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Drumline Traditions are important Especially in the South College football Rivalries Tailgating Halftime shows Some things just don t change Until Reese Holland shows up with her long legs and no bullshit atti
  • Title: Drumline
  • Author: Stacy Kestwick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Traditions are important Especially in the South College football Rivalries Tailgating Halftime shows.Some things just don t change.Until Reese Holland shows up with her long legs and no bullshit attitude to audition for the prestigious all male Rodner University snare line.It doesn t matter how much hazing she has to endure from Laird Bronson, with his narrowed greenTraditions are important Especially in the South College football Rivalries Tailgating Halftime shows.Some things just don t change.Until Reese Holland shows up with her long legs and no bullshit attitude to audition for the prestigious all male Rodner University snare line.It doesn t matter how much hazing she has to endure from Laird Bronson, with his narrowed green eyes and arrogant smirk She wants that damn spot, and she s than good enough to earn it She expects there to be tension Even friction But not sparks hot enough to burn the entire campus down.
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      Stacy Kestwick

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    1. Christy says:

      4 starsDrumline is Stacy Kestwick s debut novel, and I ve been wanting to read it since it s release I love NA books and I thought it would be interesting to read a drumline book opposed to the normal football, hockey etc Reese Holland is a college freshman AND the only girl trying out for the elusive Drumline There has never been a girl to make this spot, but Reese is determined to be the first She is an independent and sometimes stubborn heroine, but I loved her for it Laird Bronson is a senio [...]

    2. Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰ says:

      His dick was huge The story he told me earlier about how he acquired Oscar flitted through my mind That was definitely a prize winning specimen dnf at 32%It was like drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth.It was like stepping on a lego piece It was like watching someone eat pizza with a knife and fork As captain, I ll go first And, Marco, since I know how much you re threatened by Reese s dick being bigger than yours, I ll take her _______________The PlotThe story had so much pote [...]

    3. NMmomof4 says:

      3 StarsOverall Opinion I hate being in the minority I wonder sometimes if I read the same books I didn t love it I did enjoy some of it, but overall it felt a little lackluster and slow I found myself going on Facebook and just because I wasn t all that into it That alone tells me that it wasn t working for me I m happy I finished it though, because I m so darn behind on my my reading challenge this year The hazing was a little eye roll inducing, the view spoiler cancer hide spoiler drama felt l [...]

    4. Shannon Moore says:

      So, as of looks at watch right this second, I ve read 122 books so far in 2017 That s a few, right And I loved Drumline Like a lot So I figured I have to go back through those 122 books and pick out my favourites, just to see how Drumline compared There were 20 books on the favourites list, and Drumline is easily in the top 3 Just let that sink in for a minute TOP 3 PEOPLE You always this prickly There a cactus somewhere in your family tree The characters, the story, the banter, the balance betw [...]

    5. Cristina | CristiinaReads says:

      A story filled with emotions and passion all in one Loved it from the very start to the end A college romance all in one, and I devoured it The passion that Laird and Reese have is something that I have not seen or read in a college romance in such a long time Not since reading from the OFF CAMPUS series by Elle Kennedy I am so glad I took a choice in reading this baby, cause I will defiantly be reading it again just for fun in the future Order Links iBooks BN Kobo Paperback Follow Me On Blog In [...]

    6. TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover says:

      OMG Dirty talking heroes on college snare lines is like my new favorite thing Stacy Kestwick where did you come from girl and when can I get This book was so much better than I expected it to be and was just the book I needed to get me out of my book funk When I picked this up, nothing was grabbing my attention and I had DNFed 3 other books But I saw a teaser on Stacy s FB page, picked this up, devoured this sweet, funny, sexy as all hell little story, and well you can now just call me Mrs Bron [...]

    7. ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader says:

      4.5 stars This book was amazing A perfect example of what a NA book should be I haven t felt this way about an NA book since Elle Kennedy s The Deal.Laird is my new book boyfriend He is sexy as hell, sweet, loyal, smart, and has a heart of gold He s such a great guy Reese is very stubborn and independent but I understand why she is like that She is very hardworking and I have lots of respect for her I am so happy they found each other This book had it all Romance, passion, humor, angst and some [...]

