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Getting Wound Up: A Sapphire Falls/Love Between the Bases novel-- PART THREE (Love Between the Bases #2.7)
April 20, 2020 Comments.. 766
Getting Wound Up A Sapphire Falls Love Between the Bases novel PART THREE Love Between the Bases Part THREE of three A fun flirty crossover novel from bestselling authors Jennifer Bernard the Love Between the Bases series and Erin Nicholas the Sapphire Falls series Caitlyn Murray has never let o
  • Title: Getting Wound Up: A Sapphire Falls/Love Between the Bases novel-- PART THREE (Love Between the Bases #2.7)
  • Author: Jennifer Bernard Erin Nicholas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Part THREE of three A fun, flirty crossover novel from bestselling authors Jennifer Bernard the Love Between the Bases series and Erin Nicholas the Sapphire Falls series Caitlyn Murray has never let on that she s had fantasies about her brother s friend Eli Anderson for years She d do anything for the sexy, baseball star who s given it all up to stay in Sapphire FallsPart THREE of three A fun, flirty crossover novel from bestselling authors Jennifer Bernard the Love Between the Bases series and Erin Nicholas the Sapphire Falls series Caitlyn Murray has never let on that she s had fantasies about her brother s friend Eli Anderson for years She d do anything for the sexy, baseball star who s given it all up to stay in Sapphire Falls and take care of his family, but she and Eli are friends Just friends So when her brother hatches a plan to get Eli to the pro baseball try out for the Kilby Catfish that he has dreamed of and deserves, Caitlyn is all in After all, what s a little kidnapping among friends A spot on the pitcher s mound for the Catfish isn t the only tempting thing about the spontaneous road trip Eli already knows that Caitlyn is as sweet as the candies she makes for the Sapphire Falls bakery, but alone with her overnight in the tiny motel room in Kansas, it s impossible to resist the urge to take a little taste But when that taste leads to falling for the girl next door just as his front door is moving hundreds of miles away, can Eli really have it all Or do they have too many strikes against them
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    1 Blog on “Getting Wound Up: A Sapphire Falls/Love Between the Bases novel-- PART THREE (Love Between the Bases #2.7)

    1. Bette Hansen says:

      You don t want to miss this amazing conclusion what has been one of my favorite books this year I have loved how these two authors have woven the locations and characters of each of their series into this story And with the conclusion we can finally find out if Eli and Caitlyn will be able to find a way to make things work for them Eli s living his dream playing for the Catfish but is it a dream come true if his heart is in Sapphire Falls You want to grab a copy of this one and find out what hap [...]

    2. Isha Coleman says:

      Never give up on your dreams It s an easy mantra to recite, a hard phrase to forget but not as easy to live up to Life throws us all curve balls that sets us on a different course and pretty soon we miss out on our plans In Getting Wound Up that s what happened to Eli He d given up and forged a new path filled with adult responsibilities but persuasive friends gave him the courage to take a second look and make his dream a reality I am not a sports fan I am a romance fan Getting Wound Up mixes b [...]

    3. Jenna says:

      Hold on to your Cracker JacksThis brilliant crossover series has hit one out of the park Kidnapping and family matchmaking make this delightful story of family values, friendship, love, and never giving up on your dreams a must read This is one to talk about and share with all of your friends Who doesn t love a dirty happily ever after

    4. Maria Rose says:

      This third and final part of a 3 part series successfully and happily completes the romance for this sweet and sexy couple Assuming you know what s happened in parts 1 and 2 spoiler alert if not, you need to read those first , we left off with Caitlyn and Eli not together and not very happy either Cait s gone back to Sapphire Falls to be part of the support system for her invalid brother and Eli s busy with his baseball career But it s not long before Eli realizes that this just isn t going to w [...]

    5. Eileen says:

      Getting Wound Up is collaboration by Jennifer Bernard and Erin Nicholas It is also a crossover book between their two series, Jennifer s Love Between the Bases and Erin s Sapphire Falls Part 3 begins where Part 2 ends Ty and Caitlyn bring Bryan home to Sapphire Falls to recover from his surgery Caitlyn believes her brother needs her help and sacrifices her relationship with Eli to stay there In the meantime, back in Kilby, Eli gets the call from the Friars to move to San Diego and play in the bi [...]

    6. Abby says:

      Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Getting Wound Up is written by Erin Nicholas and Jennifer Bernard It is a crossover novel between Erin s Sapphire Falls series and Jennifer s Love Between the Bases series This is the 3rd part in a 3 part novel and concludes the story It features Eli Anderson and Caitlyn Murray.Eli has an opportunity to get called up to the major league team, but it s a tough decision for him Meanwhile, Caitlyn deals with her own struggles because even though she [...]

