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All I Want Is That Hood Love 2
April 16, 2020 Comments.. 578
All I Want Is That Hood Love It was never on NaTaysia s agenda to attend an engagement party for the man she s having an affair with Even after the engagement she is still torn with mixed emotions between her husband of years a
  • Title: All I Want Is That Hood Love 2
  • Author: Mercedes G.
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was never on NaTaysia s agenda to attend an engagement party for the man she s having an affair with Even after the engagement she is still torn with mixed emotions between her husband of 6 years and her drug addiction Mega Still trying to secure her own infidelities, she soon finds out that she isn t the only one with hidden secrecies Will shattered hearts, and truIt was never on NaTaysia s agenda to attend an engagement party for the man she s having an affair with Even after the engagement she is still torn with mixed emotions between her husband of 6 years and her drug addiction Mega Still trying to secure her own infidelities, she soon finds out that she isn t the only one with hidden secrecies Will shattered hearts, and truths revealed end this twisted love affair
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      193 Mercedes G.
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    1 Blog on “All I Want Is That Hood Love 2

    1. Sharon 📚Bookaholic says:

      Can we say this book was all of that Nataysia wanted her cake and eat it too in this book She was doing a little too much for me Her emotions was all of over the place I just loveeeeeeeeee me some Mega, baby he is all that with some hot chocolate and marshmallows I just want Taysia to get her life right and be with this man but she playing little girl games Let s see what ends up happening in book 3

    2. MZURAQT says:

      Nataysia and Mega are back again and this ride is even crazier than before After finding out about Mega engagement Taysia makes up her mind that its time to move and and try to rekindle her marriage with her husband little do she know she is about to get the shock of her life When all hands have been laid out on the table who will end up winning in this twisted love affair Part 2 picks up right where one left off.Although this was a pretty decent read and I got the info that I wanted I will hone [...]

    3. °BeauutiLovve says:

      Mega is crazylol This series is gettin good

    4. Tonia says:

      All I want is Hood Love 2Tay need to stop playing and follow her heart That Damn Mega is the man Tay mother is down right nasty for what she did.

    5. DTP1908 says:

      Too MuchThat s Mega s baby Jamel is up the creek without a paddle cause apparently MeMe played him His only baby mama is Ms Debra Ohhh she is trifflin I bet Erica is the kid she gave up.

    6. Erica Wells says:


    7. sha"kia says:

      So dang goodA must read these characters coming out full force with the drama Mega is crazy to planned an engagement party just to get under taysia skin Kira and rock still going strong even though Jay is stalking her Mel and meme secret is out and taysia is making him pay only to find out she pregnant also Debra is a sad piece of work Mega and taysia playing games with each other instead of just being together Simone and Erica are the dumbest criminals ever Taysia doing a DNA test was shocking, [...]

    8. Robin Perryman says:

      Great SeriesWhoa This is getting good Is it me or is Tashia doing too much Both Jamel and Mega needs to drop her She is being selfish like she didn t play a part in all the mess She can t keep Mega from his child if it s his and interfering with Jamel s paternity It s time for her to woman up and choose one man I can t wait til she finds out about her trifling mama I like Mega but not for her He seems like a lot of fun I see a lot drama coming and I am loving it.

    9. Tesha Joyner says:

      Can t wait for the next part to see what happens Everything seems to be coming to the light I wonder how MeMe going to feel about the blood test Will Mega Jamel get into it at the hospital I really want to know whose baby is Tay carrying This book was so good because when you have history you do try to work things out I am glad jamel Tay is working it out but with all the lies secrets will they be able to with stand it I m ready to known good job.

    10. Alesha says:

      Great Job To me, this book was just as good as the first one I don t see why a lot of readers are complaining that the book felt rushed in Facebook reading groups If she would have gone into too much detail, then it would have been too slow for y all But you can t please everyone You did an excellent job with this book Mercedes There were a few grammatical errors, but that didn t take away from the book I can t wait to see what you got up your sleeves for part three

    11. M4queen says:

      WhoaThese characters are a trip Taysia s mom is a hot ratchet mess There are just no words for her actions Jamel and Taysia are both a trip got the nerve to be cheating but get mad when they find out is doing the same thing That is just stupid don t dish it if you can t take it That Mega is a hilarious mess I can t with him Nice to see Kira and Rock get it together though.

    12. Fatima says:

      Part 2 sucked you in.Part 2 sucked you in a left you with your mouth open Taysia was very selfish and immature in this book, Ms Debra is as ratchet as they come, Jamel is stupid and Mr Mega is something else but you gotta love him Meme I knew there was to her but I guess we to wait to find out Hopefully the next installment is the last, as much as I love the series I don t want it to lose it s luster.

