Laila Blake
By the Light of the Moon
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By the Light of the Moon Book in the Lakeside Series Withdrawn and with a reputation for her strange eccentric ways young Lady Moira Rochmond is old to be unwed Rumors say she has been seen barefoot in the orchard is aw
  • Title: By the Light of the Moon
  • Author: Laila Blake
  • ISBN: 9780996005432
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book 1 in the Lakeside Series Withdrawn and with a reputation for her strange, eccentric ways, young Lady Moira Rochmond is old to be unwed Rumors say, she has been seen barefoot in the orchard, is awake all night in moon struck rambles and sleeps all day Some will even claim her ghostly pallor and aloof manner are signs of illness, of a curse or insanity.The hopes of tBook 1 in the Lakeside Series Withdrawn and with a reputation for her strange, eccentric ways, young Lady Moira Rochmond is old to be unwed Rumors say, she has been seen barefoot in the orchard, is awake all night in moon struck rambles and sleeps all day Some will even claim her ghostly pallor and aloof manner are signs of illness, of a curse or insanity.The hopes of the peaceful succession to her father s fief lie in an advantageous marriage When a suitor does show interest, her family pushes for a decision.Almost resigned to the fact that she has no choice but to play the part she has been given in life, Moira is faced with Owain A member of the mysterious Blaidyn creatures and a new guard in her father s castle, he is specifically tasked to keep her safe He is different from other people she knows and when one night under the full moon, she makes the acquaintance of the wolf who shares Owain s soul, her life starts to change and to unravel.
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    1 Blog on “By the Light of the Moon

    1. Laila says:

      Well, I wrote it and when I started, I had no idea how much I would fall in love with writing it So as silly as it is to give my own book a rating, keeps asking me to and it would be disingenuous to give it anything else because I love the characters and the love story But I can t wait to hear what you all think

    2. Shari-amor says:

      Lady Moira Rochmond is an eccentric young heiress who would prefer solitude and the beauty of nature over tending to her duties as the daughter of a lord Her nightly walks, unhealthy sleep patterns, and odd behavior has fueled rumors that she may be afflicted with either a mental illness or a curse Fearing for her safety and sanity, her father hires a mysterious Blaidyn creature to protect her The Blaidyn in question, Owain, is a wolf shapeshifter, created by the Fae Owain was hoping for an easy [...]

    3. Arely says:

      This story started out a little confusingly During the first few chapters I found myself wondering what was going on, and who all these people we were being introduced to were The beginning was hardest for me because I m the type of person who likes to know what s happening all the time.But with By the Light of the Moon, it worked After those first few chapters, I really started to get into it and, as the author explained and , I found myself quickly turning over the pages to see what would hap [...]

    4. Diana (Offbeat Vagabond) says:

      Original review here offbeatvagabond 2013 04 interview review giveaway by light ofmlBy the Light of the Moon is a story about a young woman named Moira She is a lady, but she hates it She feels like she is in a prison and tried whatever she can to leave People think she is quite strange because of how she doesn t act like what they think a lady should Not to mention, her appearance is sort of ghostly and she has dark marks under her eyes There are men who are interested One in particular, Sir De [...]

    5. Liz says:

      Moira Rochmond is an odd sort of recluse She prefers the company of nature and the moon to that of humans In fact, if she had her way, she would take nightly walks, roaming freely along the countryside and communing with nature Unfortunately, because she is the daughter of Lord Rochmond, keeper of the Bramble Keep castle and lands, she isn t supposed to indulge herself that way Being outside of her father s protection at any time is unsafe for a woman during this period, and so she tries to cont [...]

    6. Carmel (Rabid Reads) says:

      Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBy the Light of the Moon begins much the same as any other fairy tale a soon to be wed young woman is tired of doing as she s told and living her sheltered life so she goes looking for adventure only to find it in the arms of a sexy werewolf Laila Blake s writing style flows well and fits the time period of this book nicely I always enjoy a good forbidden love story There s great chemistry between Moira and Owain but I found that their relationship was, at times, overshado [...]

    7. Jasmin says:

      I was given this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal.My first impression of this book was definitely not a good one I mean that cover looks like a cheap erotic novel I understand that most new and indie authors can t invest a lot of money into cover art, but I have to say, when I buy a book I first judge it by it s cover even though normally you shouldn t do this But as long as a book doesn t have a lot of reviews and a good reputation I do it that way and By the Light of [...]