    8. Corina☞BookTwinsReviews says:

      DRUMLINE DRUMLINE had everything I loved College co eds, a competitive field, explosive attraction, complications, and friendships that last.DRUMLINE was my first book by Stacy Kestwick I was impressed by her storytelling, flowing prose, and very likable and genuine characters Laird Bronson was almost perfect in his honest and palpable desire towards Reese He was one of those incredibly awesome guys that rarely make it on the pages of a book Laird, was everything you would want a boyfriend to be [...]

    9. Emma Scott says:

      NA romance perfection And with marching band members speakingmylanguage Stacy Kestwick hit every right note see what I did there Humor, banter, angst, emotions, computer apps yes, apps and hot sexy times Loved.

    10. Moras Dela Paz says:

      I m going to give this five stars for two reasons first, I love Reese She s so strong and I believe that strong is beautiful yes, I quoted a shampoo commercial Physically, she can handle all her equipment and play like a champ She can also keep up with all the training and let s not forget that she s a survivor Hooray for strong women The second reason would have to be Eli Laird s cool too but I often find myself rolling my eyes because of his actions He makes up for it by being sweet to Reese a [...]

    11. Snow says:

      NACollege stuffyou knowah, I m like a moth to a flame concerning certain tropes, this being one of themBUTThis story was a bit different and yet the same anyhow, it had a forbidden fraternization sign all over it, it was angsty yet warmhearted and sweet, the storyline was interwoven with a heavy subject of dealing with loss, hurt, pain, disease and yet it delivered hope, strength and love from a very starting point at the beginning, there was an audition for the drummers to be picked for the dru [...]

    12. Jan says:

      Giving up 18 n t get on with this

    13. Karen Mc says:

      If there is one constant in reading for me it s the potent and pleasurable high, the giddy delight I get when meeting a new or new to me author s words That rush during that initial read is off the charts incredible I just popped my Stacy Kestwick book cherry with Drumline that was of an explosion because HOLY HOT and HEADY READ I rarely rate a new to me author the highest for my blog six stars but HOLY WOW Drumline was THAT GOOD From the very first page, Drumline was my DRUG and I could not in [...]

    14. Michelle says:

      Holy shit I loved this book I m changing my Facebook Status to MARRIED to this BOOK This was my very first Kestwick book from the cover, I was ready to one click Toss in the numerous early readers and their I was up all night status updates, I just knew I was going to enjoy this experience I was not disappointed Laird For fuck sakes, has there ever been a perfect character No, I don t think so And whoever you are thinking about right now, nope wrong Laird is it The whole shebang Drumline was a [...]

    15. Carol says:

      3.75 stars.Overall I really liked this I don t read to many college romances any as I feel that the characters have a certain immaturity that I can do without, even if it is age appropriate and fits well with the storyline I did however like the idea of a story based on the college s marching band and hence the title Drumline.It was made poignant by the main characters experiences with cancer Reese having had childhood leukemia and Laird s brother dying as a child from cancer She as a result g [...]

    16. Jeannine Allison says:

      This was my first read by Stacy Kestwick, and I was loving it in the beginning I loved Reese s take no bullshit attitude, and I found her pretty hilariousI d battled much tougher enemies in my life than an insecure man child.Turning to confront them directly, I wiggled my fingers at them and whispered, Cooties They scooted farther away, and I rolled my eyes at their lack of balls.I liked Laird too But at times he was a bit too alpha for my taste, and his feelings for Reese bordered on insta love [...]

    17. Lacey (Booklovers For Life) says:

      Originally posted at Booklovers For LifeDrumline was my first Stacy Kestwick book I usually don t read new authors without heavy recommendations from people I trust, but I just couldn t resist a new adult college romance It feels like it s been forever since the last time I read a college romance, so Drumline came at the perfect time I enjoyed it it took me by surprise in a good way If you love anything related to new adult, I highly recommend you give this book a try It s sweet, sexy, and just [...]

