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Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast
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Bachelor Brothers Bed Breakfast A pair of endearingly eccentric bachelors in their fifties and fraternal twins own and operate a bed breakfast establishment where people like them the gentle and bookish and ever so slightly confus
  • Title: Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast
  • Author: Bill Richardson
  • ISBN: 9780312171834
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • A pair of endearingly eccentric bachelors in their fifties, and fraternal twins own and operate a bed breakfast establishment where people like them, the gentle and bookish and ever so slightly confused, can feel at home Hector and Virgil think of their BB as a refuge, a retreat, a haven, where folks may bring their own books or peruse the brothers own subA pair of endearingly eccentric bachelors in their fifties, and fraternal twins own and operate a bed breakfast establishment where people like them, the gentle and bookish and ever so slightly confused, can feel at home Hector and Virgil think of their BB as a refuge, a retreat, a haven, where folks may bring their own books or peruse the brothers own substantial library An antic blend of homespun and intellectual humor, Bachelor Brothers Bed Breakfast is a place readers will want to return to again and again.Bachelor Brothers Bed Breakfast, originally published by Douglas McIntyre, won Canada s prestigious Stephen Lecock Award for Humour in 1994, and was published in hardcover by A Wyatt Book for St Martin s Press in 1996 Its sequel, Bachelor Brothers Bed Breakfast Pillow Book, is a Canadian bestseller, and will be published in hardcover by A Wyatt Book in October 1997.
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      460 Bill Richardson
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    1 Blog on “Bachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast

    1. Leah says:

      I first heard about this book on BookCrossing a couple years ago I thought it sounded cute and picked up a copy at a library book sale Finally got around to reading it one down on Mt TBR I m actually quite proud of myself because I haven t been getting books out of the library lately Instead I ve actually been tackling my home collection This book surprised me I know that I m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I was honestly expecting it to be a lot fluffier than it actually was In f [...]

    2. Kathryn says:

      A dear friend recommended this book to me It is so endearing and tender It reminds me of the Grace Chapel Inn series from Guidepost and a little of the Mitford series I definitely would love to go to this bed and breakfast, it just sounds delightful.

    3. Judy says:

      I first picked this up about 18 years ago when I was between houses and had no access to my library, then finally moved and life took over It was so nice to find and re read it A pair of twin bachelor brothers tell us about running a bed and breakfast out of their family home Secure in themselves, Hector and Virgil are happy to learn new skills Morris dancing and the bassoon and tend to their guests Interspersed with commentaries by some of their guests, the book is simply a delight I regret it [...]

    4. Bonnie says:

      I read these out of order but it doesn t matter with these books The sequel is actual better, which I read first This books is delightful and fun Glad I found them Highly recommend.

    5. Dianne says:

      Finally, a Canadian book that isn t all darkness and angst and swearing Ok there are a couple of swear words but overall this is a wonderful book Hector and Virgil who in my mind is the spitting image of the authour are middle aged twin brothers who have turned the house they grew up in into a bed and breakfast on Canada s west coast The brothers are book lovers who see their home as a retreat for readers Their guests are welcome to use the brothers well stocked library or to bring their own boo [...]

    6. Petra says:

      I chuckled through this warm and loving book The stories told and the people introduced tell of warm, interesting, quirky and human times The stories of life in a BB, written lived by bachelor twin brothers who have lived their entire lives in their secluded and quirky valley, are well written and often insightful And always entertaining.The idea of a BB set up as a reading recluse for people often too busy in their lives to quietly sit read is appealing Somewhere on Vancouver Island this place [...]

    7. Yvette says:

      I can t begin to tell you how truly special this book is.Practically like nothing you ve read before.At least it was not like anything I d ever read.Not really a novel, like a series of stories filled with colorful and eccentric characters who flit in and out of the brothers lives It is warm, witty, smart, funny, wise, outrageous, charming, intelligent and, well,I could go on and on Needless to say,I LOVED this book And also the follow up BACHELOR BROTHERS BED BREAKFAST PILLOW BOOK.Both books w [...]

    8. Elizabeth says:

      I went into this book not knowing what to expect, and goodness it was delightful Definitely character driven rather than plot driven, but these characters are so endearing you don t want the story to end I m so grateful to have been introduced to Virgil and Homer and spent a few days in their world Recommended.

    9. Mrsgaskell says:

      I decided to re read this little gem while vacationing on Vancouver Island.From my original notes This is a delightfully witty book about middle aged twin brothers who run a bed and breakfast on an island off the coast of B.C It deservedly won the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour Sadly, the book is fictional, otherwise my reservation at the BB would be made, and my books would be packed These vignettes about the brothers, their gentle guests who come to read, and resident pets, Waffle the cat, a [...]

    10. Ann says:

      I liked it the first time through I liked it even better the second time Gently humor made for radio shows Put a bunch of the shows together and you get a portrait book of a little slice of life on an island in the great northwest and vignettes from people who stay at the Bed and breakfast It s a little weird how all the people have the same writing voice , but it s a pleasant one so that s OK.

