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JLA, Vol. 2: American Dreams
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JLA Vol American Dreams The World s Greatest Heroes have reformed the Justice League of America to act as Earth s protector against all threats But as Wonder Woman Aquaman Batman the Flash Green Lantern and the Martian
  • Title: JLA, Vol. 2: American Dreams
  • Author: Grant Morrison Howard Porter John Dell
  • ISBN: 9781563893940
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • The World s Greatest Heroes have reformed the Justice League of America to act as Earth s protector against all threats But as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter are joined by a Superman demonstrating new and different energy based powers, they find themselves facing off against deadly old enemies like the Key and getting caThe World s Greatest Heroes have reformed the Justice League of America to act as Earth s protector against all threats But as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter are joined by a Superman demonstrating new and different energy based powers, they find themselves facing off against deadly old enemies like the Key and getting caught in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell Featuring appearances by Supergirl and the new Green Arrow, this trade paperback also includes the first appearance of rogue angel and future JLA member, Zauriel.
    JLA The Deluxe Edition, Vol Jul , This second Deluxe Edition takes the JLA , tosses in the PROMETHEUS SPECIAL origin issue and the JLA WILDCATS crossover and does it mighty justice Pages are printed on nice glossy stock much like the individual issues, and NOT the crappy newsstock of prior TPB s JLA Vol by Grant Morrison About JLA Vol Comics legend Grant Morrison ALL STAR SUPERMAN, FINAL CRISIS delivers his unique take on the adventures of the World s Greatest Super Heroes JLA, Vol American Dreams by Grant Morrison This is volume of Grant Morrison s run on JLA, collecting issues In this volume, much like the first, we get a very fun romp with superhero comics while exploring some of Morrison s usual, mind bending fare This volume sees theology, alternate realities, and the unlikely hero saving the day, themes Morrison has explored time and again. JLA, Vol by Grant Morrison Jun , With this second volume, you read what many would consider as the one of the greatest JLA stores Rock of Ages in which a fight between the Justice League between Lex Luthor s Injustice Gang could result Darkseid s apocalyptic conquest of the Earth. Justice League of America, Vol The Jan , This item Justice League of America, Vol The Lightning Saga by Brad Meltzer Paperback . In Stock Ships from and sold by Marlton Books Justice League of America, Vol The Tornado s Path by Brad Meltzer Paperback . Only left in stock order soon. Justice League of America Vol DC Database Fandom Justice League of America Volume was an ongoing series, published by DC Comics It ran from until It starred Justice League, Batman, Black Canary, Donna Troy, and Flash.
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      Grant Morrison Howard Porter John Dell

    1 Blog on “JLA, Vol. 2: American Dreams

    1. Sud666 says:

      Ahh the 90 s What a wonderful time for some crappy comic book writing I am willing to give Grant Morrison a small pass for this volume, since it was early on in his career But there is a problem Vol 1 was actually really good I enjoyed it This was a hodge podge of stories thrown into one volume None of them are really very good and ALL of them felt rushed Very poor character development It seems like they just introduced some new characters with very little about their background and then didn t [...]

    2. Callie Rose Tyler says:

      Confusion.r.domese were my stages of readingWhat the hell happened between the first volume and this mess These stories were choppy and boring and ridiculousally There are characters and situations that are thrown at the reader with no development or back story As a reader i was left wondering.why am I supposed to care I hate the glowing blue Superman, yes lets give this already unbeatable character even powers so that he can conveniently act as a plot device and save the day.The first story wa [...]

    3. J says:

      This was pretty good, not as good as the last one though.It was pretty short for a volume, so I m a little surprised that they could cram two big plots into this They fought Asmodel in the first half and the Key who in the second half Also Superman changed his outfit in this one and had blue skin, which went completely unexplained to me.Still, it was pretty good I ll see how I feel about this series after the next volume.

    4. Trey says:

      The four stars is really for the last storyline, Elseworlds , involving the Key That s excellent stuff Also, the first story, with two mad scientists trying to one up each other as their robot faces the JLA, was fun I think with different art it could ve been better The middle story, with Zauriel, had its moments but I didn t like that character The villains were kind of interesting though, and watching how the team fought them had some bright spots.

