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Az utolsó gyarmat
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Az utols gyarmat Katonai szolg lata v gezt vel John Perry leszerelt s esem nytelen veter n veit Huckleberry t voli bolyg j n tengeti ahol a Gyarmati Sz vets g falusi b keb r jak nt a telepesek ty k s kecskepereiben
  • Title: Az utolsó gyarmat
  • Author: John Scalzi
  • ISBN: 9786155272264
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katonai szolg lata v gezt vel John Perry leszerelt, s esem nytelen veter n veit Huckleberry t voli bolyg j n tengeti, ahol a Gyarmati Sz vets g falusi b keb r jak nt a telepesek ty k s kecskepereiben szolg ltat igazs got A kor bban a K l nleges Er kn l szolg l feles g vel, Jane Sagannel l egy tt, t bb hekt ros tany jukon f ldet m velnek, s b szkes gt l dagad kebellKatonai szolg lata v gezt vel John Perry leszerelt, s esem nytelen veter n veit Huckleberry t voli bolyg j n tengeti, ahol a Gyarmati Sz vets g falusi b keb r jak nt a telepesek ty k s kecskepereiben szolg ltat igazs got A kor bban a K l nleges Er kn l szolg l feles g vel, Jane Sagannel l egy tt, t bb hekt ros tany jukon f ldet m velnek, s b szkes gt l dagad kebellel figyelik, hogyan cseperedik r kbefogadott l nyuk, Zo.A falusi idill nyolc v t azonban egy csap sra fenekest l felforgatja, amikor a Gyarmati Sz vets g fejese kopogtat a port jukon Az emberek gyarmatbirodalma ugyanis politikai v ls g sz l re sodr dott a maroknyi telepes seg ts g vel l tes tett egykori kol ni k az vek sor n annyira meger s dtek, hogy egy ideje maguk is gyarmatos t si jogot k vetelnek saj t bolyg iknak Ki m s lehetne r termettebb korm nyz ja a balj s nev Roanoke ra k sz l , t z k l n vil gr l rkezett, nfej telepesnek, mint Perry, a b keb r s az ellentmond st nem t r Sagan Az j kol ni hoz a Gyarmati Sz vets g nagy rem nyeket f z, de nem csak az rt, mert ezzel megzabol zhatja az el gedetlenked gyarmatokat, hanem egy enn l grandi zusabb, magasztosabb c l hajtja, mely egyben Johnt s Jane t is a galaktikus politika, rm ny s cselsz v s legm lyebb v z be dobja, a fej k felett lebeg h bor rny r l m r nem is besz lve.
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    1. mark monday says:

      stupid fucking humans, you are the worst always getting shit wrong and not caring John Scalzi sort of agrees but sort of doesn t he s a humanist who loves the individual as well as a scornful critic who slams systems, systematized secrecy, imperialism, and the use of conflict as a way to achieve goals so he gets to have his cake and eat it too his love of people is on display as ever, and although his characters often lack depth and aren t particularly interesting, they are still warmly characte [...]

    2. Kemper says:

      I m no expert at colonizing newly discovered worlds, but I gotta think that naming your new planet Roanoke and your settlement town Croatoan is just asking to be pimp slapped by fate Why not just christen a ship Titantic or call that new nuclear plant Chernobyl What s the worst that could happen The third installment of this series finds John Perry and his wife Jane retired from the Colonial Defense Force and living quietly on a colonized planet with their daughter The CDF approaches them to hea [...]

    3. Terence says:

      After retiring from the Colonial Defense Force, John Perry and Jane Sagan started a new life on the Human colony Huckleberry The two of them live with their adopted daughter Zo , work local jobs, and have a farm All of that changes when they are approached to be the leaders of a new human colony which will be colonized by people from other human colonies There is to this arrangement than they were told and the family finds itself once again forced to fight to survive.John Scalzi shows another p [...]

    4. Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller says:

      This is the point in the series where the story needed to make me fall in love with it as much as the first book did Coming off a decent, albeit underwhelming second novel Ghost Brigades , I wanted Last Colony to evolve into a series I could endorse as passionately as The Expanse Alas, while I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish, the book did leave a few points to be desired.My biggest complaint is the lack of description Scalzi has all of these interesting alien species, but I m at [...]

    5. Dan Schwent says:

      John Perry and Jane Sagan have left the CDF and have been living with Zoe on a colony called Huckleberry until they re uprooted and sent to start a new colony, Roanoke Only the CDF isn t telling them the whole truth and the Conclave is on the prowl for rogue colonies Can Perry and his family save Roanoke without being traitors to the Colonial Union Wow I loved this book almost as much as I loved the first in the series, Old Man s War John Perry is back and in fine form Scalzi crammed a lot of st [...]

