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Uncovering You: The Complete First Boxset (Uncovering You #1, #2, & #3)
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Uncovering You The Complete First Boxset Uncovering You Join Lilly and J S as they begin their twisted tale of love and revenge The Uncovering You Boxed Set includes the first three full novels of the shocking dark romance series that has captivated reade
  • Title: Uncovering You: The Complete First Boxset (Uncovering You #1, #2, & #3)
  • Author: Scarlett Edwards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Join Lilly and J.S as they begin their twisted tale of love and revenge The Uncovering You Boxed Set includes the first three, full novels of the shocking dark romance series that has captivated readers all over the world Book descriptions Uncovering You 1 The Contract When I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what s waiting for me in the shadows MyJoin Lilly and J.S as they begin their twisted tale of love and revenge The Uncovering You Boxed Set includes the first three, full novels of the shocking dark romance series that has captivated readers all over the world Book descriptions Uncovering You 1 The Contract When I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what s waiting for me in the shadows My imagination conjures up demons of the worst kind Reality is much worse A collar with no leash A prison with no walls And a life stripped of meaning I am presented with a vile contract and asked to sign It outlines the terms of my servitude The only information I have about my captor are the two small letters inked at the bottom J.S Armed with only my memories, I must do everything I can to avoid becoming ensnared in his twisted mind games But in the end, it all comes down to one choice Resist and die Or submit, and sign my life away Uncovering You 2 Submission I have survived the worst I have come out of the darkness with my sanity intact Now, I get to meet the monster holding me here For the first time since my captivity began, I get to meet Stonehart Whatever he wants, I ll be ready The collar may be tight around my neck, but I will not be a prisoner A prisoner has no choice A prisoner has no purpose But a concubine, on the other hand She always has a choice And today, I choose to fight Uncovering You 3 Resistance Jeremy Stonehart is a cruel, vindictive man He wants me to submit He wants me to give in I will never give in I will never yield No matter what he subjects me to, I will always fight I will not forget my resolve Let Stonehart think me broken I am not so easily deterred as that No matter what he puts me through, I will always remember my own strength I will always remember that in the end, I have control of the one thing he really wants My mind I will never give him that I will resist These books contain scenes of intense emotional and physical cruelty Readers with sensitivity to such subjects are advised to proceed with caution For current fans UNCOVERING YOU 6 DELIVERANCE IS COMING NOVEMBER 19, 2014, AND IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER NOW.
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      398 Scarlett Edwards
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    1. RL says:

      First of all, I should say that I got this boxed set for free with my kindle unlimited account Had I merely followed the first few reviews on , I probably wouldn t have gotten it the kindle unlimited offer allowed me to try it for no cost And that would have been my loss had I not done so But I begin to get ahead of myself.This is, as has been previously stated, a serial This bundle is the first three of six The next two parts I am currently reading the fourth are available for 2.51 each, a rath [...]

    2. Charlie says:

      This was so damned dark and twisted I ve read quite a few dark romance series but for this there are just no words.I expected Jeremy to have something redeeming in him that would show some humanity but he is simply a monster Unlike other similar captive stories, I m not rooting for them to somehow make it together and find common ground, I m rooting for Lilly and her alone I hope she destroys him and all he holds dear She is so strong and I really hope she survives this I have an awful feeling t [...]

    3. B.E.L.L.A.Mc says:

      DNF 6%

    4. Annmarie says:

      Before you begin this journey be aware that this is a story comprised of eleven installments Each installment is sold separately and can be quite pricey Not to mention they are chapters not books being released as installments Each chapter contains about 150 Pages of nonsense Virtually no relevant information or depth will fill the pages of each chapter You will be dragged along a long and arduous journey with very little substance.Part one was a brutal read Im dreading reading any , but I m det [...]

    5. Toni says:

      Started this series awhile ago There was enough craziness going on that I wanted to know how it would finish But the amount of time between installments and the and the fact that it was obvious this serial was just going to keep going and going, i lost interest Then I saw the complete series for only.99, so I figured I could finally find out the conclusion It was complete insanity and far fetched It was one ridiculous turn of events after the other Extremely long winded, and I dare say a waste o [...]

    6. Emily Harp says:

      Not my cup of tea I thought these books were missing something I m not going to continue the series At first I was unsure if I would continue on with the series so I decided to look at the reviews and I got to the last book reviews and they are not good I don t want to waste money to be disappointed in the end especially if I m already unsure 3 books in They weren t horrible or anything I just felt it needed We have no idea why Jeremy is doing this yet Ugh oh well

    7. Marguerita says:

      After I finished reading this boxed set, I discovered it was part of a 10 part series Why The first part I enjoyed, but as I continued on I was left to wonder if the story is really going somewhere or is it the same thing reoccurring on each mini part where he abuses, she gets upset, her body gives in and then the cycle repeats.

