Jayde Scott
Black Wood
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Black Wood Witches trolls nymphs and Silverfurs are surely the figment of one s imagination That s what Emily Jones used to think until she moves to Scotland shortly before her fourteenth birthday to live in h
  • Title: Black Wood
  • Author: Jayde Scott
  • ISBN: 9781466066670
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
  • Witches, trolls, nymphs and Silverfurs are surely the figment of one s imagination That s what Emily Jones used to think until she moves to Scotland shortly before her fourteenth birthday to live in her deceased grandmother s manor Ravencourt Manor s just as creepy as she remembers it with plenty of creaking noises, rattling doors and a hunched shadow that roams the manoWitches, trolls, nymphs and Silverfurs are surely the figment of one s imagination That s what Emily Jones used to think until she moves to Scotland shortly before her fourteenth birthday to live in her deceased grandmother s manor Ravencourt Manor s just as creepy as she remembers it with plenty of creaking noises, rattling doors and a hunched shadow that roams the manor s garden at night.In the hope to bring her separated parents back together, Emily opens a portal to Black Wood a world of dangerous and alluring nymphs dwelling beneath the streams ready to drown her, where the sinister guardian and keeper of the Black Heart and cursed trolls are waiting, desperate to be released And so Emily s long and dangerous fight against the evil Muriel begins.Will Emily learn to use her grandmother s legacy in time before the evil Muriel regains her full powers to summon and unleash her deadly servants on the world BLACK WOOD is the first book in the teen series, A WITCH RISING Full length teen fiction.
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      Jayde Scott

    1 Blog on “Black Wood

    1. Rachel S says:

      This goes on my favourite list next to many such as Harry Potter and Twilight I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes mythical stories that keeps you guessing This might be written for young teens, but I had to read this after I read the story is about witches and Scotland, both which fascinate me All in all, it was a fast easy read and deserves than 5 stars but alas that s the max so I give it a 5 stars and my 2 thumps up

    2. Julie C says:

      This is what I get for trying out new books a hidden real gem.I was glued to my seat the whole time Where do i start First of all, this is a great new teen fantasy book with a promising start to a trilogy When 13 year old Emily Jones moves with her father to Scotland after her parent s devastating break up, she is being given a mystical diary where every word written makes her wishes come true By using this diary, Emily opens a portal to a dark and dangerous world and meets a powerful witch, who [...]

    3. LouiseC. says:

      When Emily receives a magickal diary that makes her wishes come true, she knew that magick can change her life What she didn t know was that change can be for better or worse and that the serious, real life danger would start the moment when magick opens a portal to a magical world Now danger follows her everywhere and Emily no longer knows if she can trust anyone In Black Wood, she must learn spells, embrace her powers and enter the other world where evil rules the world This was a great start [...]

    4. Bonny says:

      First it should be said I am an adult and a harry potter fan I remember the first time I heard of harry potter and its ever increasing popularity I remembered I rolled my eyes as it was considered a children book between age 9 12 But I loved the movie and after I read it myself, I swore to myself never now to judge a book by its cover no matter what age group it was So I decided to give this book a try and I must say although it doesn t beat harry potter, it comes very close to it I loved the pl [...]

    5. Julie says:

      My daughter reports she loved it and is eagerly awaiting the second book in the series I also enjoyed it a lot and found the writing beautiful with plenty of vivid description The story of Emily who finds out she s a witch and now has to enter Black Wood was fast paced and entertaining I laughed and held my breath as Emily moved from one adventure to the other, meeting fantasy figures as she battled evil A captivating story that will appeal to teens and young adults.

    6. Vicky says:

      For 99 cents how could I resist to buy it To my pleasant surprise in return, I found a wonderful talented writer and a great story I sure enough wanted to have this diary which makes wishes come true if you write them down that is, till I read what happened All in all, a very good read and I would recommend this as summer read.

    7. Mary says:

      After I read a job from hell, knew I had to buy a witch rising to read on my kindle and was not disappointed It s very thoughtfully constructed.Started slow then pulled me in Once it got going I kept on reading and reading until i reached the last page which left me there thinking and wanting to read wondering just what will happen next in the black wood series.

    8. Zak Oglesby says:

      Fairly good, though nothing to really rave at A YA book to be certain.

    9. Kitty Chatfou says:

      BLACK WOOD BY JAYDE SCOTTI was intrigued from the beginning, this story was very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed it The story was about a young girl named Emily that has moved to Scotland with her father after a split with her mother due to irreconcilable differences Ravencourt Manor is a source of both good memories of her grandmother and a some pretty spooky happenings At 14 years of age she not only has to deal with her parents break up, she soon finds out that she s the only hope Raven [...]

