Brendan DuBois
Black Tide
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Black Tide Investigating a suspicious oil spill by his seacoast home Lewis Cole stumbles upon the corpse of a murder victim and teams up with mob rep Felix Tinios in order to uncover the truth a search that br
  • Title: Black Tide
  • Author: Brendan DuBois
  • ISBN: 9780743213141
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Investigating a suspicious oil spill by his seacoast home, Lewis Cole stumbles upon the corpse of a murder victim and teams up with mob rep Felix Tinios in order to uncover the truth, a search that brings him up against the local underworld.
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      Brendan DuBois

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    1. Skip says:

      Book 2 about Lewis Cole, who lives in a seaside resort town in New Hampshire Lewis is trying to track down the person responsible for an oil spill when his friend Felix enlists his assistance to thwart threats on Felix s life to reveal the location of a mob safe house Lewis is given enough information to track down what is stored there Good mystery, building tension, and we gain further insights into Lewis, his demons, and his friends.

    2. Lorlee says:

      Once I read one, I had to read them all.

    3. Chris Hooke says:

      Brilliant Just love the way you are immersed into the places and people that inhabit this book A great read Now for the next one

    4. Cheryl Ras says:

      Lewis gets in some real tight spots.

    5. Robert Enzenauer says:

      I really liked this book I had read ALL of the other books in the Lewis Cole series and I don t do Kindle, so it took me a while tracking down this second in the series This book is much better than Black Sand, and I like Black Sand The plot moves VERY quick after a headless body turns up without hands I really like the suspense that the author uses as Lewis and his helpers work to track down the murderer I never realized that New Hampshire was such a hotbed of intrigue Lewis Cole is one of my f [...]

    6. Mark Pitman says:

      Lewis Cole 02Lewis Cole returns to Tyler Beach after having lumps removed to find himself disassociating from his friends The remains of an oil spill have smeared his small beach and the stench remains throughout the hot summer Depressed he can t work He spots a headless, and handless, body floating in the sea Felix is his first suspicion Felix askes for his hilp regarding the theft of Winslow Homer paintings from the Manchester Art Museum.

    7. LJ says:

      BLACK TIDE VGDuBois, Brendan 2nd in Lewis Cole seriesLewis Cole plans a relaxing end to his summer in New Hampshire, but corpses washing up on the beach and millions of dollars worth of stolen artwork disrupt his plans.The story was a bit redundant in places but still very readable I ll keep reading DuBois.

    8. Jennifer S says:

      I like Lewis Cole s balance between poking around a mystery story and letting his connections friends work on their own and I like the supporting cast of characters This story, however, seemed a little too tidy, with all the story lines conveniently coming together at the end oil spill, headless body, art theft, etc.

    9. William Mosteller says:

      Lewis and Brendan are juggling an undone magazine column, a washed up unidentifiable body, an oil spill, and missing Winslow Homer paintings, all seemingly unconnected, but eventually they all get tied up into a nice satisfying bundle And we understand why Felix is such a good friend.

    10. Deb says:

      Lewis finds a dead body on his beach still in his diving suit This leads him on an investigation to find out who the body is which leads to stolen paintings from a local museum murder and mayhem result A good mystery.

    11. Steve Payne says:

      I d give this book 2.5 stars There were a lot of things about this book that are a real stretch How neatly everything fell together in the climax How stupid the people around them were I like the main character He has an interesting backstory.

    12. Stacy Bearse says:

      Just discovered this 15 year old series by NH writer Brendan DuBois Coastal backdrop Unconventional, but likable characters Plot coincidences require one to suspend disbelief but well constructed and well written I will read in the series.

    13. Audreyjackson says:

      Every book of his leaves you wanting and waiting for Interesting, well done, where is the next one.

    14. Mary Ellen Ormond says:

      A little like Murder She Wrote but enjoyable Like that it s familiar turf.

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