    5. Noran Miss Pumkin says:

      bought a lot on ebay of graphic books dirt cheap I still feeling guilty for how cheap it was

    6. Rick Hunter says:

      Actual rating would be 1.5 stars.Howard Porter s art isn t very good During the 90 s when comics were at the height of their popularity, DC was the one company that was lagging behind DC had some of the worst comics in general at that time, but by far the worst art The bodies of Porter s characters look pretty good With the exception of a few panels, most of the character s faces look off somehow Porter does well with the creatures in the story and Aquaman is consistently the best looking of the [...]

    7. Ashley says:

      OK, here is the deal I found this for super cheap, used I saw Batman, Martian Manhunter and the words JLA so I bought it I didn t read what it was about, I only checked to see if it was a volume I thought that it wasn t since no where on the cover or spine of my copy does it say Vol 2 I saw that it was some collected issues on the inside page, but lots of standalone graphics are collected issues so I thought that I was ok to just jump in.I was unimpressed overall The artwork was a throwback to m [...]

    8. Kathleen says:

      Oh Tomorrow Woman, you re a real girl at heart Connor Hawke saves everybody in one of the best trope defying everyone gets put in a dream world they have to realize isn t real setups Also, there s a weird thing with Angels that doesn t make much sense.

    9. Virginia says:

      A bit disjointed as a whole, I still enjoyed the individual smaller story arcs It s fun to see what the writers thought relevant in 1998.

    10. NGV22 says:

      Art 3Story 2Action 2This is a huge downgrade from the previous arc vol First of all, the writer did not make any reference to why superman is all blue Fans who do not read the superman arc that time will be left confused The Angels storyline was meh Inviting a random angel after the fight to JLA is retarded Playing JLA s mind like amateurs, and introducing an elseworld storyline for us Too common Aquaman is still very underutilized Perhaps that era he is still not that popular guy.

    11. Shane says:

      This collection had 3 short story arcs so it kind of felt all over the place Each one on its own was entertaining, though I thought the ending of the last one was kind of cheesy The Batman alt universe stuff was really heavy and cool though so that made up for it.

    12. Corey Timmins says:

      Some of the worst writing in Justice League stories.

    13. Fizzgig76 says:

      Reprints JLA 5 9 May 1997 September 1997 The JLA has defeated the White Martians and now seeking new members to help round out their new goal to protect the world Taking on a membership drive, the JLA is rocked by an infiltrator named Tomorrow Woman, and then finds themselves in a battle with angels When the JLA is captured by their old enemy the Key, the new Green Arrow finds himself with the task of trying to rescue his new teammates.Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Howard Porter, [...]

    14. Charlotte says:

      American Dreams is the second trade of the 1997 2006 JLA series, gathering issues 5 9, and following on from the JLA, Vol 1 New World Order collection Featuring Tomorrow Woman, Zauriel versus Asmodel and The Key, Morrison is on his usual form and there s a plethora of fantastic lines Kyle Rayner Jeez, I hope it s not Batman I mean, cool, yeah, but he s way too scary for me Don t you think when he walks into a room it s like somebody died Connor Hawke Handcuff Arrows Net Arrows Boxing Glove Arrow [...]

    15. Jonathan Briggs says:

      Grant Morrison built his reputation on a series of wildly innovative revamps of DC s semi forgotten, oddball characters, such as The Doom Patrol and Animal Man, and a couple of horrific, off kilter takes on Batman Then DC gave him a shot at the big league, the Justice League Morrison got to play with DC s big boys and the token, tedious Wonder Woman And he excels during the quiet moments, portraying the humans behind the super Unfortunately, in reaching for ever cosmic threats for the JLA to fa [...]

    16. John Mccubbin says:

      This book had three stories in it, with the second setting up the third, so my review will talk about all of them Overall the book was very good, but it still wasn t at the level I expected, and so far this series hasn t been one of Morrison s best I have to admit however that after reading his brilliant Batman run, as well as his All Star Superman series, I have amounted high expectation towards any of his other work, and I shouldn t really, as not everything a writer writes will be outstanding [...]

    17. Tomas says:

      It is quite hard to say anything negative about this book but I will try anyway.Editing in this book is catastrophic There is the same problem as with the first volume and next one as well Book does not explain anything There is a reference from Flash or Green lantern where he casually mentions that Wonder Woman had died Next volume double down on the claim view spoiler when Aquaman is surprised to see Wonder Woman alive in the future in the next volume hide spoiler Next issue she just stands ne [...]