    6. Tom Merritt says:

      There s an easy brilliance to the OMW series that I think shines at its best in Last Colony At any moment you may feel like you re reading a light novel with snappy dialog and a straightforward plot The phrase beach reading May even flit through your mind But the You ll realize that these characters are green super soldiers, alien generals with eye stalks and emotionless guardians of a teenage girl Then it strikes you that the themes aren t just love and family and such but also war and oppressi [...]

    7. Lata says:

      3.5 stars A good installment in this series I enjoyed this much than I was expecting, and totally loved these women Jane Sagan and Savitri Guntupillai I m looking forward to seeing this story s events from Zoe Boutin s perspective soon I wanted to spend so much time with these three people.It s nice to see that some of the revelations in book 2 are followed up here, view spoiler namely, that Charles Boutin wasn t just a crazy, evil genius, and the CU really are fairly unethical hide spoiler I [...]

    8. Veronique says:

      Third volume in the Old Man s War seriesThis one felt rather different to the previous two much lighter in a way although the stakes are still pretty high but as enjoyable to read.The narration is back from the point of view of John Perry, who is living a peaceful life on a colony with Jane Sagan and Zoe, after the explosive events of The Ghost Brigades Eight years have passed and the two ex soldiers look at ease in this new life, the first as an ombudsman and the other as a constable, dealing w [...]

    9. Michael says:

      This review from October was wrongly placed with the entre piece of the serialized book This was a well paced, fun space opera in the same universe as Scalzi s series starting with The Old Man s War The confederation of human planets known as Colonial Union was formed in response to alien civilizations out to exterminate our species, and in response to their success hundreds of alien species have formed their own confederation, the Conclave The resulting peace from strength has become shaky as t [...]

    10. seak says:

      I think Scalzi s a fun author to read, one you can always go back to knowing you ll have an entertaining read He s got smart characters you can root for, fast paced plots, and you always know you won t have to think too hard I love to be challenged in my reading, but I don t want to be challenged with every single book I read Thus, authors like John Scalzi make for the perfect break in your intellectual readings.The Last Colony is the final Old Man s War universe novel with John Perry and Jane S [...]

    11. Kaethe says:

      2012 JanuaryAt the end of the book Scalzi says he isn t going to write any about these characters So even though I m midway in Zoe s Tale, I m having a sad It s smart science fiction, interesting characters, intriguing problems with colonization, and Sagan and Perry are so good at working things through I would happily read many stories about them Great scifi, and, for those of us who enjoy twists, plenty of them Really, Old Man s War is an unusually strong series There must be flaws, but I ca [...]

    12. Mpauli says:

      Overall this was a fantastic read and a lot of fun Seeing the story again told from John Perry s point of view was a blast and the combination of humor, plot, twists, characters and action worked really well for me.The ony complaint I have is that for the plot to really work at two points people who should have know better make actually some stupid decisions I think if everyone had really acted like I would assume leaders of large political groups would act, then the story couldn t have played o [...]

    13. Marijan says:

      tre a knjiga, tre apri a, i opet prili no razli ita mrvicu slabija od druge i mada na kraju knjige najavljuje opro taj od storylinea, vidim da se nije ba oprostio

    14. The Shayne-Train says:

      Wowzers Justain.wowzers.This was such a perfect end to the trilogy We go back to the first person narrative of Major John Perry, formerly a reborn supersoldier, now a husband and father and space colonist.Plenty of good kill all da alienz stuff, but also a lot of good making your way in the world today takes everything you got stuff too Oh, and some DOWN WITH THE MAN stuff Can t forget that tells me there are books in the series I find that odd, because it felt like I got a perfectly delicious [...]

    15. Ivan says:

      Book started off slowly.Initially It s mostly about misadventures of cutoff colony but somewhere around half of the book there is a point where shit gets real and book reverts to that fast paced space opera we all know and love.First half 3 stars.Slow but necessary.Second half 5 stars.Best part of the series, when things got going I couldn t put it down.

    16. Sandi says:

      The of John Scalzi s work I read, the I like his writing Set in the same universe as Old Man s War , the 2008 Hugo nominated novel, The Last Colony does not disappoint Scalzi has a gift for writing science fiction that fires the imagination and remains completely believable He doesn t fill his novels with a bunch of boring exposition Any technology that needs explanation is explained in a comprehensible manner, not with a lot of jargon In many ways, his novels hearken back to the days of Asimo [...]

