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New Wings:
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New Wings Why is it that when we pray for the supernatural we are surprised when it shows up Seventeen year old Olivia Stanton knows the Bible says guardian angels exist but assumes they only show up when peo
  • Title: New Wings:
  • Author: Donna Stanley
  • ISBN: 9781621363361
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Why is it that when we pray for the supernatural, we are surprised when it shows up Seventeen year old Olivia Stanton knows the Bible says guardian angels exist, but assumes they only show up when people are dying or need to be saved from some kind of sudden disasteruntil her own guardian angel appears to her in the form of a handsome blonde haired, blue eyed guy her oWhy is it that when we pray for the supernatural, we are surprised when it shows up Seventeen year old Olivia Stanton knows the Bible says guardian angels exist, but assumes they only show up when people are dying or need to be saved from some kind of sudden disasteruntil her own guardian angel appears to her in the form of a handsome blonde haired, blue eyed guy her own age As Olivia gets to know Mike, she begins to see angels both good and evil on a regular basis, and quickly learns how many misconceptions she had about the spiritual realm Will Mike be able to prepare Olivia for the daunting spiritual battle about to overtake her small town before it destroys her and everyone she cares about
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    1. Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:

      When we pray for the supernatural, why are we surprised when it actually shows up What an exceptional tagline that immediately made me want to pick up this novel, New Wings by author Donna Stanley Ever since my first experience with spiritual warfare novels involving angels and demons living among us in the unseen realm through Frank Peretti s amazing Darkness novels, I ve been searching for just like it Thankfully Donna has come through for me in this latest endeavor of hers This is definitely [...]

    2. Geoffrey Reesor says:

      This review contains spoilers, but I feel that it should be read publicly anyway.While I appreciate that this was a gifted book, I feel the need to provide an honest review.I admit that I was slightly disappointed by the end of the book It started off well with good character introduction and conceptual set up, but from there I encountered problems with how easy Olivia had everything I understand I believe Mrs Stanley s plot basis where faith in the Lord and the power of prayer can fix any probl [...]

    3. Brenda says:

      While sitting in church listening to the preacher talk about entertaining angels unaware seventeen year old Olivia Stanton says a little prayer to God asking him to somehow let her know if she perhaps had a guardian angel After all high school isn t always easy and a girl can use all the help she can get When she notices a handsome young man driving a red Camaro seems to be watching her, she worries that he might be a stalker Instead when he helps her out after she runs out of gas, she gets the [...]

    4. Andi says:

      What I Liked This is a great spiritual warfare book, along the lines of Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker It really reminded me a lot of Frank Peretti s first book This Present Darkness.Olivia is a seventeen and one Sunday she prays and asks God to show her if she has a guardian angel and He begins to show her Little did she know that by praying this prayer she would not only see her guardian angel, she would also see into the spiritual realm This strengthens her faith in so many ways.What I didn t T [...]

    5. Erin Greene says:

      I enjoyed the concept of this book than the actual book The possibility of a visible spiritual realm here on earth, where angels can be seen battling demons in the name of Jesus is fascinating However, there were many inconsistency in the writing which were hard to ignore In the beginning of the book we meet Tessa, Olivia s niece, and find out that Olivia has a much older sister A few chapters later, Olivia refers to herself as an only child, and the niece she supposedly babysits every week, is [...]

    6. Jennifer Defoy says:

      Before I get into the book itself I have to say that I love this cover Something about it is so soothing to me It s so simple and yet the images that it invokes in my brain are very comforting Why a wing has such strong emotions attached to it I m not really sure but they re there So needless to say that even before I started reading this one I was already in love with it I also love the quote that s on the cover and in the book description I think that one of the biggest failings we have with r [...]

    7. Victor Gentile says:

      Donna Stanley in her new book, New Wings published by Creation House brings us into the life of Olivia Stanton.From the back cover The angelic realm isn t pretend it s real.It s all around us It s creatures are beautiful and deadly.Why is it that when we pray for the supernatural, we are surprised when it shows up Seventeen year old Olivia Stanton knows the Bible says guardian angels exist, but assumes they only show up when people are dying or need to be saved from some kind of sudden disaster [...]

    8. Salma Martinez says:

      Donna Stanley s book New Wings conveyed a really good message about how the supernatural can be real she did it in a unique bur cliche teen story but overall is was good Although many people don t believe in it the main chick Olivia Stanton does The main theme is that even though their can be many obstacles that pass through you, you can always overpass them and never give up Olivia and her friends but the main one Mike who is like her guardian angle go through so many life lessons and teen stor [...]

    9. Carol Fleisher says:

      am reviewing this book for GlassRoad Public Relations for honest review and received no compensation for a favorable review About the Book Olivia Stanton always knew that the Bible says guardian angels exist But, in all her seventeen years, she assumed they only showed up when people were dying or needed rescue from sudden disaster Her assumption is shattered with the appearance of her own guardian angel in the form of good looking Mike, no less As Olivia gets to know Mike, and of her misconce [...]

