Liz Johnson
Stolen Memories
June 01, 2020 Comments.. 975
Stolen Memories IF ONLY SHE COULD REMEMBER Attacked and left for dead Julie Thomas has amnesia and doesn t know why anyone would want to hurt her But when surveillance video of that night shows Julie holding a baby
  • Title: Stolen Memories
  • Author: Liz Johnson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • IF ONLY SHE COULD REMEMBER Attacked and left for dead, Julie Thomas has amnesia and doesn t know why anyone would want to hurt her But when surveillance video of that night shows Julie holding a baby a baby nowhere to be found she panics Is the child hers Where is she now With no answers and no place to go, Julie accepts Detective Zach Jones s offer to help her solveIF ONLY SHE COULD REMEMBER Attacked and left for dead, Julie Thomas has amnesia and doesn t know why anyone would want to hurt her But when surveillance video of that night shows Julie holding a baby a baby nowhere to be found she panics Is the child hers Where is she now With no answers and no place to go, Julie accepts Detective Zach Jones s offer to help her solve both mysteries The handsome, loyal cop makes her feel safe But someone is trying very hard to make sure her memories stay buried forever.Witness Protection Hiding in plain sight
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      Liz Johnson

    1 Blog on “Stolen Memories

    1. Hannah says:

      This is so far my favorite of the series Sometimes it s hard to write about amnesia without being cheesy, but Johnson pulled it off well I ll definitely be reading of Johnson s writing.

    2. Angie Thompson says:

      I really enjoyed this book Until the very end, the romance was very understated and it was kept in its proper place when important things were happening I really liked the fact that Zach and Julie were at least as attracted to each other s character as to their appearance, and even when they couldn t get each other out of their minds, their thoughts weren t bogged down in a deluge of physical details.I liked the way that Julie s true character showed beneath her amnesia and the way that Zach tr [...]

    3. Wendy Sparkes says:

      3 Witness Protection Continuity.She woke up in the hospital with no memory of who she was or how she got there She s been given the name Julie Thomas.Detective Zach Jones was 1st on scene at Thomas Park He thought he had a homicide victim But the victim was still breathingjust.Someone had wanted her dead though.That someone still wants her deadd preferably before her memories return and she can tell someone about them Who is Julie What has she seen And where is the baby Julie had in her arms on [...]

    4. Jennifer Robb says:

      I had a hard time getting into the premise of the book and getting caught up in the story It seemed like I couldn t connect with Julie Emma or Zach the two main characters to care what happened to them It wasn t until Julie Emma was threatened in Zack s home that I felt I d connected to her character enough to care what happened to her The plot trick of having each doubt what the other felt about him her feels old and overused While Zach reaching out to his contacts seems believable, the fact th [...]

    5. LaDonna says:

      The best yetI d almost given up on the series It was good but it didn t fully hold my attention I alms didn t read this one but needed a break from my non fiction research I m so glad I did I read it in one day Well done I ll be looking for books by this author.

    6. Joanie Bruce says:

      This book was well written, and I enjoyed traveling through the story with the characters Julie Thomas has amnesia, and can t remember why she was attacked or why a baby was stolen from her arms Detective Zach Jones was sent to investigate a dead body in the park but instead found a young woman barely alive and with amnesia His vow to protect Julie from the determined person trying to kill her lands both Zach and Julie in a situation where friendship tries to blossom into something stronger What [...]

    7. Brenda Morgan Weakley says:

      Stolen Memories by Liz JohnsonI have loved all the books from the Witness Protection series In fact I have bought the whole series Stolen Memories is so special, because even though Julie, Emma can t remember anything, she remembers all the words to the hymns in church She also can remember she loves the Lord and he loves her Adults who suffer with dementia can remember and sing hymns, but sometimes can t remember their names.This books will have you never wanting to put it down and praying Juli [...]

    8. Charles says:

      Told from the perspective of three different characters, Stolen Memories is a beautiful story of love, life, and hope as these three characters cross each other s paths Mark, Emma, and Lea each have their own memories of love, hope, and pain and the author weaves effortlessly through the past and present of each character, as destiny brings these three together The author explores how memories intertwined with current events shape the characters, along with their feelings and actions This book i [...]