    8. Liz Lawson says:

      Enjoyed the books although In parts repetitive I have downloaded books 4, 5 6 but will wait till the series is complete before reading the rest of the books.

    9. Mary Crider says:

      Wasn t impressed It was just to much labuse against her will and not much happened every chapter was the same.

    10. Laurent (asoiabooks) says:

      1.5 stars Being honest, I probably will try out the next book in this series but mainly just because I want to know what s actually going on and if she s going to get out Given the 1.5 star rating I have to say it was just about decent Decent is a really good word for these first three books, and honestly had I stopped when I wanted to probably not even halfway into book one I don t even think it deserved a star I was utterly bored and there was just a lot of confusion and random flash backs I t [...]

    11. Nice and Naughty Book Club says:

      3.5 STARSA real game of the mind, this story contains both emotional and physical abuse with the intent of owning someone completely.Lily is a smart, ambitious young woman who has worked her way into a bright future or so she thought When she wakes up alone in the dark with a collar around her neck she has no idea how she got there Forced to sign a contract basically signing her body life away Lily decides to bide her time and play the game of her twisted captor until she can break free.After si [...]

    12. Luzmaria Morneault-welton says:

      This boxset was completely different than I expected It s different, it s dark, it s captivating, it keeps you wanting and makes me wonder who is crazier, her or him Usually when you read a novella it doesn t have much meat to the story in such little time Not this series This series is full of meat It doesn t have the fluff you expect in a novella Scarlett Edwards captures so much in these stories and into the characters I ve been captivated since the start of book one and it s had me from the [...]

    13. Debra says:

      You most defiantly are going to want need answer Pretty rough treatment of Lily from J.S He is hard to like, he s so mean maybe if we had a chance into his thought s maybe I could have some feelings for him but as of nowNO a matter of fact I m going wait till the series is complete before I finish reading this I just don t see how he can be redeemableI don t understand Lily s sometimes feelings for him at all I want her to keep remembering to be strong and not to let her guard down, I want her t [...]

    14. Carol Miller says:

      DarkGod, I love this series The cliffhangers keep you so far on the edge of your seat you could almost fall off.I really feel for Lily, like she is a real person, not just a character in a book.Jeremy, hmm, what can I say the guy is seriously deranged I hope there s opportunities for Lily to throw him off balance I just hate to see her punished She did pretty much give him what he wanted She did what she was told and she did it in true Lily fashion.I recommend this entire series.

    15. Kristina says:

      Holy Shitballs.why am I just learning about this series I was hooked from the beginning I m just left wondering the hell she s going to get out of there JeremyJeremyI really want to like you but you are not making this easy I can t help but put myself in her position I would be going absolutely out of my mind Great storyline and really great writing Well done Scarlett Edwards, I am now a huge fan and can t wait to read the remaining books.

    16. Michelle Walker says:

      This book is a bit different from any of the books I usually read because of the cruelty of Jeremy Stonehart The only thing about the series is that it finishes so short, you have to keep buying the next book to keep reading I m sure everyone has the same question on their mind Why I would rather have a few longer books and less installments than ten.

    17. Mozh says:

      Just a question I have started reading this book but I m really in the mood for a dark novel without at least some sort of happy ending or light at the end of the tunnel so this is my question for those who have read all the books is there a chance this book is going to have a happy ending

    18. Makeba Stewart says:

      OMG Why did I do that to myself These three books were too good They were great They were awesome And I don t have book 4WHY Now I have to wait And I hate that I have to wait DANG This is good read.

    19. Jennifer Vincent says:

      Uncovering youCan t put these books down I don t usually like to read novellas but these books hook you from page 1

    20. Breanna Eichhorn says:

      Scarlet Edwards is an amazing author I loved that the story was well written and that the characters were very well developed I highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone.

    21. Lynn Rutter says:

      Bonus offerStory keeps you wondering about why it s all happening And if what she went through as child is connected Can t wait to read .

    22. Apple3as says:

      ControlThis was all planned He had to have her He had to control her Whatever he wants, he gets What above he wants

    23. Shirley says:

      This is a book that gets better the you read By 2nd book your getting warm 3rd warmer 4th and 5th hot Very dark Hmmmm what s to come.waiting impatiently for 6th

    24. Renee Schlag says:

      IntriguingThese first three get you hooked You just have to continue to the next book There are several twists and turns you re never sure what is true and what is trick.

    25. Diane Frederick says:

      Interesting but another bookQuite interesting book that follows another book conquering that followers the same plot but intrigued to see where it goes

    26. Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance says:

      audio book Man Jeremy is a sick puppy Yes well his antics are right up my alley.dark, depraved, uncaring I can t wait to download the next book Excellent series so far teamjeremy

    27. Nan Richard says:

      Good WritingGood writing by the author The only reason I didn t give four stars was because of the repetition of the storyline to the Consequences series.

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