    18. Eric Mikols says:

      Another enjoying read Grant Morrison may like to write big ideas and blow up universes every now and then, but this run is just a fun superhero series Morrison writes all the Justice Leaguers with unique voices and gives them all moments to shine, though I suspect he really enjoys his Flash and Green Lantern What I really enjoy are the problems he gives the JLA to overcome They re not problems that can just be solved by hitting someone with fist, there problems like reversing the moon s magnetic [...]

    19. Travis says:

      Nice mix of stories as we meet the sweet, domed Tomorrow Woman, Conner Hawke joins the JLA and gets stuck saving the day when the rest of the team ends up trapped in various dreamworlds by an old enemy and if that isn t cool enough for you Superman fights an evil angele Conner Hawke Key story is my favorite a really well done adventure where everybody gets to do something, the Conner character actually worked for me for the first time and there is a log list here of just Oh wow that was cool mom [...]

    20. Tarique Ejaz says:

      The best way to defeat the world s mightiest heroes is to let them win Zauriel, the attack of the angels, the Key, Elseworlds fables too many highs to actually write on in this volume An engaging read although the chaos is immense since the coming of the angels to capture a mortalized one of their clan and it only amplifies with the Key storyline.It was a pleasant experience to see Kyle Rayner slowly growing into the shoes of his predecessor and the most potent green ring wielder in the galaxy H [...]

    21. Dan says:

      So the story goes that, when Grant Morrison re launched the JLA, he wanted Hawkman on the team At the time, Hawkman was kind of in comics limbo, because he was considered team kryptonite his backstory was a huge mess and he just hadn t worked since the early 80 s if even Denied Katar, Morrison decided to create his own winged hero the honest to God angel, Zauriel Zauriel s story is fairly rote let s all fight other eviler angels but the bit that makes this volume awesome is the return and reinve [...]

    22. Lloyd says:

      This is volume 2 of Grant Morrison s run on JLA, collecting issues 5 9.In this volume, much like the first, we get a very fun romp with superhero comics while exploring some of Morrison s usual, mind bending fare This volume sees theology, alternate realities, and the unlikely hero saving the day, themes Morrison has explored time and again.An enjoyable read of arguably the world s best known superheroes by a master of the medium.

    23. Mike says:

      Sometimes I m forgetting how early in Morrison s career this is Then I catch a glimpse of just how ham handed he can be with the dialogue when he s just filling frames, and I realize this is not the Morrison I know now.The Tomorrow Girl story is complete throwaway The story with the Angels ends rather abruptly with no idea or real reason why it started or stopped However, the sense of foreboding on which he ends this book is pretty awesome.

    24. Angela says:

      This is fun than the 1st volume The JLA try to expand their membership and get involved in a celestial war The best part is when the Key tries to eliminate them, there are so many nice little moments that makes this a good read The team is also starting to gel, though still not sure about this changed Superman.

    25. Devero says:

      Dopo una prima saga tutto sommato interessante, Morrison si perde un poco in storie alquanto confuse C una guerra nel paradiso cristiano, l angelo Zauriel in fuga.Poi gli episodi contro Key, la Chiave, e la rapida presenza e distruzione di Tomorrow Woman.Porter non migliora.

    26. Melissa says:

      Superman looks ridiculous is this one There are some issues with artwork Including issues with Wonder Woman s proportions As far as story Some parts are great the one with Tommorrow Woman was good The rest of the storyline was pretty forgettable.

    27. Jdetrick says:

      I ve long enjoyed Zauriel as a character, and his introduction in the book is very well done I also love the way they introduce Green Arrow, and the Tomorrow Woman story has character development for Ivo and Morrow than I ve ever seen Winning stories all.

    28. Feather Mista says:

      Creo que le esta historia en los tomitos mexicanos de la JLA que sac Vid, y que me gust m s que la primera saga sin llegar a deslumbrarme Quiz s cuando tenga la serie entera le deba pegar una rele da integral.

    29. Michelle Cristiani says:

      Just when I thought I knew what was going on, I figured reading volume two would be safe Not to I am still freaking confused The last page s dialogue was so phenomenal that it bumped up my rating but otherwise, not one of my favorites.

    30. Michael says:

      Love Grant Morrison, but only mildly entertained by this volume.

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