Mike Carey Pasqual Ferry
Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 7: God War
May 07, 2020 Comments.. 447
Ultimate Fantastic Four Volume God War Seed Nineteen a bizarre name for the most bizarre characters ever to enter the lives of the Fantastic Four Threshold Fountain Magnificent Brute Dreamcatcher These incredible entities hold the key t
  • Title: Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 7: God War
  • Author: Mike Carey Pasqual Ferry
  • ISBN: 9780785121749
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seed Nineteen a bizarre name for the most bizarre characters ever to enter the lives of the Fantastic Four Threshold, Fountain, Magnificent Brute, Dreamcatcher These incredible entities hold the key to a cosmic conflict that has raged for untold millennia and now involves our quarrelsome quartet.Collecting Ultimate Fantastic Four 33 38
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      Mike Carey Pasqual Ferry

    1 Blog on “Ultimate Fantastic Four, Volume 7: God War

    1. Sesana says:

      Boring story, boring characters, not nearly as much explanation as it really needed Don t really see the point of it all, to be honest.

    2. Bookwraiths says:

      This story arc is all about the beautiful art Stunning stuff really As for the story, it starts out slow and confusing but picks up speed once the team gets sucked into another universal dimension where Thanos is revealed as a death obsessed galactic emperor locked in a fight against the forces of good There are fights galore, a few cool ideas, and it ends with a nice piece of foreshadowing of future calamities.

    3. Brad says:

      Mark Millar really should be the only person to write Ultimate Fantastic Four He successfully rebooted the not very edgy concept of a family of superheroes, making it hip but still hitting all the emotional notes Mike Carey, who d done a few fill in issues before, just doesn t quite hit it.This book brings in cosmic characters that I m not that familiar with in the regular Marvel Universe Thanos and Ronan the Accuser were the only ones I recognized , and Carey doesn t do a good job introducing t [...]

    4. StoryTellerShannon says:

      This big graphic novel stood out for me for its awesome art than it s average to good tales.Covering 33 to 41 as well as Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual 2.Written by Mike Carey and artwork by a variety of people Again, the artwork is where it is at for this piece.For those interested here s a brief summary of each tale all Wiki sources God War Seed Nineteen show up and attack the FF while looking for the seed The seed informs Seed Nineteen that they will need the FF s help to defeat Gallowglass, [...]

    5. Eric says:

      I really liked this one Again I didn t recognize the characters, although I think the first characters you see are new, but I could be wrong It was a slow reveal and once you heard one familiar name and then another the FF was already in the middle of it and it really hit you.Another thing I really like about this series and especially this trade is the scifi tone It really feels like you re exploring a new world through somewhat familiar eyes And talk about worldbuilding well I guess I ve been [...]

    6. Andrew Christman says:

      Thanos I haven t read many Thanos arcs in other Marvel series, so I was pretty hooked by his Ultimate Universe introduction I also really liked the supporting characters in Seed 19 I can t quite put my finger on why though they weren t particularly developed but I liked their powers, home world and Dreamcatcher in particular.This has probably been the most enjoyable UFF yet and I don t quite get the low scores on here.I guess there are some clunky parts and the art is a bit meh at times, but sti [...]

    7. Craig Williams says:

      I love the Ultimate universe, and while Ultimate Fantastic Four has had some bumps in the road cough, Doctor Doom with goat legs, cough cough , it is still a really good series However, I didn t care too much for this particular arc It was okay, but mostly your run of the mill story about fighting an invincible alien overlord Granted, the overlord in question is Thanos, which was a nice surprise, but still, as I read this, I was mostly in autopilot mode Hopefully the next Ultimate Thanos arc wil [...]

    8. Jordan Lahn says:

      This story just confused me I don t know if the Seed 19 characters were ultimate versions of other Marvel characters, but it took forever for me to figure out who they were supposed to be and what their powers were Overall I m finding Ultimate Fantastic Four hard to connect to, but I m trying to read through the whole Ultimate U in order and I don t hate it enough to skip completely.

    9. Edward Cheer says:

      Whenever I read the inconsistent novels within the Fantastic Four series, it makes me long for a nice, consistent series with well written stories all made by one author and not being passed hands like a very hot potato It seems like no one s giving the Four the care and attention they deserve, and we end up with incoherent messes like this For one, I am happy that it is one long plot instead of two rushed plots But that doesn t stop me from being completely confused from everything going on in [...]

    10. Sean Brennan says:

      This arc was quite frankly all over the show, the first two issues I had no idea what was going on Ronan the Accuser of the Kree, Thanos, The Shi ar Drake Ships all with very little explanation, just made things completely confusing and the artwork although excellent simply added to the overall chaos.

    11. Craig says:

      Didn t care much for this one The art was a bit off, and so far, the storylines scripted by Mike Carey just don t measure up to Mark Millar s work But still interesting and worth the read I really don t care for all that cosmic stuff, like Thanos an obvious ripoff of DC s Darkseid , so this was never going to be high on my list anyway.

    12. Hrishi says:

      Thanos, baby Love the way they ve injected the Thanos mythology into a higher dimension in this volume and given Reed Richards the idea for the cosmic cube Can t wait for the inevitable arrival of Thanos and the resolution of the Cosmic Cube arc I suppose it will be a massive crossover event with the X Men and the Ultimates invovled Yummy

    13. Jeff Raymond says:

      Man, what The good Thanos The bad Everything else.The story just doesn t work It s a lot all over the place, not a ton of it makes sense in context with what came before, and the few good ideas are overshadowed by the rest A huge disappointment, especially considering how much I love The Unwritten, written by the same author.

    14. Chris says:

      Ultimate Thanos is even like Darkseid than normal Thanos this even has a Forever People analogue group Hm, since he was introduced in Ultimate FF, I wonder if Fox owns the film rights to aspects of the character unique to this depiction If they aren t careful, I could see Marvel getting sued by both Fox and Warner.

    15. Brian says:

      I wasn t pulled into this one it was very battle oriented and I didn t recognize any of the supporting characters that were introduced except for the big guy

    16. Angela says:

      Thanos makes his first appearance in the Ultimate universe, and the seed warriors try to stop him Pretty artwork, but very battle orientated storyline An ok read.

    17. Chris says:

      Each fantastic four tbp has a really cool plot, especially this one, but they lack a sense of coherent plot like the other ongoing ultimate series.

    18. Jedhua says:


    19. Frank Taranto says:

      Didn t care for the art This one features Thanos as villian

    20. Variaciones Enrojo says:

      Edici n espa ola Tomo 7, Coleccionable Ultimate 68.

    21. Joe says:

      This is what I would want.Great take on Thanos.

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