    8. Helena Ison says:

      Note this just a portion of my review, view the rest of it on my blog Accepted WisdomAddictive is the easiest way for me to define the writing style of Laila Blake I was shocked to learn that this was her first novel because it is just so finely written She has a way of making you plunge into the story so deep that you will curse yourself for not being able to read faster Blake also has a knack for writing sensual mature scenes that will make you swoon and blush profusely The character developme [...]

    9. Farrah says:

      A lovely romance with a mix of paranormal By the Light of the Moon was a wonderful historical paranormal romance.The characters in this book were great.Moira was a lovely heroine She had a quiet strength that made her an admirable character She wasn t afraid to do whatever she had to do for love I can t say much about her She was an awesome character.Owain was ah mazing I loved him He was the epitome of dark and mysterious and, wow, did he know how to use it But, he was also so sweet His kind m [...]

    10. Kelly says:

      Before discussing the story, I d like to first say how much I love the cover and interior graphics in this book I believe Laila did it all herself, apart from the original artwork used Amazing This novel is a fantasy tale with a strong romance sub plot It s also very New Adult, showing Moira Rochmond s journey of discovery about her heritage and the forbidden love between Owain and herself I love this couple, they have quite contrary personalities but balance each other so well The emotional con [...]

    11. Chele Cooke says:

      By the Light of the Moon by Laila Blake should not be called a Romance novel in my opinion It should be called a Romance Squared, for the romance and emotion of the story is not limited to its pages and characters, spilling out and gripping us as well The beautiful prose does not only make us understand the emotions of the characters, but makes us feel them, drawing us into a rich and beautiful world and making us care for the fate of these characters as much as they care for it themselves.Liste [...]

    12. Cris says:

      So many people have tried Medieval fantasy, and the majority have fallen prey to a number of problems It s a very difficult genre the world can t be too big, but also can t be too small The species in it, if there are any, have to have just the right amount of exposition The characters must be developed and identifiable even to reads from another time and place.Laila Blake accomplishes these gargantuan tasks and makes them look easy She successfully creates a world with just enough information t [...]

    13. CaroleDee says:

      By the Light of the Moon was a great read, especially from a budding author Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in the digital age We get access to so many great story tellers than in recent years There was just enough mystery and intrigue to keep me reading, but not enough to frustrate The characters are well written and extremely likable Even, the deceptive Fae and egocentric potential fiance were well established.Shifter Owain and mysterious Moira s developing relationship was fun [...]

    14. OrchardBookClub says:

      Reviewed by Laura This is book 1 in the Lakeside series and what a fantastic start to a new series By the Light of the Moon follows the story of Lady Moira Rochmond, a strange but very intriguing young woman Moira prefers her own company and even takes to midnight walks so she can feel at peace Her father, to ensure her safety, hires a body guard to protect Moira The bodyguard, Owain, is a Blaidyn and changes into a wolf at every full moon Moira stumbles across Owain in his wolf form one full mo [...]

    15. ☺~Tina~☺ says:

      A good start to a new series There were still a lot of unanswered questions but the author will touch on those in the next books It started a little abrupt for me I felt like I walked in on a story and was waiting for someone to catch me up Around 30%, it smoothed out and I was into the story I like the characters and their secrets Moira seems strange but she is like out of place Owain a Blaidyn werewolf was a nice match for Moira and her quirkiness He was brought in to be Moira s guard and sh [...]

    16. Brittany Gilespie says:

      Amazing romance novel with enough paranormal elements to keep you on your toes The story line is intriguing from the first page, keeps you sucked in and not wanting to put it down Character description and interaction is paralleled by no other book i have read this year The plot is superb has enough twists and turns to keep the story interesting and to add new dimensions to the story but not to many that you it becomes confusing Would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a romance nov [...]

    17. Asha says:

      If you pick up only one book this year, make sure it s this one There are not enough words I can use to describe how brilliant this book is I picked this book up on impulse Now paranormal romance usually isn t a genre that interests me, BUT the world building, unique spins on races and the story in general kept me awake and reading constantly for over 50 hours non stop I just could not put it down.Eagerly awaiting the rest of the series and whatever else Laila does Can see this author going far [...]

