Mark Twain سعيد رضوان حران
مارك توين، سيرة ذاتية
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  • Title: مارك توين، سيرة ذاتية
  • Author: Mark Twain سعيد رضوان حران
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1835 1835 1910
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    1. Linda Wright says:

      I read this in the audiobook version.The editors long and tedious explanation of the autobiographical material takes up most of the first part of this three part audiobook I believe that Mark Twain would have had a good laugh at the pomposity of the editors and their footnotes unfortunately I found it insufferably boring and a very poor use of audio If I had been reading a print version I would have skimmed or skipped this beginning all together I wanted to read Twain s writing not what all thos [...]

    2. Jen says:

      I read the whole thing cover to cover minus the appendix notes, which I merely browsed And as massive as it was, I was genuinely sad when the last page came That s all I m ready for volume two right now.I feel so fortunate to be alive in 2010 and get to read these words Twain didn t want published until 100 years after his death Actually, much of it has been published before so there was a lot I was already familiar with But it was almost magical to read Twain s thoughts, musings, and than occa [...]

    3. PattyMacDotComma says:

      5 I know he played it safe and wouldn t allow his estate to release this until 100 years after his death, but it has missed an audience that would have revelled in his gossip, much of which has lost a lot of its meaning over the years Clemens became a very important and popular public figure, attended countless lunches, dinners, and meetings and was a highly sought after speaker His reminiscences are full of famous people, and he really seems to enjoy being a name dropper, since he mixed with th [...]

    4. blue-collar mind says:

      Well let me start off by saying I have always disliked Garrison Keillor and now feel certain that it would be reciprocal if say we met at a party For those of you not aware of why a review about Mark Twain s autobiography starts with a my dislike of Keillor, feel free to check out Keillor s take on this book in the New York Times And then do remember that Twain was a great American writer who popularized the travelogue, the American historical novel and was a master of creating sketches of Ameri [...]

    5. Lubinka Dimitrova says:

      I m saddened to say, I m glad it s over This loosely organized collection of rough drafts, unfinished sketches, false starts, essays about other people and dictated notes about random events met with a terrible fate at the hands of the editors, who obviously thought that we d be just as thrilled to read their take on this autobiography We are not More than 200 pages of tedious ramblings about what a great job they did is not my idea of quality editing Yeah, I realize it s an academic edition, so [...]

    6. Megan Baxter says:

      To tell the truth, I m not really sure what version of this I read It was on the kindle I still have on long term loan from a friend thanks again, Amy , and I m not going to wade through to try to figure out which one exactly it is I read some of Mark Twain s autobiography Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook

    7. Sheri says:

      It is a sorry day when I have to write a review of anything by Mark Twain and say I didn t like it, given that I adore Twain and pretty much all of his previously published works So why didn t I like this book And why will I boycott Volumes 2 and 3 when presumably they re published Because this book is the literary equivalent of what you see when a famous musician dies and his her copyright heirs rush to release every garage recording ever made by the dead musician The only difference here is th [...]

    8. Jason Pettus says:

      Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally It s funny, I think, how random the process can sometimes be of who we as a culture decide to remember for decades or sometimes centuries after their time, and who we tend to forget just a generation or two after their death, no matter how famous they were when alive take for example Samuel Clemens, who I ll be refe [...]

    9. Fred Houston says:

      Twain requested that his publisher wait 100 years after his death to publish his Autobiography because he wanted to vent about some of the people he knew in his lifetime, but didn t necessarily want to instigate libel suites So I was ready for some classic, vintage Twain, and as soon as I was aware of the book I ordered it.Well, after slogging my way through most of it I can say that, for me, there is a lot of auto, and not a lot of biography in the book Twain is unable to write anything without [...]

    10. Steven Peterson says:

      WOW This volume is a wonder For one thing, it provides something like a mystery novel perspective on the archeology of Samuel Clemens Mark Twain s autobiography He wrote fragments to be part of this document over a period of four decades Simply getting a sense of the architecture for this work desired by Twain is a contribution of this work.Also, Twain notes that he is unable to be consistently honest about his life Nice candor He demanded that his version not be published until 100 years after [...]