    7. Krista says:

      Part 3 went by just as quickly as the firs two parts Caitlyn and Eli s story continues Part 3 picks up with Eli spending his time with the Kilby Catfish while Caitlyn remains in Sapphire Falls How long could a long distance relationship last And importantly what would happen when Eli was called up to the major leagues Would this cause major problems in their relationship When Eli shows up one day out of the blue Caitlyn doesn t know what to think Will Eli give up everything that he has worked s [...]

    8. Kristy says:

      Home Run conclusion to Getting Wound Up A Sapphire Falls Love Between the Bases novel PART THREE by Erin Nicholas and Jennifer Bernard My heart was in my throat at the end of Part Two, and almost immediately began to sink again, when I read the rest But you KNOW, that these wonderful authors will redeem their characters in the BEST way possible Well done, ladies These are going on my reread list.

    9. Kelli Jo says:

      Eli is lonely on the road and in Kilby without Caitlyn He cannot believe she just gave up on them Other girls throw themselves at him, but he s just not interested Caitlyn is determined to help her brother But he is showing her every day that he does not need her help he needs to do things for himself and their mother needs to realize he is not going to be who he was physically before his accident She can help He convinces Caitlyn that she needs to follow her heart not him he can only do so muc [...]

    10. Jennifer says:

      In the awesome conclusion to Getting Wound Up, Caitlyn has to fly back to Sapphire Falls when her idiot brother gets hurt again doing something stupid She realizes she can t just stay in Kilby with Eli when her family needs her But Eli needs her too So much so that he s willing to leave baseball and the Major Leagues behind for her For him For their dreams together Can they figure out how to have it all and be completely happy doing it

    11. Laura says:

      What a fantastic novel Jennifer and Erin did an amazing job combining their two writing styles I loved the humor and bumps that lead to Eli and Caitlyn s HEA and it s baseball who doesn t love baseball If you want a good book to get you wound up for summer this one will have jumping up and down in the stands It s a grandslam.

    12. Staci says:

      What a fantastic conclusion to this book Eli is trying to deal with Caitlyn giving up on them This part forces both Caitlyn and Eli to deal with their issues and trying to figure out the best way for them to work things out while still fulfilling their dreams It was a great book and I would love to see stories between the two fictional towns.

    13. Rebecca from Cover to Cover Book Blog says:

      Eli was determined but so was Caitlyn They were also both miserable and the families have had enough Bryan made a plan with his sister and they prayed it worked Caitlyn had a plan up her sleeve, and dreams really do come true

    14. Orla says:

      I would have loved to this ending

    15. Kristina Birch says:

      Getting Wound UP is a crossover book between the Erin Nicholas s Sapphire Falls series and Jennifer Bernard s Love Between the Bases series, but you don t have to have read any books in either series to fall in love with Caitlyn and Eli He is the hometown boy who could ve made it to Major League Baseball but for a family health crisis She s the girl who grew up and moved away but upon returning home to Sapphire Falls, due to her own family health crisis, finds herself falling for her older broth [...]

    16. Tiffany Willams says:

      She was pretty much a human knuckleball Oh My Gee That was the perfect ending to this book I could not be happier This is one of those books that proves, once again, that love conquers all Not just with you and your significant other, but with your family as well She d never love anyone else now that she d given her heart to Eli and she would enjoy watching his baseball dreams come true It would be hard to be away from him, but if that s the way it had to be, then she d make it work I swear, Eli [...]

    17. Kerry Croucier says:

      Part 3 wraps Eli and Caitlyn s story Caitlyn has given up Eli and Kilby to go home and take care of her brother Eli gets the call, but chooses Caitlyn and his family over San Diego and his dream of pitching in the Major Leagues These two are so determined to be there for everyone else, they are ready to give up what makes them happy Thanks to family, they both get a wake up call and realize they have people to step up and support them, but is it in time to make all their dreams a reality This wa [...]

    18. Cheryl Sanders says:

      You know Bryan, who is Caitlyn s brother Let s just say that he doesn t always make the wisest decisions, of which you will find out when you read this third installment of Getting Wound Up Familial responsibility can take over your entire life Just ask Caitlyn and Eli, of which both are very familiar with These Sapphire Falls men will do anything for the women they love What s important to remember is that the Sapphire Falls women are exactly the same They will do anything for the men that they [...]

    19. Robin says:

      Break out the Cracker Jack and let s all sing together Take Me Out To The Ball Game This is a great collaboration between Jennifer Bernard and Erin Nicholas We get a peak into both of their independent series, Erin s Sapphire Falls and Jennifer s Love Between the Bases with the Kilby Catfish baseball team.This was a refreshing take on the Best Friend s Little Sister troupe The book flowed very well and I couldn t tell which author s voice I was reading I do suspect some of Erin s influence when [...]

