Marie Brennan
Daughter of Necessity
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Daughter of Necessity By day she crafts by night she unmakes Surely somewhere in all the myriad crossings of the threads there is a future in which all will be well Marie Brennan offers an intriguing new spin on a classi
  • Title: Daughter of Necessity
  • Author: Marie Brennan
  • ISBN: 9781466881112
  • Page: 367
  • Format: ebook
  • By day she crafts by night she unmakes Surely somewhere, in all the myriad crossings of the threads, there is a future in which all will be well Marie Brennan offers an intriguing new spin on a classic tale.
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    1 Blog on “Daughter of Necessity

    1. karen says:

      i do love stories like this stories that take a well known work as their foundation and then poke around in it to locate the parts of the story that stick out in our minds as unfinished or unexplored where the heck did heathcliff go for those three years what were bertha and miss havisham like before all their madness and disappointments how did gertrude and claudius hook up and, here what was up with penelope and that weaving unweaving cycle was it just the weary stereotypy of woman endlessly w [...]

    2. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ says:

      I m a sucker for Greek mythology Actually, I love all mythologies The world of gods and heroes always fascinated me.This is a short retelling of Penelope s efforts to remain faithful to her absent husband, Odysseus I say efforts because she had many ambitious suitors who sought personal gain by marrying her Now does anybody know any good adult mythological books P.S You can read it online here.

    3. Alina says:

      A superbe reinterpretation of a famous story, enhancing the original with interesting and well suited reasons reminded me of Lois Lowry s Kira from Gathering Blue It is accompanied by equally beautiful art When morning comes, all is as it was before, her problems unchanged, her desperation the same The writing is simply beautiful, and I liked the alternating between present for the reality and future tense for marking the gift If she knows what is to come, she will ruin it she will betray the tr [...]

    4. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)* says:

      Night after night, fate after fate She can only keep trying Surely somewhere, in all the myriad crossings of the threads, there is a future in which all will be well.This is a strange little shortie about the outcomes of fate I would argue mark your calendars, ladies and gents that in this particular case the story was TOO short I really enjoyed the idea and execution of this story but it wasn t quite long enough to really drive home the message itself The writing is beautiful, at times, and the [...]

    5. Trish says:

      A short insight into one of the characters from The Iliad Odyssey, this short story tells the tale of Odysseus wife Penelope who remains in Ithaka together with her son at first and has to deal with a host of suitors after her husband is declared dead A very short story indeed but I was immediately immersed in ancient Greece although I was reading the story in the office where there is always a commotion, the writing style was that good , I could feel the thread in my fingers and the queen s des [...]

    6. Nikki says:

      I don t normally review short stories and such, but this one caught my eye and I love the cover, so why not It s available to read online, for free, here it s not a long read, not even really a retelling, but a glimpse behind the scenes A clever take on a piece of mythology we often take at face value It answers one simple question.Why does Penelope weave and unpick a funeral shroud for her husband to delay the suitors She s a clever woman, and this puts her in an active role, taking a hand in h [...]

    7. Jen says:

      Great little freebie that fleshes out Penelope and why she wove and undid her weaving every day and night Five stars, highly recommended

    8. Erica Ravenclaw says:

      No spoilers and colorful language abound I spent the whole time making this face, just waiting for something to happen It s all happening at once and is over and soon as it starts Meh Not a retelling so much as behind the scenes of an old story we know well Story HereWhat do you think

    9. La Coccinelle says:

      This is a case of it s not you, it s me There was really nothing wrong with this story I just wasn t crazy about the style it s very detached and I didn t find the characters that engaging.It s basically a short take on Penelope wife of Odysseus and what she was up to with that loom while she was waiting for her husband to return Here, we re offered an alternate explanation as to why she was undoing her weaving every night and it wasn t just to stall.If you re really into myths and old stories, [...]

    10. Lexie says:

      she kneelscepting the ignorance wisdom bestows

    11. Cathy says:

      It isn t even really a retake of a classic tale, it s a filling in of the blanks, a might have been but we ll never know A very good quick story.

    12. Michelle *The Bookish Hobbit* says:

      An intriguing reimaging or, perhaps embellishment would be a better word of a classic epic.Read it for free here.