    11. زهرة منصور says:

    12. Yazeed AlMogren says:

    13. wally says:

      what a big chunk of book the autobiography begins on page 200 give or takeere s approximately the same amount of pages at the endtes, indexes, explanations, apologies heh i dunno ifwell, first off, i picked this up awhile back had to order it at the local ma popor maybe it is ma maold man young boyn animalwhatever kind of bookstoret yet franchised though i m certain they are working on ithave had the book for a time figured to read here there wheneverhave yet to install it in the bathroom though [...]

    14. Andres says:

      This is volume one of what is supposed to be a 3 volume work, but as of this writing is the only volume that has been published A few days ago the news that some idiot is publishing a sanitized censored version of Huckleberry Finn made headlines The idea is to expunge the word nigger from the book While I can understand that the term is charged with emotional energy due to its derogatory use, it is nonetheless part and parcel of the history of the time, and Huckleberry Finn, as a beautiful examp [...]

    15. Mark Mikula says:

      It makes me feel uncomfortable to admit that I did not get much out of the Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1 With the exception of a handful of passages, I thought it was a dreary mess, not worth publication For someone as revered and iconic as Mark Twain, I expected to enjoy this so much .I am reminded occasionally in revisiting Twain about how frequently he impresses me with his skill with the language especially with verbs though The verbs really crackle in his writing, primarily when he [...]

    16. Michael says:

      I just spent several hours browsing this book drawn from Twain s intermittent writing, typing and dictating over 30 years or so It strikes me as a ponderous academic folly For all the time spent editing these papers the result is a formless jumble of outtakes and emphemera Much of it is obviously sketches that Twain intended to revise later or never wished to publish Example from page 240 about Villa de Quarto There is a history of the house somewhere, and some time or other I shall get it and s [...]

    17. Mr. Mullins says:

      For full disclosure, I am biased towards Twain, and though many may not like the unconventional structure or all the academic discussion surrounding the actual voice of Twain, I enjoyed it tremendously His voice was there in the text It was as one poster pointed out like sitting down with him and having a conversation It flowed from one item to the next as he wished it to often with acute insight into historical figures he had dined with or met and his wide travels I look forward to what comes n [...]

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    19. Donna Davis says:

      Initially I was surprised not to have seen the autobiography of such a famous individual before Twain, I learned at the outset, composed his memoir with the stipulation that it not be published until 100 years following his death, because he wanted to be entirely frank about some situations and persons without incurring the displeasure of them, their children, or their grandchildren Twain died in 1910, and his memoir had been finished just four months For those of us living now, it was worth the [...]

    20. Richard Sutton says:

      First and foremost, this is not a book to be.eted At least not in a linear fashion Rather, it is a collection of the observations of the nineteenth century s most formidable speaker, novelist and pundit Mr Clemens Twain if you prefer is still, 100 years after his death, a remarkably honest, gifted and very funny writer The volume begins with almost 5 8 of literary authenticity and notes regarding the inception of this particular attempt at publishing it all Thumb past it quickly, unless you enjo [...]

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    22. Brady says:

      The five stars is for the actual autobiography itself The book is over 700 pages, but about half of that is introduction, preliminary manuscripts and notes, additional notes, etc etc I think the editors went a bit overboard with that side of it But Twain s actual content is terrific Simply terrific He led a most amazing life and relates it in such a way it feels like anyone could also achieve it I look forward to the future volumes especially if it s easier to avoid all the editorial material.

    23. Natalie says:

      Why leave your autobiography unpublished for 100 years so you can be dead, and unaware, and indifferent by the time anyone reads it according to Mark Twain I am looking forward to this first volume of uncensored autobiography to be released Oct 29th Might be a time capsule of quotes or a revelation of the goings on a century ago, or neither but it s tempting stuff nonetheless.

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    26. David says:

      I read only the free ebook sample from the Kindle Store.I may purchase the printed hardcover edition.More importantly, I registered online to marktwainproject As you will find on the home screen, they have the latest electronic edition of the entire first volume of the autobiography, complete with annotations, commentaries, and appendices It s free.The sample I read prepared me for the online features Besides the text of the autobiography, you get highlighted links to every supporting document E [...]

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