    10. Renee says:

      New Wings is an action packed read and I found it enjoyable It is certainly a wonderful answer to the occult related trend in teenage fiction these days This book presents a Christian perspective interlaced with strong Biblical principles I can honestly say I felt the power of God move me while reading this book The book was so engaging that I didn t want to put it down and soon would find ways to get back to reading it Mmmm I m still working through that mountain of laundry I set aside to read [...]

    11. Cindy says:

      Was not familiar with the author when I picked up this Kindle book but liked the description Since it involved spiritual warfare, how could I resist The MC is a senior in high school and becomes able to see not only her guardian angel but others in the spiritual realm as well, including both angels and demons The writing at times seems a little disjointed but not enough that it bothered me a whole lot It certainly didn t take away from my enjoying the book What I did like about it was how it sho [...]

    12. Kaitlyn M says:

      It was a pleasure to meet and speak with Donna Stanley at the Orange County Writer s Conference She encouraged me much and gave some great advice.What I loved about this book Donna cares about the youth of our nation and earnestly desires to impact them She deals in a real, raw way with the issues facing the youth today I appreciate that she packed this book with scripture and got the message across clearly and accurately.What I didn t love so much I felt that there were too many issues packed i [...]

    13. Joan says:

      I really liked this novel Donna has a daughter who loves to read novels about the supernatural When Donna could not find ones she wanted her daughter to read, she decided to write her own The seventeen year old Olivia can see angels and demons at work There are several important issues brought up in this novel, such as cutting, date rape, and bullying Because of some of the subject matter, I would recommend this to older teens, say juniors and seniors in high school It may be a bit much for youn [...]

    14. Zaw says:

      This book takes a really unique angle on what it s like to encounter the supernatural in daily life Acting as a middleman for her guardian angel, who gifts her with knowledge of her friends troubles, Olivia takes on the tasks of trying to better the lives of her friends In the process, she becomes a better person herself and learns a lot about guardian angels and the demons that shadow and influence certain people in her life.

    15. Natalie says:

      12 13 I never thought that I would actually find an angel story that I liked, but New Wings pleasantly surprised me It s considered young adult Christian paranormal and after reading it, I ve decided to read Christian young adult books I would consider it a clean read, but with mature themes, and while my angel beliefs are a little different than the authors it was still a great read Super ending also 2 17 I enjoyed this just as much the second read as the first.

    16. Landon says:

      If you are sick of reading about vampires and zombies, I definitely recommend this book Donna Stanley does an amazing job of incorporating the paranormal without writing about the over used subject matters in most of today s fiction This book has a plot readers aren t likely to forget anytime soon.

    17. Christina says:

      What a great read I ve always been fascinated with the concept of guardian angels, and I love to read this book was really the best of both worlds for me Donna really does a great job with her novel I literally couldn t put it down until the very end, and hope to see great works from Donna in the future

    18. Chelsea Reid says:

      What a great book This book will definitely get you thinking and talking about the concept of the supernatural in a family friendly way that won t keep you up with nightmares I really appreciated the gentler take that Donna employed with regards to some of the wilder elements of the story, and thought that this book would be a great one for any teenager s bookshelf.

    19. Darcee Kraus says:

      I would like to start by saying that New Wings is in fact a better love story than Twilight Stanley impressed me with the tale spun in the story, enticing me with romance, as well as the excitement of the supernatural I would definitely say that New Wings has a lot of potential to be spread and loved by many.Darcee KrausMckinleyville, CAetsy shop BlassGlass

    20. Perry Bason says:

      Donna definitely doesn t waste any time, jumping right into the action of the story in New Wings Her characters are great and some of their interactions are just pricelessis could easily be the stuff of TV or a movie Donna keeps the suspense building until just the right moment when things come to their peak.

    21. Danielle says:

      New Wings does a great job of developing character traits early on By using an exceptionally perceptive narrator, Donna is able to make her readers feel like we ve met them before they actually make appearances A fast paced narrative that keeps the action coming until the very last page

    22. Anna says:

      I quite enjoyed this books, it helped to remind me of my faith and what i hadnt forgotten but wasnt preset in my mind Its a wonderful book about guardian angels and how the fight between good and evil involves everyone

    23. Brent Battershell says:

      I won this book in a free giveaway I really liked this book I recommend this book to people who like angels and demons

    24. Brandee Terry says:

      I really liked this book I ve read alot of angel books lately that don t even talk about God This one was terrific and definitely left me wanting .

    25. Barbara Justiniano says:

      Very good religious novel about guardian angels and demons.

    26. Donna Stanley says:

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