Lies You Tell
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Lies You Tell A mob boss finding his dead lover alive six years after her death shocking Learning they ve got a five year old son deadly Six years ago Sanai Ward fled her life in Florida when her lover s infidelit
  • Title: Lies You Tell
  • Author: LaQuette
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 249
  • Format: ebook
  • A mob boss finding his dead lover alive six years after her death, shocking Learning they ve got a five year old son deadly.Six years ago Sanai Ward fled her life in Florida when her lover s infidelity nearly brings her life to a fiery end Scared and devastated, Sanai starts over from nothing, determined to create a safe and happy life for the child she discovers she s cA mob boss finding his dead lover alive six years after her death, shocking Learning they ve got a five year old son deadly.Six years ago Sanai Ward fled her life in Florida when her lover s infidelity nearly brings her life to a fiery end Scared and devastated, Sanai starts over from nothing, determined to create a safe and happy life for the child she discovers she s carrying.Single parenthood isn t easy But the joy of watching her beloved Nazario thrive is than enough motivation to ignore the ache in her heart for the man that shattered her soul.Dante De Luca is a passionate man who s had his life stolen from him Six years ago he was in love and happy, until his woman was killed in a fire Sanai was gone There was nothing left in the ashes but the locket he d placed around her neck Too angry to deal with his loss, Dante seeks to make the rest of the world pay for his broken heart by forming an unholy covenant with an unspeakable ally He knows he ll live to regret it, but signing away your humanity to the devil seems meaningless when your soul is already gone.When an accident involving a family member draws Dante to New York, and forces an unexpected meeting between he and Sanai, Dante has to decide what s important His rage and revenge, or the safety of the woman he once loved and the health of their son Just when Sanai s deception is beginning to sting less, Dante is faced with the fallout of his own lies Will she forgive him Will they survive them, or will their lives become tragic casualties of the dangerous lies he told See at romancenovelsincolor 2016
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    1. CoCoFierce says:

      An omission of the truth is still a lie Dante loved Sanai with everything in him She was the one, his one, until the fire He lost everything except the necklace she wore around her neck Years later he sees that face again only it can t be her because she is dead Searching like a mad man to find out whose face it could be that has haunted him, Dante runs into some horrible truths that are a direct result of what he didn t say.Sanai had no idea loving someone could hurt so badly She had to escape [...]

    2. Twana Carr says:

      Loved ItI love a man who is not afraid to shed some tears.g a mob boss just made me love him

    3. Deetimes says:

      Lies You Tell was a powerful story with all the emotions necessary to bring about a exciting second chance romance.I really enjoyed how the H h, Don Dante Deluca and Sanai Ward were able to forgive each other after six long years apart with the hero thinking that the heroine had died in a house fire and the other, the heroine feeling betrayed by hero for cheating on her when neither was the case I won t give out why a death was faked or why infidelity was the reason for the separation but know t [...]

    4. Metris says:

      LaQuette did it again Sanai is a hardworking single mom who is enjoying life well until she receive some not so good news about her son and run into a love from her past Dante has been left to lead the family business and he s determined to make it happen even with the devil by his side well that is until he make eye contact with his heart Sanai and Dante loved each other back in college and when they are reunited by accident they both realize that nothing has changed Well there are some things [...]

    5. Mstcat says:

      This is a really great story about two people who love each other deeply It s a mafia romance that is heavy on love and family, light on the mafia aspects I m not saying it isn t in there, but the primary focus is on Dante, Sanai and their son This was an engaging read and I thoroughly enjoyed it I m giving this a 4 out of 5 star rating.Read my full review at Romance Between the Covers

    6. Jacqueline Bragg says:

      HeartwrenchingI feel in love with this couple Their struggle together after Dante found out he had a Son, A son that may die after he found him His and Sanai love story was so Heartwarming I love when the Alphas have a soft spot and they can cry and let others see them And their band together to save Nazario A.K.A Naz But oh no there is always those who would like not to see that happened Those two idots,his so called second in Command,and the Spolied Boss BITCH Daughter tried not once but twice [...]

    7. Cherryl Montgomery says:

      Power corrupts absolutelyThat is what Tomassa and Bernardino found out the hard way Tomassa s quest for power and control was her undoing Bernardino s fear of losing his position in the DeLuca Mafia and becoming a traitor to his friend was his as well The only way Tomassa was able to gain power was to get her competition out of the way that was to eliminate Sanai, the love of Dante s life Sanai witnessed the attempt on her life and ran for her life She was safe for six years until her chance run [...]