    13. Rafa Castillo says:

      No creo que sea un 4 cerrado.Cuento de la labor de Pen lope.Breve Interesante.Es corto, as que no hay m s que decir.

    14. Patty says:

      Not sure if it s because I didn t know what the original story was, but was a little lost I loved the descriptions.This is also a short story, the link is in the descriptions.

    15. Kiersten says:

      This was a lovely little thing and I think I appreciated it right on the heels of my disappointment over The Penelopiad I m not certain how legitimately Greek this story can be considered, but it does have an air of ethereality to it that pulls you in, and a weight that manages to evoke a lot of reader sympathy in the space of fifteen minutes It doesn t share in the sweeping adventure of its source material, but it s a sweet glimpse behind the veil of one of Greek mythology s most sparsely char [...]

    16. Sasha says:

      A lovely take on the true reason behind Penelope s weaving and unweaving ritual while she s waiting for Odysseus to come home Read it here tor stories 2014 10 daBeautiful art and a fun cameo from our favorite gray eyed warrior.

    17. Ines says:

      A better, believable reason why Penelope kept making and unmaking the shroud while waiting for Odysseus to return.

    18. curls says:

      A really great short story Wonderful re interpretation of Penelope wife of Odysseus.

    19. Ariel says:

      Interesting look at a woman who did what she could to change her fate But is it really free will when the Fates are controlled

    20. Chris says:

      Decent, probably 3 1 2 stars I like retellings from other angles in general, but I wish this had been longer and fleshed out Novella length at least rather than short story.

    21. Hannah says:

      Short story whose strength is adding a fine layer of depth to a detail of a long told story Won t make much sense to readers who do not know the tale of Penelope and her role in The Odyssey.

    22. Beth Roberts says:

      A nice interpretation of Penelope s role as the wife of Odysseus, weaving fates, until her desired outcome is reached.

    23. rick. says:

      I really enjoy alternate point of view stories, or to clarify, a familiar or famous story told from someone other than the original protagonist s perspective Wicked by Gregory Maquire is a classic example I imagine stories like these start as an academic challenge or writing prompt, but to be successful it takes than cleverness to interweave a seamless story with well known waypoints and motivations These types of stories and indeed all fan fiction are wonderful experiments of empathy.Penelope, [...]

    24. Karyn Kar Mun (Thy Evil Queen) says:

      view spoiler It s been a while since Tor posted a short story that I definitely want on my Kindle, and this is one of those Here you have a twist of the Greek tale of Penelope and Odysseus she who weaved by the day only to undo her weaving by night, every night, to keep her suitors at bay as she awaited her husband s return.The twist here is that things were not that simple Here you get a female character that was not passively waiting decades for her absent husband to return you get a character [...]

    25. Claudia Piña says:

      Me qued con ganas de leerlo en versi n novela.

    26. **✿❀ Maki ❀✿** says:

      Daughter of Necessity takes a look at Penelope s side of things in The Odyssey, and makes her less of a passive character Instead of just weaving and unweaving her loom every night, waiting for her husband to come home from the war and chase off her suitors who believe him to be dead, she takes an active roll in her own fate She takes control of the situation, and knows that when her husband does return, he ll be able to work his way through her little ploy.The story itself was a fine idea, but [...]

    27. MollyK says:

      That was really cool.

    28. Evona Evonica says:

      I don t really like stories that try to put spins on classics but this short story blew me away.When the story starts out, it s really hard to guess who the protagonist is okay, maybe that s just me until Telemachos is mentioned And then it just keeps getting better This is the same Penelope from the Iliad and The Odyssey, but in this story she has the power to weave fate Combining the stories of Penelope and the Fates was absolute genius A beautifully written retelling, and it didn t make any c [...]

    29. Madeline says:

      There are some wonderfully vivid images in Daughter of Necessity so, invention, I suppose , and some interesting mythological innovations, but although it is a short piece even by the standards of short stories it never quite comes together There should have been meat on its bones, and personality for Penelope All you get here is a shadow puppet.But it s free And it s quite short So, give it a shot.

    30. karenbee says:

      Surely somewhere, in all the myriad crossings of the threads, there is a future in which all will be well.I probably would have gotten out of the one from the beginning if I had than a passing knowledge of The Odyssey, but a quick google gave me enough info to enjoy the story anyway.

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