    18. Eveline says:

      This is such a wonderful book, I definitely didn t expect to be so balled over by a new writer The genre is kind of overflowing but this hit all my buttons intricate and original world building, great characters and that includes the supporting ones, a heroine that is strong but a very relatable way, strong like someone who has been hurt before and survived And the hero oh what can I say about the hero He s perfect and wonderful and he made me have all those little hot feelings that you want fro [...]

    19. L.C. Spoering says:

      This is not your average romance The characters introduced by this first time novelist have a kind of depth one might not expect from the genre Blake approaches very real issues with a delicate touch, and creates a cast that is both intriguing and believable The plot has enough twists and turns, mysteries and romantic and sweet scenes to keep you turning the page There is something for everyone in By the Light of the Moon.

    20. Charlie says:

      There s a reason why I don t usually review historical romance I usually find it hard to adjust in the setting I am not familiar with the archaic words used and I find it hard to imagine the scene itself All I can see in my mind are fluffy dresses and laces It wasn t different while I was reading this book I had a lot of questions and comments I didn t understand a lot of things It might have helped if the author explained the strange characters when they were first mentioned One of my questions [...]

    21. ~Kate~ says:

      I was asked by the author if I would like to review the first and second book in the Lakeside series which with it being a new adult book I jumped at the chance the only thing was it didn t grab me like most other new adult books have doneThe cover for this book is absolutely stunning It is completely different to other covers that I have seen around especially for new adult books I love the use of colours especially the hint of red as it makes the cover pop than what it would have if there was [...]

    22. Ezinwanyi says:

      This book started off kinda of sinister, but then we met a young lady named Moira Rochmond She was a young girl that just didn t fit in her environment She had a free spirit and loved just being out in nature, contrary to her protective father s preference of keeping her in doors Moira was an heir to a huge fortune, so her father wanted to keep her safe from enemies and protect her virtue from fortune hunters.When many guards had difficulty keeping up with Moira and her ability to slip the guard [...]

    23. Bex "n" Books says:

      Reviewer BexRating 4 out of 5 FairiesBy the Light of the Moon is an entertaining historical PNR.It initially took me a few chapter to fully warm up to the characters and to thoroughly understand what was going on, yet when I did, it soon became apparent that the characters the author crafted are pretty awesome and finely developed.Moira is a character who I eventually grew to admire and like I enjoyed the way the author developed her character What was especially enjoyable was that she didn t fi [...]

    24. Crystal says:

      I was given this book by LoP in place of an honest review.I decided to read this book not knowing what kind of adventure I would go on This book was a magical and exciting read There were new mystical creatures that I had never heard about That is what made it even exciting At first it took me a little to get into the story As soon as Owain came the scene it started to get very interesting.Moira knows that she is different and could really care less any She just wishes that everyone would leave [...]

    25. Carin says:

      Laila Blake takes fantasy and mixes it with her version of the paranormal, with fae, witches, blaidyn think wolf shifter set in an older period in time the world in By the Light of the Moon is one unlike any I have ever read before By the Light of the Moon has an interesting storyline and characters that are quirky and unusual Ms Blake builds a world with magic and mystery with our heroine having odd behaviours ahd questionable parentage and our hero is an older character who is a breed I think [...]

    26. Alyssa says:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal.When I first started reading this book, I was a little skeptical if I would like it It was incredibly well written, however the author just sort of launches you right into the middle of a story and I had a very difficult time trying to understand However, about a quarter of the way through I figured it all out and I was hooked I absolutely loved the main characters relationship They liked each other from the ver [...]

    27. Jenny Hagan says:

      After reading this book, I found that I wanted to reread it again and again I love romance and Blake does a completely awesome job crafting it with this piece of romantic fiction Her characters are believable, fun and interesting I could hardly put it down The first few pages had me wondering, but as the book went on, I became invested in it and thoroughly enjoyed it Worth every bit of the five stars that it has gotten.

    28. Allyson says:

      I received this book through lop for an honest review I loved this book but the first few chapters I was a little confused of what was going on but then It started coming together and I was hooked couldn t read it fast enough The plot was great and the characters were like you could relate to them and how they felt loved it I loved the world the author created for this story If your looking for a great Paranormal Historical story is for you I love the cover of the book

    29. Ariella says:

      I was given this book in exchange for honest review LoP Moira is a unwed lady and her farther wants to get her wed off Owain falls in love with Moira This is a beautiful story I highly recommend this book.

    30. Wrathsqueen says:

      My blog review of By The Light Of The Moon, plus interview with Laila Blake wrathsqueensbooks.

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