    10. Echo says:

      I couldn t get into this book Nothing really happened in the first half, and most of the story is from a bird s eye view I feel I would have liked this when I was younger, but looking at a paranormal teen book it didn t work It didn t really explain how magic worked in this world, the characters were rather boring and unfleshed out, and to top it off there was no climax Where there should have been a big battle scene there was a minor difficulty, and then everything resolved in under 10 pages.

    11. Mindi says:

      As with many free or very cheap ebooks, this is a DNF for me I have read worse, but really, life is too short I made it through 5 chapters of vague characterization, random plot, and not enough background to keep me interested There s too much telling and not enough letting the story unfold, with huge fill in the gaps story line, accelerating the plot before it s ready Frankly, I have better things to read.

    12. Aude says:

      I don t think this book should be classified as Young Adult, the tone is too immature and just not serious, and it disappointed me at first Once I tried to see it as a Children s book, though, it turned out pretty good The protagonist is, after all, only 13.The story still suffers from a slow moving plot and a rather passive protagonist, but that gets better by the last third of the book.

    13. Jayde Scott says:

      I wrote this story a few years back when I was into witches, magic and Latin.

    14. Anne says:

      quick read loved iteven if it is for younger readersa good in between books type of book worth the money.

    15. Christine says:

      I read this book yesterday and I loved every minute of it Hard to put down, leaves you wanting for .

    16. CathyKeaton says:

      I ll start by saying that I really liked the characters in this short novel Emily might not be one of the most interesting ones, but her older brother Sam was hilarious and breathed life into the story I liked Aurelie and her nephew, Clifford, as they were eccentric and creepy to Emily until was discovered about who they were.I think this story functions really well as Middle Grade reading material and not as strictly Young Adult teen fiction Parents could allow their young children to read thi [...]

    17. Patricia Puddle says:

      I really liked this story Emily, a thirteen year old girl is taken to Scotland by her father after family problems They move into a spooky old mansion called Ravencourt Manor that was once owned by the dead grandmother Emily misses her brother, Sam, who is left back with the mother, but when she s given a secret diary by a strange woman, she is able to make wishes and summons her brother to Ravencourt The story is quite creepy and I m sure children would love to read this just before going to sl [...]

    18. Sherry says:

      Its fine Not so great for me But because I already started it might as well continue to read the next one Am just wondering how come the main character never thought of asking her new friend why he wanted her to open the portal Thay s how the story begun in the first place for me Oh well The story is fine if you won t think of how it all transpired in the first place.

    19. Joy says:

      Cute, imaginative spin on the genre Very junvenile spin on everything From cover art and brief descriptions couldn t descern target audience was tweens Read anyway Will not buy sequel in series, don t care about charecters Curiously, at time of purchase for 0.99 bought two by author One about divorce and one set in Brazil about vodoo Hopefully, they will be a little juiceier.

    20. Dawn Embers says:

      2.5 stars I like the idea and the story has potential but seemed like it needed a little work to me I stumbled through and then halted at the end And it seems middle grade than YA So, if you like girl trying to help family dealing with trolls and evil queens, this might be okay but don t expect the best in story telling It s a good try at least.

    21. Nicole says:

      Cute story about a young girl who discovers that she is a witch that has to save the world It was a little short for me, but it was still good It will be interesting to see where the second book takes you.

    22. Jenn Doyle says:

      For the most part I liked Emily It would have been nice to have some backstory on Black Wood and Emily s grandma Aurelie teetered between creepy neighbor lady and helpful teacher, but I never really got a good feel for her If the second book is on sale I might get it.

    23. Janelle says:

      Honestly, loved it It is another teen series, along the lines of the Harry Potter series It was page turning good I read the first book in an afternoon Easy to care about the characters and get invested in what happens next, which makes it a fun read.

    24. Delly says:

      it s good want part 2

    25. Shari Davis says:

      This story was just ok for me I felt like the author rushed through the story and could ve gone into detail.

    26. Sandy says:

      Fun fantasy Emily didn t know the truth about her grandmother until she had to move away from her London home to live in her grandma s creepy, old house.

    27. Janelle says:

      It wasn t bad just very juvenile Read like a children s book Simple characters and you knew what would happen a mile away I think this should be a children s book or a book for reluctant readers.

    28. Tanya says:

      Cute story

    29. Alexandria says:

      It wasn t really what I was expecting, but it was a quick read and fairly good.

    30. Amanda says:

      Great, imaginative book for teens The language is age appropriate Very good cliffhanger ending.

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