    9. Valri Western says:

      I enjoyed reading the next book in the Witness Protection series by Liz I have enjoyed her other books so I was sure that I would enjoy that oneI was right She always keeps the action going so it s an exhilarating read This story finds our heroine with amnesia after she is attacked in a park The hero, Detective Zach Jones, helps hr throughout the book try to recover her memory Did I mention that the person who attack Julie is still trying to kill her Zach must keep her safe until he figures out [...]

    10. Dawn Leonard says:

      I enjoy Liz Johnson s books a lot She tells well crafted tales that keep you guessing with a perfect amount of faith and God included The storyline and characters seem real and relatable The story moves quickly making the book hard to put down.While I am enjoying the Witness Protection series and its multiple authors, Stolen Memories reminded me the downfall of that This is the third book in the series As a stand alone, it is fine and would probably make you want to read the other books in the s [...]

    11. Haley says:

      This book was very disappointing Very disappointing It didn t have much to do with the mystery of the other two books either The two main characters, well, I didn t like them much The pretty much fell in love at first sight, but since she doesn t know who she is, they don t continue with a relationship It was all predictable Oh and the only reason I finished it was because it was in a series and I wanted the rest of the books to make sense.

    12. Clay Rylee says:

      I won this book in a giveaway, this has in no way affected my review Stolen Memories was an enjoyable read that was light on the drama and heavy on the plot Normally drama annoys me because it is usually over done but that waan t the case in this book, the drama fit the story perfectly and was never over done All in all, I recomend this enjoyable read to fans of suspence based romance.

    13. Bonnie Drummond says:

      Stolen Memories book 3 of the Witness Protection Series by Liz Johnson is a race against time for Detective Zach Jones to help a patient try to find her memories to help find a young mother and her baby from harm Jones has to try and keep his heart from bracken from falling in love with Julie Thomas the patient and the same goes with her heart too It takes her getting kidnapped and almost killed to finally find out that god has brought them together.

    14. Arielle says:

      I probably would have given this a 3.5 if I could It was an enjoyable short read to say the least The plot was interesting enough but I felt like it could have used a little something to add to it s intrigue A lot of cliche throughout the book, in both the story line and characters, I usually don t mind a little bit though so it didn t bother me too much Overall, I enjoyed it

    15. Harlequin Books says:

      The reader can feel Julie s pain and anxiety associated with her amnesia, which allows a glimpse into her heart The story is not rushed and keeps the reader engaged RT Book Reviews, rated 4 stars Miniseries Witness Protection

    16. Heather Lochridge says:

      I truly enjoyed this book I loved the relationship between Julie and Zach.

    17. Ruth says:

      Lovin this series anxious for the next one, Top Secret Identity by Sharon Dunn You did an outstanding job, Liz

    18. Rodrigo says:

      This is a really thrilling book I love a good story that talks about the kidnapping of a baby, and a woman trying to regain her lost memories.

    19. Mary Beth says:

      Sweet story Likable characters with good action.

    20. Dana Roberts says:

      Excellent bookVery very good book The secret witness series this us the 4th book is a awesome series A must read.

    21. Harlequin Books says:

      received 4 stars from RT Book ReviewsMiniseries Witness Protection

    22. Wilani Wahl says:

      This was such a great book There were so many twists and turns Lots of intense heart stopping scenes I am enjoying this series and wanting to read the next in the series

    23. Karen says:

      I am finding this series to keep getting intriquing Amnesia plays a big part in this book and just an excellant book Love the characters

    24. Terri says:

      I ve been enjoying the series, but not this author It just wasn t realistic No detective would make the stupid moves this one did The story just felt forced.

    25. charmaine White says:

      AmazingHold on to your seat,this one starts off fast moving,and never slows down.Suspense,thrills and lots of action.I m going to try and get the rest of the series.

    26. Renea says:

      Review to come

    27. Cathy Daniel says:

      Oh my, how I loved this book The characters are adorable I love how they talked and interacted The romance was so very sweet This is a great series

    28. Lisa says:

      Book 3 in the Witness Protection series follows amnesiac Julie Thomas and Detective Zach Jones as they work with the US Marshal Service to locate the baby taken when she was attacked.

    29. Abbie says:

      Great Book

    30. Kristi says:

      Loved it

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