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Sour Apples
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Sour Apples Apple orchard owner Meg Corey is finally feeling settled into her new life in Granford she s made friends and her relationship with Seth Chapin is heating up when her old Boston coworker Lauren Conve
  • Title: Sour Apples
  • Author: Sheila Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780425251508
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Apple orchard owner Meg Corey is finally feeling settled into her new life in Granford she s made friends, and her relationship with Seth Chapin is heating up when her old Boston coworker Lauren Converse comes barreling into town, running the Congressional campaign for a former hometown football hero But Meg doesn t have time to worry about why Seth seems reluctant to bApple orchard owner Meg Corey is finally feeling settled into her new life in Granford she s made friends, and her relationship with Seth Chapin is heating up when her old Boston coworker Lauren Converse comes barreling into town, running the Congressional campaign for a former hometown football hero But Meg doesn t have time to worry about why Seth seems reluctant to back Lauren s campaign when her neighbor, local dairy farmer Joyce Truesdell, is found dead from an apparent kick to the head from one of her cows When an autopsy shows that the fatal blow actually came from a weapon, Meg is even troubled Popular opinion points to Joyce s husband as the culprit, but Meg can t help wondering if someone wanted the outspoken dairy farmer out of the way but why She ll have to find out who had a beef with the victim, before she s the next one to get creamed INCLUDES DELICIOUS RECIPES
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    1 Blog on “Sour Apples

    1. Lain says:

      Not my favorite in the series, and a few plot blips, but otherwise a decent story But I have to say will Bree please lose the snotty attitude She s a big downer in an otherwise sweet series I almost wish she d get arrested for murder so we wouldn t have to deal with the big chip on her shoulder any longer.

    2. ❂ Jennifer says:

      This book was really just all right It s hard for me to really like the characters or care about them and the mystery itself was sort of flat, although it had an interesting premise The murderer isn t obvious, buy why the murders were committed is, so the reveal just wasn t all the surprising.I like reading about the orchard and her struggles as she becomes a farmer , but I think the author struggles with the dialogue characters come across as surly and unpleasant, when it s obvious we re suppos [...]

    3. Deb says:

      Sheila Connolly delivers another winner with Sour Apples I love small town mysteries, vibrant characters, and visiting with old friends from past books Mix in a bit of political intrigue and I m totally hooked Way to go, Connolly

    4. Hilary S says:

      Things are going well for Meg, her first year was a success with a slight profit and she and her manager Bree are thinking of expanding with Seth being prepared to lease some land that isn t being used Things are not going so well for one of the other local farmers though, a newish Dairy Farm leased some land from the township and the cows started to get sick, and then one of the Dairy owners ends up dead, was it due to an accident with a skittish young cow or something sinister.Whilst all this [...]

    5. Jeannie and Louis Rigod says:

      Ms Connolly always gives me a good solid mystery cloaked in a warm apple pie pastry Seriously, I sit down with either a large cold glass of apple juice or a slice of pie when I begin the newest Orchard Mystery Sour Apples was so much than apples that were spoiled A neighbor dairy farmer, Joyce Truesdale is killed by her cow s misplaced kick to her head The town is in shock Her husband bravely strives to keep the farm afloat Meg Corey apple farmer, and Seth Chapin, Selectman and boyfriend, are f [...]

    6. Heidi says:

      I was really looking forward to this book, but unfortunately it was very slow I like the characters and setting, but I felt like all Meg did was make coffee I figured out the connection early, but liked the way it was revealed.

    7. Dez Nemec says:

      I m done with this series Another interesting book with a lackluster ending Life is too short

    8. Obsidian says:

      I have to say that though I loved the first three novels in this series, this one and the one preceding it, Bitter Harvest have not been my favorite of orchard owner Meg Corey In Sour Apples we have Meg back again starting to plan out her orchard for harvest time again Meg s fiend from Boston, Lauren Converse, is back in Granford working on a congressional campaign for a former hometown son, Rick Sainsbury While Meg tries to find out why her boyfriend Seth is so reluctant to speak up for Rick an [...]

    9. Nora-adrienne says:

      Meg gets involved in another mystery and drags Seth and the crew right along with her as she discovers the events of the past that led up to this tragic murder This sixth book in the Orchard Mystery series takes on so many facets that need looking into, and with the expansion of the Orchard Med it burning her candle at both ends I m in love with Sheila Connolly s characters and hope that she and Meg have a long and continued successful run FTC Full Disclosure I won this book in an author giveawa [...]

    10. Cris says:

      I found the conclusion unsatisfactory at best The plot seemed unnecessarily convoluted, and the motivation for the crime s weak.I enjoyed the little bits of orchard info Connolly included, so I might try the next book in the series But unless Connolly can pull the focus back onto Meg and the orchard I don t think I ll continue with the series.

    11. Jennifer (NorthernLghts) says:

      Least interesting of the series unfortunately Reading about a environmental cover up was a little boring and I just wanted to finish it rather than looked forward to the ending I still enjoy reading about Meg, Seth and Granfield though

    12. Jonathan says:

      Starting to build up a little bit of steam each book I read is taking me less and less time to read it After a year break in this series I picked it back up, and the last three I ve read have all been outstanding Can t wait for the next one.

    13. Ian says:

      A politician comes to town.An organic farmer is murdered.Old friendships are tested.Old animosities are rekindled.Meg and Seth plant a new orchard, not a metaphor.

