Suki Kim
Without You, There Is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite
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Without You There Is No Us My Time with the Sons of North Korea s Elite This book is a literary nonfiction based on investigative reporting It contains emotions personal perspectives personal history devices that make a book literary The book is not based on memories to e
  • Title: Without You, There Is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea's Elite
  • Author: Suki Kim
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  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book is a literary nonfiction based on investigative reporting It contains emotions personal perspectives personal history devices that make a book literary The book is not based on memories to explain the author s life, but based on undercover investigative reporting to convey the psychology of North Korea s future leaders and their very complex and This book is a literary nonfiction based on investigative reporting It contains emotions personal perspectives personal history devices that make a book literary The book is not based on memories to explain the author s life, but based on undercover investigative reporting to convey the psychology of North Korea s future leaders and their very complex and human and inhumane world Neither a straightforward reporter s nonfiction nor a memoir about a woman s self discovery, Without You, There Is No Us is a tour de force journalistic feat mixed with a narrative literary voice from within the world s most brutal gulag nation Here is the publisher s original jacket copy A haunting memoir of teaching English to the sons of North Korea s ruling class during the last six months of Kim Jong il s reign Every day, three times a day, the students march in two straight lines, singing praises to Kim Jong il and North Korea Without you, there is no motherland Without you, there is no us It is a chilling scene, but gradually Suki Kim, too, learns the tune and, without noticing, begins to hum it It is 2011, and all universities in North Korea have been shut down for an entire year, the students sent to construction fields except for the 270 students at the all male Pyongyang University of Science and Technology PUST , a walled compound where portraits of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong il look on impassively from the walls of every room, and where Suki has accepted a job teaching English Over the next six months, she will eat three meals a day with her young charges and struggle to teach them to write, all under the watchful eye of the regime Life at PUST is lonely and claustrophobic, especially for Suki, whose letters are read by censors and who must hide her notes and photographs not only from her minders but from her colleagues evangelical Christian missionaries who don t know or choose to ignore that Suki doesn t share their faith As the weeks pass, she is mystified by how easily her students lie, unnerved by their obedience to the regime At the same time, they offer Suki tantalizing glimpses of their private selves their boyish enthusiasm, their eagerness to please, the flashes of curiosity that have not yet been extinguished She in turn begins to hint at the existence of a world beyond their own at such exotic activities as surfing the Internet or traveling freely and, dangerously, at electoral democracy and other ideas forbidden in a country where defectors risk torture and execution But when Kim Jong il dies, and the boys she has come to love appear devastated, she wonders whether the gulf between her world and theirs can ever be bridged Without You, There Is No Us offers a moving and incalculably rare glimpse of life in the world s most unknowable country, and at the privileged young men she calls soldiers and slaves.
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    1. La Petite Américaine says:

      3 20 16 So I went to the Suki Kim QA last weekend I was hard on Kim in my review, but I stand by what I wrote, even so after having attended the QA she said that her book is investigative journalism and not a memoir, and that it was only labeled a memoir because her publisher insisted on it.The book is nowhere near investigative journalism, and is one of the weakest North Korea memoirs I ve ever read So, like I said I stand by this one.Thx.LPA 2 20 16Okay, what s going on around here First this [...]

    2. Elyse says:

      Personal Review d Audiobook Review of Without You There Is No Us Personal first News about my surgery yesterdayI m in bed recovering can t see well out of my right eye from swelling but no major pain from Mohs surgery The cancer cells are gone but because there was a lot of those cancer suckers I ll be having a minimum of 3 surgeries I had caught the skin cancer early but it was growing fast it had spread substantially from the day I was diagnosed to the day I had surgery It took 4 rounds of cu [...]

    3. Diane says:

      This was some incredible and dangerous reporting Suki Kim pretended to be a Christian missionary so she could teach English at a prestigious university in North Korea Yeah, that s right she went undercover in the country that hates Westerners and puts political prisoners in a gulag.North Korea is such a fascinating place Every book I read about that regime only feeds my curiosity This memoir was a nice addition to the field because of Kim s reporting She took extensive notes during her stay, but [...]

    4. Saleh MoonWalker says:

      Onvan Without You, There Is No Us My Time with the Sons of North Korea s Elite Nevisande Suki Kim ISBN 307720659 ISBN13 9780307720658 Dar 291 Safhe Saal e Chap 2014

    5. Diane S ☔ says:

      I have previously read other books on North Korea, one that centered on the horrible conditions in the gulags, but this book centers on the schooling of the sons of the elite The author, whose family had come from South Korea, enters the country of North Korea as a teacher, part of the Christian group that was allowed to build and fully support this school They were allowed to build this school because it cost the government absolutely nothing and the teachers were given strict mandates Everythi [...]

