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American Gods/Anansi Boys
April 25, 2020 Comments.. 577
American Gods Anansi Boys This budget priced leather bound hardcover would be an attractive addition to any fantasy or literature library but its arrival could not be timely This summer we are celebrating the th anniversary
  • Title: American Gods/Anansi Boys
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781435132139
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Leather Bound
  • This budget priced leather bound hardcover would be an attractive addition to any fantasy or literature library, but its arrival could not be timely This summer we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Neil Gaiman s Hugo and Nebula Award winning American Gods, universally acclaimed as a genre masterpiece This sturdy, handsome volume also contains Gaiman s Anansi BThis budget priced leather bound hardcover would be an attractive addition to any fantasy or literature library, but its arrival could not be timely This summer we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Neil Gaiman s Hugo and Nebula Award winning American Gods, universally acclaimed as a genre masterpiece This sturdy, handsome volume also contains Gaiman s Anansi Boys, which features one of the most famous openings in modern fiction It begins, as most things begin with a song In the beginning, after all, were the words, and they came with a tune That was how the world was made, how the void was divided, how the lands and the stars and the dreams and the little gods and the animals, how all of them came into the world They were sung.
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    1. Darth J says:

      American Gods2.75 starsYou know, I think I love Neil Gaiman in theory than anything else And how could you not He is immensely imaginative and quite witty That being said, I feel like I was supposed to like this book than I actually did.The premise is great The old gods of mythology are rising up for a war with the newer American Gods such as Technical Boy who is the god of computers and the internet, and Media who oversees television those that are representative of modern ideals While bigge [...]

    2. Shelby Machart - Read and Find Out says:

      Gave American Gods 2.5 stars Putting this bind up on hold until I actually feel like continuing.

    3. Ryan says:

      So, I ve just finished American Gods Boy did it take a long time, but it was worth it It s a slightly confusing book, I admit, with than a couple slow parts, but when it gets fast, and when things start coming together, well Let s just say you don t mind that the wall behind you is now plastered with your brains.It s really two stories mixed together The first is the story of Shadow and Wednesday Shadow just got out of prison and is hired on as Wednesday s driver Wednesday is trying to raise an [...]

    4. Rikke says:

      First of all this edition is gorgeous and filled with lovely details With richly illustrated endpapers, shiny silver edges, a ribbon silk bookmark and a very symbolic cover design, it is a treasure for every Neil Gaiman fan and every admirer of beautiful books in general I am so happy to display it on my shelf.Of course the two novels it contains are gorgeously crafted as well Neil Gaiman truly is a wizard, and every word he writes is filled with magic I especially like how these two novels corr [...]

    5. Curly Entropy says:

      American Gods 100 10Anansi Boys 8 10

    6. Adriana says:

      I love, love, love Gaiman s writing and the intricate worlds he creates He pulls you into his stories and makes you feel like you re actually experiencing events alongside the protagonists My one minor beef from both stories is that he tends to overanalyze and explain things It reminds of an episode of 30 Rock where Tracy asks Liz if it was really a necessary part of the story for her to describe a sandwich Too much detail can be just as bad as not enough Individual book reviews to come

    7. April Chaney says:

      Absolutely wonderful This is my first Gaiman novel and I m sorry to have waited so long But I m glad it was these two books If you like mythology and you like getting different perspectives of myths you ll enjoy these books Both bring something beautifully mysterious to the table.

    8. Carmen says:

      LOVED IT

    9. Norine says:

      You know, he said I think I would rather be a man than a god We don t need anyone to believe in us We just keep going anyhow It s what we do I guess when Shadow Moon said that, he used all the right words to voice the very last thought I had as I finished Neil Gaiman s American Gods So what is American Gods about Well the main plot is something like this Shadow Moon is released from prison two days early in order to attend his wife s funeral Since his best friend Robbie died in the same accident [...]

    10. Shannon says:

      I really wanted to like this book I truly enjoy Gaiman s writing, and the overall theme of this book was good But it just took me so long to get there I was intrigued by Shadow, the main character and his life I enjoyed getting to know him, and I liked him what little I knew about him The book starts with Shadow being released from jail early and finding out that his wife was killed in a car crash He gets a mysterious offer from a stranger, Mr Wednesday, to work for him With nothing else to lose [...]

    11. Melanie says:

      American Gods 4 60 American Gods by Neil Gaiman This is a book about belief It is about the clash of the new and the old It is about the necessity of selfishness for survival I liked it It wasn t without fault, though My biggest gripe is that maddeningly slow roll out of the plot Why can t you lie to me Or tell me half truths But the constant you don t need to know, so I m not going to tell you drives me nuts A mystery is mysterious when you don t know that you don t know things When you know t [...]

    12. Hugo Milian-Smith says:

      Ok so, i know that i have mentioned that i felt that it was a bit long winded However, it started way to slow and was a bit dragged out however i have to admit from the middle to the end it really started to pick up and i ended it with a big smile on my face I dont see how this is a squeal to American Gods other than Anansi is in it there is no mention to the last book in any of it but other than that it was quite and adventure and worth reading

    13. Rui says:

      The old gods are slowly being forgotten and dying, replaced by new ones, such as money and technology, Shadow is a human manipulated by gods wishes, a character most of the timem with an almost passive approach to whats happening around him American Gods grows on you page by page.Anansi Boys is entertaining.

