which makes it very hard to work out It was a beautifully simple plot for a beautifully simple crime, it relied not on dramatic twists or unexpected happenings further murders, just good old fashioned detection and character development One of the best murder mysteries I ve read re [...]

    21. Paraphrodite says:

      3.5 stars.Another interesting case I m glad the murder took place a lot earlier than in the previous books Also, we see an older Hemingway who kept questioning his own ability to retain information What I ve enjoyed about this series are Hemingway s different sidekicks who provide the comedic relief It s been quite funny seeing their interaction with Hemingway throughout the series A pity this is the last book, I m going to miss Hemingway.

    22. Caitlin says:

      Found all the village characters a little hard to keep in my head at first but got there in the end Inspector Hemingway was as good as ever and I liked the mentions to cases and inspectors from previous books.

    23. Anna says:

      We return to the fabled English countryside in this final Inspector Hemingway story He is again the quick witted, wise and good natured detective who is

    24. Francesca says:

      had its moments

    25. Sharon Jacobs says:

      Disappointed by this one Story simply wasn t interesting and I did not care who did it.

    26. Melinda says:

      I felt like quitting this book by the time I had finished 50 pages It was just so dull it wasn t until I had read over half the book that I got really interested.

    27. Terra says:

      One of her cleverer mysteries, though still lacking the level of charm of her regencies.

    28. Robyn says:

      Unlimited free trial In my opinion the best of the Inspector Hemingway books Our Chief Inspector is in a much better mood here than in most of the rest of the series, there are quite a few perfectly nice characters, the romance isn t terrible, and the solution to the murder is ingenious than she usually wrote Admittedly, I did suspect the killer, and one important twist about the murder, but that character wasn t the only possibility for a change It was also nice to get right to the meat of the [...]

    29. Rebecca says:

      No one in the small English village of Thornby I think that was the name is sorry when Simon Warrenby is shot in his garden, and when Inspector Hemingway of Scotland Yard comes to investigate, he finds himself overflowing with suspects as well as with locals trying to solve the mystery first Thaddeus Drybeck was a lawyer like Warrenby, and Warrenby was trying to put him out of business Warrenby s downtrodden niece and housekeeper Mavis stood to inherit plus maybe get to marry her Polish boyfrien [...]

    30. Melia says:

      The majority of the book was classic Heyer mystery witty dialogue, a lot of suspects, a murder that isn t as straightforward as it seemsThe inspector was particularly slow in this round It took him most of the book to figure out that the murder had occurred earlier and that the body was moved To me, these seemed fairly clear when the body was examined, given that the only evidence indicating the murder occurred at the later time was a shot being heard and that Warrenby seemed out of place on the [...]

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