    6. Connie says:

      Investigative reporter Suki Kim volunteered to teach English writing skills at the all male Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in 2011 A group of evangelical Christian missionaries taught English but not religion to the sons of the elite North Koreans The school was surrounded by guards at all times, and no one was allowed to leave campus except for authorized outings Lesson plans had to be approved in advance, and the teachers were carefully watched by the North Korean minders Her s [...]

    7. Jessica says:

      I scored this from a Giveaway, which is basically the most exciting thing that s ever happened to me in my life, and I m pretty depressed that I can t write a rave review since I assume this means no publishers will ever send me a free ARC again.Oh well.All the other readers on here loved this and I don t think it s a bad book by any means, but it just wasn t for me I was excited to read it since I know nothing about North Korea, but I failed to notice the clear and accurate label on the book s [...]

    8. BlackOxford says:

      Eastern GossipHere are my questions, none of which are answered by the author Why on earth would North Korea allow Christian missionaries to teach at a military college Indeed why let them into the country at all since their avowed mission in life the clue is in the name is to proselytise the natives What s the real motive Further, why would said missionaries seek or accept such an assignment knowing that they would be stepped on in one way or another the moment they engaged in any talk of the L [...]

    9. Hadrian says:

      This is a unique entry among the already rare books about life in North Korea The author is not an escapee or someone working solely as a journalist Instead, the author has gone voluntarily as part of a delegation of English language teachers to an elite school, the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology PUST Suki Kim had to perform two layers of deception first to the other teachers by posing as a fellow Christian missionary, and secondly to every other person in North Korea.I must be h [...]

    10. April (Aprilius Maximus) says:

      Really fascinating, well written and gripping, although the ending was slightly underwhelming.

    11. Trish says:

      Suki Kim spent about seven months teaching English at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology PUST built in an empty suburb of Pyongyang in 2011 She left Pyongyang the day after the news broke of the death of Kim Jong Il in the Juche Year 100, which counts time on the calendar beginning with the birth of the original Great Leader, Kim Il Sung Kim s memoir of that time teaching is full of her fears fears that she will be kicked out of North Korea, fears that she or her friends or famil [...]

    12. Louise says:

      Suki Kim is brave She went doubly undercover by posing as a Christian teacher so she would be hired by missionaries who were founding the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in North Korea She knew what she was getting into, her family had been torn apart in the war and grieved of a relative trapped in the North She had visited there before.The Missionaries who fund this school are not attempting to proselytize right now They are playing a longer game Their vision is that the country [...]

    13. Daniel Simmons says:

      I spent ten days touring North Korea in September 2013, and I feel like I spent much of that ten day period inside my own head This is to say that because NK is the kind of place where you can t talk to other people without fear of at best constant monitoring or at worst violent reprisals, you end up talking to yourself, waging war with your instincts, reining in your questions, locking down your facial expressions, recording everything around you with a polite smile as your spirit wails away in [...]

    14. Rebecca Foster says:

      This is a quietly gripping book even though not much of moment happens over Kim s five months teaching young men at a missionary run college in Pyongyang She was in a unique position in that students saw her as ethnically one of their own but she brought an outsider s perspective to bear on what she observed Just before she flew back to the States in 2011, Kim Jong Il died, an event she uses as a framing device It could have represented a turning point for the country, but instead history has re [...]

    15. Cheryl says:

      In 2011 Suki Kim, a Korean American journalist, travelled to North Korea to begin a six month teaching position at a university outside of Pyongyang The students were all young men the children of some of North Korea s elite families Ms Kim writes poignantly about the relationships she developed with the students, and about her observations of daily life both inside and outside the university walls An atmosphere of fear, loneliness and repression engulfed every aspect of life, and was stifling Y [...]

    16. Jaylia3 says:

      Suki Kim s long interest in and personal connection to North Korea make this memoir of the time she spent there teaching English to college students especially poignant and riveting She writes with the skill of an investigative journalist and the heart of someone recounting a heartbreaking story about relatives Though she moved to America as a child, Kim was born in South Korea and both her mother and father lost close family members to the North when Korea was partitioned, people they were neve [...]

    17. Phil says:

      Terrible Terrible Terrible Do not waste the time or money on this one Ms Suki Kim deceives a group of missionaries in accepting her as a Christian English teacher, willing to go to North Korea and teach English to North Korea s affluent s children Suki deceives the PUST Pyongyang University of Science and Technology staff and leadership, PUST staff deceive the North Koreans into believing they are there to teach, and North Korean leadership deceive the kids being taught, that they are educating [...]

    18. Taryn Pierson says:

      Without You, There is No Us had been on my radar for a while thanks to my interest in the secretive, seemingly dystopian culture of North Korea, but what prodded me to move it up my burgeoning to read list was a recent NPR interview with its author, Suki Kim, in which she claimed that her publisher disingenuously marketed it as a memoir instead of investigative journalism Some people might shrug at that how big a difference can it be, really But Kim argues that, while she respects the art of mem [...]