    14. Tyler Watts says:

      Wow, such an entertaing book I actually havnt read Anansi Boys yet but ill get around to it American Gods though has everything you would want for a good reading experience Some of it dragged on a little but the parts that glue you to the page make up for the maybe 50 pages of grind I would recommend to anyone who likes fantasy and philosophy.

    15. Jared Manly says:

      Anansi boys is very good American Gods is just good.

    16. Cynthia says:

      This was a slow start for me, but after I got into it I was fascinated.

    17. Pietro Pomella says:

      Still brilliant, still sharply written, still extremely inventive Thumbs up.

    18. Duane Gosser says:

      This spin off from American Gods is way lighter in tone and content than the original book Took a while to get going but last third of the book was pretty good I would recommend it.

    19. Jim says:

      Just started American today On page 60 already I have found Neil to be a natural born story teller and this is no exception Excellent read Gaiman is up to his usual tricks, Having a good story laced with not one but NUMEROUS mythologies Every bit as good as I expected On to Anansi Boys Now So far, this is is not as good as American Gods More Silly then Awesome Not that that is always a bad thing LOLChange of opinion as I finished the novel As it progresses into Charleys voyage to the Beginning o [...]

    20. A Broken Zebra says:

      for American Gods Read this RIGHT NOW ish for Anansi BoysThe two stories felt very different from one another I adored and devoured AG I even want ed , , butt in the form of AB I would have loved a story about Anubis and Thoth, or a prequel how the Gods of various pantheons reacted to one another upon meeting especially when met with another version of themselves, like, oh, hey, I m the God of Death too , how and who became friends allies enemies etc Did they take on human paramours Did they mak [...]

    21. Mario says:

      it s a satisfyingly full meal of food for thought, certainly not for all tastes layered

    22. David Melbie says:


    23. Carlos Emilio says:

      I finally finished American Gods Anansi Boys will have to wait and this book has done nothing but reinforce my live for Gaiman s writting.Urban fantasy or whatever you want to call it is incredibly well depicted and traversed in this book Old gods and new vices mix beautifully together to bring to life a world that we already know and give it a secret life we had never imagined, or at I least I had never.The story is so over the top and at the same time so feascible in the world Gaiman has creat [...]

    24. Karen says:

      Finishing this edition was an exercise in re reading American Gods but reading Anansi Boys for the first time I actually liked American Gods this time around than I did the first time I read it I did not like American Gods very much at all the first time but the idea behind the story was so infectious that it stayed with me over the years and made re reading it much easier I think I was able to enjoy it this time around because I was not so focused on following every little detail of the story [...]

    25. Brad Johnson says:

      The first part of the book, American Gods is one of my all time favorite stories Bringing the myriad pantheons of gods and goddesses from the past to the present is fascinating in and of itself The moodiness of the story and the epic qualities initially hidden behind the common fit so perfectly.The second part, Anansi Boys, was IMHO not a worthy follow up to such a wonderful modern day epic It took a smaller approach It looks at one person and their relation to the divine It has of a sense of h [...]

    26. Kate Berry says:

      I think part of why it s taking me so long to read this is that I haven t found a character I want to root for yet Update Maybe I m of a prude than I thought, but there s bodily fluids present in this book than I would prefer It s not that there can t be adult content in books I read, because in most books I read, there is a lot of that I dunno, I guess I just didn t really get into the story until the last 50 pages or so of American Gods Which, considering the subject matter, is unusual for m [...]

    27. Kkraemer says:

      Neil Gaiman describes Anansi Boys the only one I have read as yet as a magical horror thriller ghost romantic comedy family epic, although that leaves out the detective bits and much of the food It also leaves out the fact that it is laugh out loud funny.Fat Charley is an average, low profile sort of guy with a fiancee who is saving herself for marriage, a future mother in law who is a horror show, and a bureaucratic sort of job with an awful boss one of those egotistical, ignorant sorts who thi [...]

    28. Mark says:

      I loved it I read American Gods in a different volume, but it was quite good I just finished Anansi Boys, and I think I loved it even a little perhaps because of the very British ness of the protagonist Anansi Boys reminded me a great deal, in some of the tone, of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker s Guide series, with a lot of the same sort of sarcastic lamentation that I remember from Arthur Dent coming instead from Charles Nancy It was also interesting to read a book wherein the viewpoint seemed to as [...]

    29. Gail Baugniet says:

      This is the first Neil Gaiman novel I ve read, which shows you how slow I am I first became aware of his writing while reading a comment by the Query Shark on her site.I was struck by the similarity between his writing and that of Stephen King s in the Dark Tower series It had me wondering who had influenced whom.Shadow, the unwitting protagonist in American Gods, held me captive throughout the novel His method of handling adversity is a lesson for all mankind, though I hope no one has to endure [...]

    30. Nandini says:

      The first time I read it, I thought it was better than American Gods, but now, having re read both American Gods and Anansi Boys I can see the former is clearly the better book Still, this one is a light and enjoyable read, not too heavy on the fantasy, and very Wodehouse esque in that it borrows several Wodehouse turns of phrase directly, enough to qualify as homage In addition, the women in this book are allowed to be so much than just sex bots that sort of thing just guarantees an additional [...]

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