    18. Lost in a Book says:

      That cover Unf I ll give you another moment to appreciate it Obviously, I had to check the cover the book out after seeing the straining muscles, drumsticks and tattoos looks at it again for research purposes A southern drum line captain and a girl trying out for an all guy line Color me interested.I m Gonna let you in on a little secret with being on the track team and playing basketball when I was younger, I was also in band gasp I m a closeted band geek and now I m seriously second guessing w [...]

    19. Steffi De Ceuster♥ says:

      Side Note that had nothing to do with this book but for the ones who don t see my updates We bought a home a while back but Sunday we got the keys and now we are working in it So I m going to be a bit absent here but once in a while I ll check in 4.5 StarsI enjoyed this so so much Here in Belgium we don t have half times with Drumline in football soccer So I need to watch a few games on Youtube to really know what it actually is But I liked it very much I think we here can learn something from t [...]

    20. Carlabulian says:

      Esse livro me fez ter vontade de ter 18 anos de novo O que falar Me apaixonei por ele Chorei como uma crian a lendo, e amei os personagens.Primeiro livro que leio dessa autora Ela est de parab ns

    21. Bookgasms Book Blog says:

      You guys Who knew band was so freaking sexy I mean, Stacy Kestwick did, apparently because she just dished up one of the sexiest, most addictive, fresh and fun story about drummers well ever Laird Bronson, y all Dear sweet rosy cheeked baby Jesus and all the saints in heaven Exactly.I didn t even see him coming He completely blew me away with his sexy sweet alpha protectiveness His dominant personality never getting in the way of Reese s dreams Is there anything sexier than a strong man using hi [...]

    22. Kindling Micky says:

      DRUMLINE was a refreshing surprise for college aged romance You could say there was little new about the background trope here but the execution was very good and it felt fresh Clearly, the premise for the MCs in this book centres around a percussion band that are front and centre during intervals of sports games for Rodner University.Laird was a slightly complex but good guy, he had integrity, there was no jerk to be seen and he won my respect pretty quickly There is an unknown but background c [...]

    23. Damjana says:

      3.5 stars

    24. Michelle says:


    25. Chanpreet says:

      I loved this book so much I lost sleep staying up and reading it I also probably left a wet spot, but hey, it was worth that too I ve never read a book by Stacy Kestwick before, but if they re all as captivating as Drumline she s got a fan in me for life and I will correct that mistake.This book is than just hot It s amazingly well written It totally had me by the feels and lady parts from the first page to the last I mean It was really easy to get to know and love Reese and Laird Both of them [...]

    26. Stephanie Rose says:

      Drumline was one of the best books I ve read this year, and one of the best New Adult books I ve read period Laird and Reese have scorching hot chemistry but are so much under the surface You can t help but fall for them both This book makes you swoon, cry, over heat, and manically turn the pages to find out what happens next This is Stacy s best writing to date and my favorite book of hers It deserves so much than five stars.

    27. Mari says:

      Can we pause and stare at that cover for a minute With that juicy blurb I had to read it This book just makes me wish I could play an instrument too Isn t it such a treat when cover matches the inside so well The set up was not the usual too which excites me I can t help of think of American Pie when you say band camp before Now I know better It had the elements of your college romance with the right amount of angst, conflict, attractive people and relationships This stands out to me though, it [...]

    28. Kahea says:

      5 Why Are There Not Any Words stars No Seriously Why are there not any words I want NEED words I don t want to say goodbye to these characterswell, one I can definitely do without, but I want time with them Which is funny considering I waffled over reading this one and waited until the 11th hour to make my decision And, Yes, I loved the movie Drumline which helped get my butt in gear , but it was a one of the best decisions I ve made this year This book was everything I expected it to be and [...]

    29. *Kayley* says:

      Oh man, Drumline was so good It was the type of book that I hated having to put down and constantly thought about when I wasn t reading it I extra loved it because I was in band and could appreciate all the research put into this book about the drumline It was sexy, intriguing, goofy smile inducing and tragic all in one There was some drama that kept things interesting, there was sadness that had me ugly crying in the end and there was sexiness that had me fanning myself Seriouslyif you enjoy th [...]

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