    20. Monique Daoust says:

      It s so difficult to review a serial without giving anything away, but GETTING WOUND UP is one of the most enjoyable contemporary romances I have read in quite a while It s amazing how smoothly the authors worked together, it s absolutely seamless, the writing is terrific, the dialogues spot on, there are funny moments amidst heartbreaking ones, the sex scenes are sizzling hot and sweet and tender at the same time, along with humorous bits And I so loved the wonderful, crazy fool that is Bryan a [...]

    21. Diane says:

      Delightful I always know I will love everything that Erin Nicholas writes and thanks to this collaboration I have found another author, Jennifer Bernard, who is part of this delightful collaboration of life in Sapphire Falls and the dream of life minor league baseball in Kilby, Texas Told in three novellas, the attraction between Caitlyn and her brother s buddy Eli has been slowly simmering, and oh so lucky for us, we get to enjoy the hot and sexy conflagration Whether you are a baseball fan or [...]

    22. Crystal Singer says:

      With my 5 star reviews of parts 1 and 2, I m sure you can imagine what my review on part 3 is going to be What a wonderful conclusion to Eli and Caitlyn s story I couldn t love these two if I tried The ups and downs, twists and turns that got us here are all what makes this book wonderful These two are perfect together and it s all good stuff right up to the final word Simply re going to get your happily ever after in this one Not only was this book fantastic all on its own, it made me [...]

    23. Lori says:

      I absolutely loved the conclusion to this book This third installment was filled with love, laughter, friendship, sweet sibling interaction with a lot of sarcastic banter, and a perfect sexy ending I don t think I have ever read a book where the two main characters are so selfless and caring They epitomize, to me, how people should be, or at least how one should be towards their families It was not a cheesy or over the top selflessness, but a genuine true manner I loved the collaboration between [...]

    24. Shari says:

      A crossover book from two of my favorite authors, Jennifer Bernard and Erin Nicholas Two of America s favorite past times, romance and baseball Their two worlds collide Sapphire Falls meet Kilby Catfish Baseball Loved the chemistry between Eli and Caitlyn Caitlyn will not let Eli give up his dream of playing pro ball, even if it means kidnapping him, loved it Add in that Eli is best friends with Caitlyn s brother, adds to the story A wonderful conclusion to the story, these two authors have ble [...]

    25. Ellen Anderson says:

      A Real Winner This is the third and final installment of Getting Wound Up Eli and Caitlyn have come full circle and are both back in Sapphire Falls with some big decisions to make It s all in how you look at things and when you realize that sometimes things aren t quite what you think Will love be enough to conquer all for our young couple You will have to read this last part to find out.I will say that the teamwork of Erin Nicholas and Jennifer Bernard on writing this book is totally outstandin [...]

    26. MsChris1161 says:

      GETTING WOUND UP, Part III was an awesome conclusion to this 3 part crossover between the Sapphire Falls series by Erin Nicholas and the Love Between the Bases series by Jennifer Bernard Loved Eli and Caitlyn s love story, how all their Sapphire Falls friends and family meddled and schemed to get them together, and how the Catfish team in the town of Kilby, Texas welcomes them wholeheartedly Smiles and sighs as they finally accept Happily Ever After is meant for them Such a fun read 4.5 stars.

    27. Phuong says:

      Two of my favorite authors, Erin Nicholas and Jennifer Bernard, wrote a crossover story together and we get the best of both worlds in this 3 part serial Getting Wound Up Part 3 is the conclusion of Eli and Caitlyn s love story and I loved every minute of it I enjoyed watching them realize they belong together and that they need to not put all the family burden upon themselves I loved seeing some of the Sapphire Falls characters make appearances in this story This has been a truly wonderful cros [...]

    28. Kay Pflueger says:

      Disclaimer I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.I enjoyed this book from beginning to end Caitlyn and Eli belong together and how they come to grips with their feelings and with their family obligations make this concluding segment of the book a perfect ending to their story.Jennifer and Erin s collaboration on this book was a home run in my opinion I hope there are plans to future joint efforts With baseball season about to start, take time to read this book about ou [...]

    29. Jennifer Dicenzo says:

      What a great conclusion to this three part release This part begins with Eli on the road playing baseball and Caitlyn has returned to Sapphire Falls to take care of her brother She finds out that her brother and Ty had been trying all along to get Eli and her together They knew that the two of them belonged together But Caitlyn knows that this is where she has to be At least until Eli shows back up and tries to prove that she means to him than baseball And when her family gets involved, she mig [...]

    30. Chris Bails says:

      Awesome storyI loved it Loved how it ended, love this series and these characters.This is the final part to the story Eli is doing great with baseball, playing well and earning his spot He misses Caitlyn like crazy and not sure what to do He tries calling her but she is not answering Caitlyn is heartbroken, but not sure how she can be with him and still take care of her brother This was such a great book I love how it ended and can t wait for .

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