CLAMP Anita Sengupta
Cardcaptor Sakura, Vol. 4
June 05, 2020 Comments.. 648
Cardcaptor Sakura Vol Tests of CourageThe school field trip is the perfect getaway for Sakura She loves the sea making dinner with her friends having no homework telling ghost stories and best of all no worrying about
  • Title: Cardcaptor Sakura, Vol. 4
  • Author: CLAMP Anita Sengupta
  • ISBN: 9781591828815
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tests of CourageThe school field trip is the perfect getaway for Sakura She loves the sea, making dinner with her friends, having no homework, telling ghost stories and best of all, no worrying about Clow Cards It s all a blast until the students start disappearing, one by one Sakura and company have fallen into a Clow Card trap Can she defeat the unknown card to geTests of CourageThe school field trip is the perfect getaway for Sakura She loves the sea, making dinner with her friends, having no homework, telling ghost stories and best of all, no worrying about Clow Cards It s all a blast until the students start disappearing, one by one Sakura and company have fallen into a Clow Card trap Can she defeat the unknown card to get her friends back
    • [KINDLE] ✓ Cardcaptor Sakura, Vol. 4 | By ☆ CLAMP Anita Sengupta
      CLAMP Anita Sengupta

    1 Blog on “Cardcaptor Sakura, Vol. 4

    1. Lau says:

      Se me pas rapid simo este volumen, quiz s porque son s lo tres historias.Pobre Sakura c mo la hacen asustar XD.Tan lindos van a ser Sakura y Syaoran Si.

    2. Estefanía Cantoral says:

      Me gusta ver las diferencias entre anime y manga, aunque en este volumen fueron apenas detalles.

    3. Esther says:

      It s almost three I need to stop.but just look at this and tell me it s not cute, I dare you

    4. Tsaki says:

      Nunggu nggak beli biar dapet jatah gratisan p Yeay

    5. Irma Agsari says:

      Banyak hal yang baru kumengerti setelah baca di umur segini

    6. ◕ ◡ ◕ Mayday ◕ ◡ ◕ says:

      CLAMP ini suka bikin pairing langka ya dan seperti kata Sakura, Namanya juga cinta ya, apa boleh buat.

    7. Melissa says:

      ok, the anime is definitely waaay better than the manga.

    8. Natalie says:

      When Sakura opens a book in her father s library, she accidentally frees the Guardian of the Seal and now must collect the escaped Clow Cards Cue the cutest, most tooth achingly sweet adventure ever Given that the target audience for this is kids, older readers may feel a little disenchanted with how easily everything is solved though the cave exploits slow things down a bit and allow the kids to struggle a little than usual This volume also presents another side of Li, who has been very one di [...]

    9. Robin says:

      When asked what my favorite manga ka is, I d have to say CLAMP without a moment s hesitation When asked what my favorite manga by CLAMP is, though, I hesitate It s so hard to narrow it down Ultimately, though, CCS is definitely in my top five This manga is so damn charming The main character is wonderful, delightful, and so strong, her supporting cast is memorable and beautiful The manga covers many themes and motifs, but the one that s most compelling to me is the concept that love comes in all [...]

    10. Kati says:

      Still insanely in love with this manga I just adore the way Li kun blushes so prettily whenever Sakura or Yukito smile at him And Yukito and Toya, the loveliest couple in the whole universe of Clamp I loved the part where Kaho had predicted that when she and Toya met again, Toya would have found someone who would be even important to him than she And she was right When she saw the way he looked at Yukito, she was all o Cute

    11. Sonia says:

      Nothing much really happened this volume The cave chapter took up most of the volume but I guess they have to stretch it as much as they can when it comes to only having 18 cards as oppose to the anime in which there was 40 something cards All in all not that much happened, but I like that we get to see Li starting to edge towards sakura Which is why I m reading this

    12. Ceejay says:

      This wonderful little manga masterpiece from Clamp continues to delight in volume four Sakura, Tomoyo, and Li Kun have a maze to figure out that entraped them in volume three The whole class goes on an overnight field trip to the beach But with Sakura involved, you know things won t go easily The kids have to face a test of courage in a cave by the beach, in which there might be a haunted shrine And then there s a summer festival sposored by the shrine that the new math teacher operates So that [...]