    17. Stuart says:

      The Last Colony is the third installment of the Old Man s War series by John Scalzi, and will probably be my last visit to Scalzi world I really enjoyed Old Man s War, as it had the perfect blend of a sympathetic and wise cracking main character, intriguing concept recruiting 75 year olds with the promise of powerful new military bodies to fight aliens threatening humanity , basic training with the new bodies, first combat, and an exciting finale.However, with each successive book I m learning j [...]

    18. Jason Pettus says:

      My full review of this book is much longer than word count limitations Find the entire essay at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter Regular readers will know that I ve found myself in a special situation this month, because of accidentally getting my hands on a total of eight out of the twelve science fiction novels nominated this year for either the Hugo or Philip K Dick award today s review is the sixth of that series , with the rest of them found in my archives And a [...]

    19. Dorothea says:

      I found The Last Colony really disappointing compared to Old Man s War and The Ghost Brigades Here s why 1 The first two books got a lot of their structure from the military training that their protagonists, John Perry and Jared Dirac The process of learning new skills and ways of thinking also made Perry and Dirac interesting characters The Last Colony doesn t have any training Perry is the protagonist again and he does have to adapt to a new career as the administrator of a new colony, but the [...]

    20. Milda Page Runner says:

      2.5 Some spoilers in here, read at your own peril.The good John Perry I loved his voice, his humour, the way he has with the people around him.Colonizing new planet the adventures and difficulties that came with uncharted territory.The ending Scalzi seems to deliver happy optimistic endings every time and I love it.The bad Too much politicsCU acting like complete morons I can accept one person doing stupid mistake but organisation that successfully led humanity for few hundred years collectively [...]

    21. Jim says:

      An excellent end to the trilogy starting with Old Man s War continued in The Ghost Brigades The first mainly follows Perry, the second Sagan this one, the third, both The style is reminiscent of Heinlein s best, before he got weird in the 70 s, without all the philosophizing Just an excellent story in an interesting universe.

    22. Krbo says:

      Povratak dide Perryja u akciju je da ga vrati e u obi no tijelo kao i gospo u no ne mo e imati mira mada se mislio skrasiti u miru nakon obavljene vojne slu be.Perry mu je o ito omiljeni lik im ga je vratio Scalzi je opet uklju io britki humor i ivahne dijaloge.Dosta bolji dojam od 2 jaka etvorka i preporuka odli ne zabave

    23. C.T. Phipps says:

      American pioneer heritage is something which has kind of a sordid history once you peel back the legend and myth making which was deliberately added to it Disease, exile of religious dissidents, slaughter of locals, and shameless land grabs are the least of it I was hesitant about John Scalzi s take on the subject with the story of Old Man War protagonist John Perry taking up the role of a colony head in a book series primarily about the evils of colonization I shouldn t have doubted Scalzi as t [...]

    24. Fred Hughes says:

      John Scalzi continues in his Old Man s War series with The Last Colony Our main characters are John Perry ex Colonial Defense Forces soldier , Jane Sagan ex Colonial Defense Soldier and their adopted daughter Zoe whose real Dad tried to kill humanity.John and Jane have been chosen to lead 2500 citizens to form a colony on the planet Roanoke It is uninhabited and with a little work can support humans But the universe is a tough place and habitable planets are in demand by many different races Wha [...]

    25. Silvana says:

      This is disappointing since I usually can count on Scalzi for keeping me glued to the screen of my Kindle The book, or series, has been underwhelming for me since The Ghost Brigade I think the parts where it should spend time on got shortened like the going ons in other planets during the war with the Conclave etc, and vice versa There are many conversation with arguments made clear at the start but somehow the characters keep paraphrasing it without uncovering new insights I was really bored O [...]

    26. Kelly says:

      The Last Colony starts out a little slow, what saved it for me was Scalzi s writing, particularly his humor which buoyed me along until the action started Typically, the action wasn t far behind and of a different nature than you re lead to believe from the book description There is the usual dirty dealing from the Colonial Union vs Interstellar machinations, this time in the form of the Conclave.What I particularly enjoyed was how John Perry was consistently pissed off enough to implement his o [...]

    27. Alex Ristea says:

      Mr Scalzi, you inspire me to read science fiction.Now, I m not so well read in sci fi, so you ll pardon me for saying that this is a damn cool take on space colonization Many things were learned and importantly my imagination was piqued.I think the tighter first person POV was an improvement over the previous novel, and we traded action for politics, which was a nice change of pace.Do you have any recommendations for other books I should try

    28. Stephen says:

      4.0 to 4.5 stars Another excellent installment of this very good space opera series by John Scalzi Well thought out plot, great characters and outstanding world building Nominee Hugo Award Best Novel 2008 Nominee Locus Award Best SF Novel 2008

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