    8. Cammyjoe says:

      Great read This is my first book by LaQuette, I absolutely love Dante, that man can love And, even though I hate the fact he married the evil witch But, for him not to consummate the marriage was YAY I love their love story,Sanai and Dante and their 2 little boys Just love it

    9. Rosalyn says:

      Wow What a great book This book had me hooked from the first page until the very end Love the characters Sanai and Dante I truky truly lovee everything LaQuetta writes Please keep the books coming.

    10. Natalie Thurman says:

      Decent plot, good storyWell written and not full of errors What a welcomed change to some of the other things I ve read Nice read.

    11. Dee Nickerson says:

      Okay story The twists were not always believable, but I found the story intriguing enough to finish.

    12. Rita says:

      I loved this Great story line I don t usually like the mob stories, but this was good I love Sanai and Dante I didn t have much of a description of Sanai, which didn t make sense Dante was certainly described, so I had a visual of him The cancer story was good and ended well I am sure someone has had to come to a decision like the one they made I hope all would end that way also This is my first read by LaQuette It won t be my last.

    13. Brenda Holder says:

      A Thrilling and Suspenseful RomanceLies You Tell St Harper s Memorial Hospital Book 1 is a thrilling and suspenseful interracial romance novel that earned a rating of five stars Sinai escaped Florida running for her life leaving behind the love of her life who believes that she she is dead When the mob boss finds her, he discover he has a son with leukemia He has to protect the boy and his mother from his enemies The couple have rekindle their relationship and have to overcome the obstacles to b [...]

    14. Victoria says:

      How were you supposed to protect yourself when the man you loved, the man you d always loved, kept kicking in all the doors you d slammed between the two of you You say fuck it and let him in the heart of the book to me Dante and Sanai victims of deception and half truths I love a second chance love story, and who better to tell it than LaQuette I love how she incorporates real life into her books Dante and Sanai lost loves who find each other again by accident to discover they were both deceive [...]

    15. Shawanda McMillian says:

      AwesomeGreat story, great love that never died Forgiveness that came easily to those that were wronged Great friends to remind them, that they were not always in the right, and when they were wrong and asked for forgiveness, it was given without bringing back up that wrong Fighting for that good thing, that real, tangible thing, that no matter how much time passed was still there A man whom when he found what he was missing, took action, like only a real man could.

    16. Barbie Pomales says:

      I love Secret baby plots Done Right both the Hero and the Heroine have a second chance to build something strong I ll be honest this my First La Quette Novel and it will not be my last I loved both Sanai and Dante I feel if this book was ever an audiobook I would be harder on the talents playing both Sanai and Dante Overall If you like secret babies Mob Bosses, Alpha males and suspence you found a winner in L

    17. TOwens says:

      MmmmmmmmThis is actually the first book that I ve ever read by LaQuette and I have to say that I loved it Very hard to put down so I didn t even trylol Now I ll have to read all of her other books And I m sure that I won t be disappointed.

    18. NancyL Thompson says:

      3 1 2 StarsThe hero in this story was not a real gangster to me I love a man that if he s supposed to be a mobster then he should be one and the woman he pursues accepts and loves him for who he is.

    19. Frances Hardy says:

      Lies You Tell A Book worth reading Although it is a mob story, it is exciting and genuinely intriguing I look forward to reading book 2.

    20. Genevieve Woods says:

      Awesome read Laquette.Great beginning to a series I loved Dante and Sanai Looking forward to the next I highly recommend this book.

    21. jemma edwards tinnis says:

      SweetThis was a don t want to put down read all night then wake up late for work but was worth it.

    22. Kashi AshleyLowe says:

      This book was okay not my favorite Mob Boss books but it was okay I admired the love shared between the main charatcers and that they were able to forgive each other

    23. Sonya says:

      I would highly recommend this book and I really enjoyed it It is a different kind of mob mafia romance but a great romance and read nonetheless.

    24. Nicole Samuels says:

      Worth ReadingI really enjoyed this book, it is a quick read with romance and action Enjoyed so much I was hoping to find like it.

    25. Denise Anderson says:

      Fire Denise AndersonWow this novel is on

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