    14. Tara says:

      I enjoy mysteries a lot and overall this series came at times when I needed cozy mysteries I needed to read something that wasn t too intense and I followed the series to a certain point One of the reasons for the two stars is that I found the dialogue with the main characters to be emotionally unhealthy Their responses are sympathetic instead of empathetic and not in a way I would like to be spoken to when sharing my story People do speak to each other like this in real life and when it comes t [...]

    15. Lori says:

      Meg is starting her second year on the apple orchard and ready to make progress Meg decided to make some improvements on the farm and add to the orchard When a local dairy farmer is killed by a cow Meg has concerns When it s discovered it wasn t an cow accident Meg is off investigating A former member of the Granford football team comes home to run for public office.This was a littler harder read for me The mystery was interesting and I had a idea of who did it but not the actual person Would re [...]

    16. Susan Parks says:

      3.5 stars Lots of interesting drama, a bit of environmental skullduggery, expansion of both the orchard and Meg Seth s relationship I think the mystery rapped up a bit to quickly easily, but I did like it better than the last book, so onward and upward to book 7.

    17. Virginia Adi says:


    18. Pat says:

      Sour ApplesReally good book I love Meg and Seph I hope they get married before the series ends I like the mystery part also, keeps you in suspense.

    19. Carly McEathron says:

      This series is set apart from many other Cozy Mysteries by it s commitment to setting and character I feel that it would be just as entertaining a book without the mystery, because I m so interested in Meg as a person, and the life she has.

    20. KyBunnies says:

      Review to come

    21. Deborah Almada says:

      Another adventure in Granford, an old friend of Meg s is running a political campaign for a former classmate of Seth s that he is not to fond of, and then of course there is a murder, an orchard to worry about and a relationship that is heating up, I really enjoy this series

    22. LORI CASWELL says:

      Meg Corey has settled in nicely in Granford and her future looks bright with her orchard a success and even expanding She has made many new friends and her relationship with Seth Chapin is growing as well as her apples.Then Meg s friend Lauren blows into town She has left the bank and is now running the congressional campaign for a former football star from Granford Seth has some reservations about the candidate and his campaign but there is no time to delve into those details as a local dairy f [...]

    23. Mirjam says:

      A solid mystery and amiable main characters are what one may expect from Sheila Connolly It s therefore always a pleasure to return to Granford and find out how Meg, Seth and all the others are doing Not being a country girl myself, I take great delight in learning about both country living in general and apples in particular along with our dear Meg.In Sour Apples former Granford football hero Rick Sainsbury arrives in town with his wife Rick plans to run for Congress and Meg s old coworker Lau [...]

    24. Fred says:

      Sour Apples is the sixth book in the An Orchard Mystery series It keeps blooming.Spring is coming soon to the small town of Granford Time for Meg Cory and her orchard manager, Bree, to access any damage that might have happened during the winter.Seth is visited by neighbor, Joyce Tuesdell a dairy farmer, about soil contamination she has found on the land she she is leasing from the town of Granford She has had a cow die from lead poisoning and would like Seth, as a Selectman for town, to learn t [...]

    25. Lynn says:

      I have loved the Apple Orchard mysteries by Sheila Connolly and this is a wonderful addition to the series.Meg Corey is finally feeling settled She has survived her first harvest She has eked a small profit from the orchard and is interested in expanding her varieties and holdings She is getting to know many of her neighbors and is making friends She is planting her own roots.Then into the midst of this settling, her friend from Boston calls and asks if she can visit and if she can introduce her [...]

    26. Paul Lunger says:

      I ll be the first to admit that I ve not been a huge fan of Sheila Connolly s Orchard Mystery series, but the 6th installment Sour Apples has given me a chance to rethink my misgivings about this series In this installment, Meg Seth s relationship continues to grow we see the start of a political campaign However, when a neighbor of Seth s Joyce Truesdell comes up dead from an apparent kick to the head by a cow things get interesting as a seemingly innocent accident goes from poisoning to murder [...]

    27. Dharia Scarab says:

      Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

    28. Marie says:

      I fell in love with the Orchard Mystery series earlier this year, and was eager to get my hands on this one I was not disappointed Meg is such a fun character, with so many exciting things going on in her life, and all of her friends add so much to the story With politics being a big part of this book, I was a little worried Imagine my surprise when it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the story The book is full of fun apple and orchard facts and information, great food, a little poke a [...]

    29. Elizabeth says:

      I ve loved all of Sheila Connolly s Orchard Mystery series In this book Meg and Bree add 3 acres of apple trees, planting them all by themselves A neighbor organic dairy farmer is found dead in her milking barn It turns out she was murdered, not killed accidentally by a cow Who would want to murder a woman who had no enemies She is renting pasture land from the town When her cows start getting sick and one dies she has soil testing done Was the land properly treated after serving as a home to a [...]

    30. Penny McGill says:

      I do judge books by their covers I am a bad person I grab paperbacks in a hurry based on their titles and authors and then I sort through to decide which ones I will take home I left this one on the shelf than once and then one day made a connection to the Orchard mysteries with Meg and decided to try it I was thrilled It was clever and real and had a main character who doesn t have perfect hair that bounces while she walks and a trio of great friends to support her, you know what I mean The su [...]

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