    11. Helene says:

      This is and will always be one of my favourite books Perfect for those who love books, quirky characters that you gradually get to know, and very dry humour I have read this book probably 10 times and often give it as a gift to those whom I know have a similar sense of humour If this place really existed I would be therea lot

    12. Judy says:

      What an amazing thing the mind is For some reason, this book popped into my mind last night I read it probably in 1997 or there about I know I was living in Phoenix working at the Tempe Public Library I just remember it as a delightful, quirky book Think I might read it again Wonder how many other book titles that I ve read are lurking in my 74 year old brain

    13. Pihla says:

      Heartwarming and delightful

    14. Darlene Foster says:

      A laugh out loud fun read everyone will enjoy.

    15. Janet Mahlum says:

      This is not a book to be read This is a book to be savored, to be discussed, to be shared, to underline, to write notes in the margin The chapters are told by one brother or the other and some of the guests I really felt that the brothers were sitting there with me, talking with me, that we were having this awesome conversation The writing is exquisite I learned I am a marginalialist But this book had no grammatical errors that I found, no alright, no If I was there The vocabulary was sometimes [...]

    16. Lisa says:

      I love the way Bill Richardson plays with words, and his stories are so engaging My own journal writing and speech in general have improved because of him.One example I will share I love the phrase learning by heart, especially when it is applied to poetry, because it seems such a perfect description of the process of memorizing words that have been carefully chosen and weighed and handled The heart, I think, is the home of all things rhythmic, is where learned poems go to live Over time and rep [...]

    17. Kathryn says:

      Mr Richardson would do well by convincing twins Hector and Virgil to take bookings immediately Help convince him all you eccentric bibliophiles who also happened to be born in The Peg Such wonderful stories within stories as Hector and Virgil take turns accounting their adventures along with collected autobiographical Jottings titled Brief Lives from their selected guests Delicious humor throughout and even some scary humor The scary part was that I absolutely understood and agreed with their u [...]

    18. grundoon says:

      3.5 The next pleasure from opening a fresh box of long ago purchased books I went into this expecting a light little read it s short, and won a Canadian Humor award and quickly found it greatly exceeding my expectations a series of alleged dispatches from the twin owners and guests of a tiny bibliophile centric BnB on an unnamed island in, I think, the Strait of Georgia It eventually begins to drag a little in this format the guests bits, in particular, could stand a mixing up of style but I d a [...]

    19. Ilana says:

      I rather enjoyed it A year in the life, some zany characters Reminiscent of the British country postal carrier memoir loosely life based novel that I read a few years ago Hopefully the sequels will be good too, and not go downhill like aforementioned whatever did become of the boy s missing pet snake Finished a few days ago, but app is broken on my Galaxy.

    20. Pat says:

      I used the audio version of this book It only had 2 discs and I finished it while preparing dinner Fast little story of twins who remain bachelors and how they came to be.Some tales about their guests, some about their lives, some about their Mother Several pets Just a nice little book.

    21. Jacinta Carter says:

      This was a sweet book about twin brothers who run a bed and breakfast The chapters alternate between the brothers points of view as well as musings from some of their guests While there isn t a strong plot to follow, the little stories included throughout are fun and quick to read.

    22. Sandra Petree says:

      An endearing book that reads like a memoir but really is fiction I love the words and phrases this writer uses his descriptions are right on Trying to locate the sequels.

    23. Karen says:

      This book looked good but I didn t enjoy it at all.

    24. Maureen says:

      humorous enjoyable especially for bibliophiles interesting characters

    25. Tracy says:

      Loved this book Second time reading it Light, funny, literate.

    26. Margaret Dillon says:

      I had so much enjoyment reading this delightful book many times I had to laugh at loudways good for the soul.

    27. Patricia says:

      The whole time I was reading this I was thinking how badly I d like to stay at the BBBB I especially loved the section where Virgil took up the bassoon.

    28. Moira Fogarty says:

      Bachelor Brothers Bed Breakfast is a cozy little novel perfect for vacationing, commuting, bathroom reading, or days when you the weather are crappy 30 sparkling vignettes told in 152 tidy pages Published in 1993, I didn t hear about it myself until I started working at Quest Books in 1995 My Manager, Susan, enthusiastically hand sold it to almost every customer who walked in the door, like so Buy this It won the Leacock Award for Humour You ll LOVE it, I promise People would squint at the unins [...]

    29. Kate says:

      Welcome to the Bachelor Brothers Bed and Breakfast, a rustic retreat on a beautiful island Your hosts are the endearingly eccentric Hector and Virgil, twins by birth though not by nature Their BB attracts a particular and sometimes peculiar clientele back coverI adored this book Which was quite a surprise I didn t remember why this book had wound up on my wishlist I thought it was going to be an attempt at humor about two inept men trying to run a BB for some idiotic reason It isn t.It s a serie [...]

    30. Krissie says:

      THIS IS A GEM OF A BOOK It deserves all caps, really it s that good This is a very COZY book, great for a rainy day or just before bed It s a sweet, gentle and fun read I really loved it Virgil my favorite and Hector love him also are twin brothers who operate a small BB in the house which they were raised in their mother left to them They ve never lived anywhere else but in their charming house on an island in Canada And that s they way they like it Among their many and ever changing BB guests, [...]

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