    13. Monica White says:

      I just spent five hours trying to see how this is going to turn out I can t believe you leave us hanging like this Erotica is definitely not my thing but curiosity had definitely gotten the best of me Mega is so realistic, I can t help but feel for him I don t know how the antagonist takes on the role that the hero should be playing After the smoke almost starts to clear, you find your heart going out to the wrong one while hating the victims with all of their drama Smh

    14. joseph says:

      OMG Got DamOohhh whew got dam, where do I start ok first let me just say I love love love love mega he is by far one of my characters in a book This book was so dam good just like the first one, I was waiting patiently for this book and now I m gonna wait my happy behind for the next book Drama is for sure to come with the ending of this book Mercedes G girl u did the dam thing once again Please hue up with book 3 pleaseeeeeeeeeee Lol.

    15. Aciandra Ivey says:

      What a storyI know we all have our moments but I can truly relate to Tay I really want her and her husband Jamel to work things out bc what is life without any mistakes but Mega isn t haven t that But who is the father I want it to be Jamel but I feel like it s Mega Tay mom is sooo messy that I hope Jamel put her is her place and he can t win from losing I can t wait for part 3

    16. Krystal says:

      Love It What a great book part 2 was just as good as part 1 I love Mega he is a fool I know this wil be his baby with NaTaysia I love them together Jamel has a baby but it s not with his side chick What can I say about Debra other than she is a NASTY Kira Rock are good for one another Glad Kira Jay are not together Jay wil get his in the end When wil part 3 be ready I need it like ur

    17. Mary Chandler says:

      Mega Mega Mega The Grass is not always Greener on the other side JeMel getting caught up with MeMe and getting her pregnant Mega treating Nataysia like the Queen she is, MeMe and Taysia becoming friends, unaware of the connection that they share with JeMel Debra needs to be kicked to curb Mega s baby is on the way, I m so excited Ready for Book 3

    18. reneeNaDaBomb says:

      All I Want Is That Hood Love 2OMGJaMel Jamel OMGMega and OMG calling Dr Smurda Oooh, wow, please tell me something I gotta know cause I m hooked on the drama It s on to the next story in this Hood Love series Mercedes storyline is better than TV Take that 4 Yes indeedy.

    19. Stephanie Wiley says:

      Surprisingly Good With all the twists and turns, I was surprisingly amazed at the lives of these characters I was than entertained The author did a very good job the storyline was epic and very believable My only gripe is the grammatical errors I cannot wait to read the next installment I would definitely recommend this series

    20. Jasmin Watson says:

      Omg This book was everything It pick up right wear part 1 left off I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I can t believe that Meme baby is not Jamel At first I was mad a Tay because how she was acting I love me some Mega and that ending had me about to throw my kindle I can t wait for part 3

    21. Kesha says:

      Yasssssssss This book gave me life That damn Mega boy oh boy he is a BEAST and my BOO THANG I don t know what to say about this book without giving up spoilers, so I am just going to say it s action packed filled with drama and a bunch of disloyal people and I am anxiously waiting for the next installment.

    22. Margie says:


    23. DesirerDollar says:

      Why I loved this series, and Mega is bomb I love that he s cocky, yet sensitive aggressive, but calm thuggish, yet, a gentleman Taysia needs to figure out what she s going to do It s not fair that she has her cake and eat it too Kira is a girl s best friend, and I hopes that she settles with Rock I can t wait for part 3

    24. Joy Gibson says:

      ExcellentI was checking for this book almost everyday I was not disappointed at all.These folk are ratchet but I love them.I ll probably be dreaming about Mega again.MeMe and Mz Debra really Who ya baby daddy is

    25. Dannett says:

      Man I need part 3 ASAP Man I need part 3 ASAP Taysia definitely made me hate her in this book, she plays the victim role real good, she doesn t deserve Jamel or Mega I still love Mega Rock Kira are everything Poor little Jamelia man I wasn t expecting that.

    26. ashley hamilton says:

      GreatThis book was so good I love me some mega I love a thug I hope and pray that this is his baby I like them together that husband is something else I can t believe he got her mamma pregnant can t wait for part3

    27. Andrea Williams says:

      I can t take it Everybody likes mega but me lol he is way to cocky and arrogant for me So much drama in this book James was wrong for what he said to his wife and mega needs to get a life lol I ready for part 3 I loved this book

    28. Tonya lee says:

      GoodreadThis particular book keeps you in suspense and it s twist and turns keep the mystery I was very please of the sultry and passion of characters Many times I had to exhale, and gather myself lol it was really a great read not enough pages to end this

    29. Tricia says:

      Really goodLoved pat two now I Must wait for part three ugh I can t lovin the series well done Mercedes well written could not put the book down please not a long wait for part three.

    30. Marla Adams says:

      I m Smiling So Hard Right NowI absolutely love this series Mercedes will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end with this book right here OMG Everything was perfect I can t wait to see what happens in part 3 Great Job Mercedes

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