    19. Kelly says:

      It s hard to rate this book As a memoir, I d give it two stars First off, no one is reading this book to hear about how she misses her non boyfriend who lives in Brooklyn We re reading it because we re interested in the DPRK Additionally, it doesn t come together as a narrative and none of the characters are fleshed out While she tells some anecdotes about individual students, they are discrete one offs, and not part of any coherent characterization The Christian missionaries that she lived with [...]

    20. Ms. Smartarse says:

      The most memorable TED talk I watched last year, was a 13 minute long one by journalist Suki Kim, about her experience of teaching English at a private university in North Korea.Click on the picture to view the TED talkIt s one of the visually drab talks, but the atmosphere of it just got me hooked At the time, I didn t know that said talk was based on a book i.e this one , but as soon as Ema had pointed it out, reading it had constantly been in the back of my mind.Unlike other documentaries an [...]

    21. Owen says:

      After having loved The Interpreter, I was ecstatic when I found out Suki Kim was releasing another book that would be published this year When I found out it was about North Korea, I was interested but unsure how it would compare to her debut novel.Without You, There is No Us is about a year Kim spent at a prestigious all male college of science and technology in North Korea at the end of Kim Jong Il s life Having lived in America since the age of thirteen after being born in South Korea, she ha [...]

    22. maila says:

      maaaan, selesai baca ini beneran jadi pengen coba hidup di negara komunis banget hhhbagai orang yang terbiasa tak terduga dan tidak suka hal2 yang konsisten, pola hidup komunis mungkin suatu tantangan yg menarik bangetngkin ya.walaupun sepertinya agak2 serem juga sihgus rekumen banget.

    23. Kavita says:

      Without You, There Is No Us by author and journalist Suki Kim is slightly different to the other memoirs by defectors While most memoirs I have read are about conditions in the camps or dealing with daily life for the poverty stricken lower and middle classes, this one explores the lives of the rich and privileged boys being groomed to take over the North Korean administration some day.Suki Kim has basically infiltrated PUST Pyongyang University of Science and Technology , a Christian funded uni [...]

    24. Xueting says:

      Very harrowing book Lots of scenes are going to stay in my mind for a long time, I m sure I wish the author thought about organising her book better though, by chapters or something else She gave us so much detail and they were quite overwhelming at times when she just reported what happened and created a chilling hook, but went on almost immediately to another chilling occurrence But I love her tone and perspective on North Korea it s refreshing and so eye opening to hear from a South Korean w [...]

    25. Murtaza says:

      While obviously controversial, this was an absolutely incredible memoir and piece of investigative journalism written from inside one of the most opaque societies on earth Suki Kim went undercover as a missionary high school teacher to provide a glimpse into the lives of the children of North Korea s elite A journalist with deep history covering the country and the child of Korean immigrants herself, Kim has produced here a powerful and rare look at what life is like for a relatively privileged [...]

    26. Karatepop says:

      Eh The subject and bits of the book were super interesting The writing, not so much I get that when every day is the same, when your freedom is so limited, when everyone is terrified to say anything out of line, that there may not be a great deal to write about But surely, when you re essentially undercover as a missionary undercover as a teacher, there must be to write about than your lover The last quarter of the book, after the students had warmed up a bit, was so interesting The very person [...]

    27. Kimba Tichenor says:

      This book does offer a fascinating glimpse into North Korean society however the book itself at times seems to suffer from an identity crisis Mostly it reads like a memoir, in which the author has a personal vested interest in the story she is telling As such, she introduces literary flourishes into her narrative These literary flourishes work well in the context of a memoir However, because there are points in the narrative where the author emphasizes her status as an investigative journalist, [...]

    28. Steve Min says:

      I m surprised at the high rating this book received It had so much potential a westerner on the inside for months Yet the book comes across as juvenile and poorly written The author seems bitter at lots of things which have nothing to do with the story Her boyfriend Her obvious bias against Christians Her seemingly artificial love for the boys Really disappointed.

    29. Rob Slaven says:

      As is often the case I received this book free in exchange for a review I m not honestly sure by what specific method I received this book but it was probably through a GoodReads giveaway.This book is a memoir of the author s time spent among missionaries in North Korea working in a North Korean university Though not a Christian herself she manages to fake it well enough to not get kicked out by either the missionaries or the government During her time she gets to know the students and manages t [...]

    30. Caren says:

      The only other book I have read about North Korea is Nothing to Envy Ordinary Lives in North Kore Barbara Demick Ms Kim s book looks at children of the elite, rather than ordinary people and I would say their lives are also nothing to envy This is a nice piece of investigative journalism which, as the author notes, she is uniquely well positioned to pull off Her family emigrated to the USA from South Korea when she was a middle school student, which means she speaks fluent Korean and knows the c [...]

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