    13. Dyah says:

      May I borrow The Erase card to erase myself D

    14. Vie says:

      My Sakura and Eriol ship has been sunk before started.

    15. Will Dreamer says:

    16. Jaimie says:

      In this volume we finally get the whole story behind Toya s awkward behavior around Kaho apparently they used to date when he was in junior high, but she left him to go study abroad and broke his heart When Kaho left she predicted that they would meet again and be close friends because they would both love other people, and it looks like her psychic powers were true since she s back but Toya is now in love with Yukito Though he might be in a slight bit of denial about it I m honestly starting to [...]

    17. Sara says:

      A good volume 3 I seem to like Touya haha And now I m liking the Sakura x Shaoran pair, too even though I know little Li kun isn t exactly what he seems I think That woman, what s her face the teacher Kaho Mizuki She s still a very mysterious character I wonder if there s to her than that she obviously sees spirit stuff Lol That part at the beach when the girls complimented Rika s cooking and said she ll make a wonderful wife one day and then she s all blushy LOL Cuz she s already secretly a wi [...]

    18. Jennifer Tran says:

      I only have book 1 and book 4 of this series Why Because both volumes were cheap so I bought them I forgot which card she captured in this one All I remembered was view spoiler Sakura and Li were on a school field trip and something about them going into a abandoned cave and the bridge disappearing hide spoiler I love clamp s art, this is my favorite series of Clamp s I ll buy the other volumes when their cheap

    19. Sayaka says:

      This is my favorite manga It s story about Sakura s life Sakura is junior hight school students One day she found a magic card with monster prints Suddenly, monsters run away from the cards because of her magic power Therefore, she need to sealed it On the this book, it s has 3 short story one is how to get of the maze Another is story about festival One is Sakura went to trip of school program Of cause something happen around the Sakura I like Sakura and yukito s love story.

    20. Feather Mista says:

      Qu sorpresa, una vez m s descubro que no tengo marcados la mitad de series que jurar a haber readeado hace bocha Y, como siempre, copipasteo una rese a pedorra y gen rica que no dice nada para disminuir el riesgo de que barran con todo otra vez.Pero que conste que la serie en general me pareci muy divertida, creo recordar.

    21. Lux Doesn"t Use Goodreads Anymore says:

      Read from the Dark Horse omnibus editions Added separately for the sake of my reading challenge.

    22. Bells says:

      Sin duda este cuarto tomo es tremendo.tiene mucha acci n, todo el rato pasa algo, y eso hizo que no pudiera pensar en nada m s que en sakuraem s en este tomo cobra un poco de protagonismo su hermano, y se van sabiendo m s cosas de otro personaje que sigue siendo algo misterioso

    23. Kami says:

      What started out as funny and cute has become just silly What is up with Kaho and Sakura s brother I think Kaho is bad news She is very mysterious The lovey dovey stuff is getting to be a bit much for me This volume didn t have as much going on in it.

    24. Jessie Radford says:

      Sakura has learned to do so much so far But most of all she has learned to depend on her friends and to be there for them as well I think she has also learned that sometimes not everything is as it seems.

    25. Jane says:

      See my review of Card Captor Sakura Volume 1.

    26. Kit says:

      There s nothing demanding about reading these sweet manga, but they re perfect in their way and occasionally deeper than you would expect.

    27. Priscilla says:

      SO GOOD Loved the scary bedtime stories.

    28. Kayleesha says:

      Loved it Just as wonderful as the rest Loving the change ib dynamic between Sakura and Li Love this series 3

    29. Meli Agüero says:

      Okay, voy a admitirlo No puedo ser objetiva con estos mangas Todos tenemos debilidades y la m a es Sakura Card Captor Shaoran sonrojandose en lo m s bello que han visto mis ojos 3

    30. Elisabeth says:

      I finally found a copy of this recently I read it several years ago, and I still think it s cute It s just so sweet and innocent.

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