Lindsey Klingele
The Broken World
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The Broken World The adventures of three teen royals and foster girl Liv which began in The Marked Girl conclude in this exciting sequel In the fantasy world of Caelum Liv Cedric and Kat must attempt to defeat an
  • Title: The Broken World
  • Author: Lindsey Klingele
  • ISBN: 9780062380364
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The adventures of three teen royals and foster girl Liv, which began in The Marked Girl, conclude in this exciting sequel.In the fantasy world of Caelum, Liv, Cedric, and Kat must attempt to defeat an evil traitor and his army to save their families and the kingdom But the city they left behind is facing its own problems back in Los Angeles, the sky is orange, gravity isThe adventures of three teen royals and foster girl Liv, which began in The Marked Girl, conclude in this exciting sequel.In the fantasy world of Caelum, Liv, Cedric, and Kat must attempt to defeat an evil traitor and his army to save their families and the kingdom But the city they left behind is facing its own problems back in Los Angeles, the sky is orange, gravity isn t working right, and earthquakes shake the ground every few hours Opening the portals has had devastating effects, and Liv s best friend Shannon and Cedric s frenemy Merek are the only ones who know what s going on and that tracking down the murderous Knights of Valere might be the way to fix everything.It s a race against time as the crew must find a way to reunite and combine their quests to save both worlds.
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      Lindsey Klingele

    1 Blog on “The Broken World

    1. Simona Bartolotta says:

      I didn t think this day would ever come and seeing how it did come, now I should probably wonder why it came this late , but it seems I must admit it I think I finally got too old for this kind of books I can t say I am happy with this turn of events, though The Broken World is the second and last instalment in a duology which, last year, captured my attention because of its humor, light tones and snarky MC In this conclusion, all these elements come back in full force, but somehow, none of them [...]

    2. Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) says:

      The Marked Girl was my surprise book of 2016 so I knew I just had to read the sequel and I loved it just as much as book 1 I m super sad it was only a duology I d love to read especially about the characters in Caelum

    3. Lauren R. says:

      3.5 stars Hmmm, didn t like it as much as the first but still good I think it was a little scattered maybe I m not sure how to describe it The ending was cheesy and not realistic, but still made sense based on the book series itself I m intrigued by this whole portal fantasy subgenre so if anyone has recs, hit me up

    4. Forrest says:

      In the The Marked Girl and Broken World novels, Lindsey Klingele has crafted some amazing fantasy YA fiction not to mention an endearing love letter to Los Angeles The world s feels vibrant and lived in, the characters relatable and amusing and the story propels along at a nice clip, with enough twists and surprises to give you that okay, just ONE chapter and then I ll go to bed feeling But above all, I appreciate how it doesn t feel like it panders or talks down to its intended audience She to [...]

    5. Antopiaz says:

      Oh man, this book is can you describe a book that made you feel so many emotions at once I think I loved this duology from the very start, from the first page This second book waseverything I was expecting I want to thank the author for let me live this fantastic adventures with all the characters I wish I could read books like these.

    6. Hira Chaudhary says:

      This book was honestly as amazing and epic as the first, and such a perfect conclusion to this wonderful series I loved getting to see all our faves again and seeing how much they grew and how they all became a family and support system for each other I loved Cedric and Liv to no end I love that Kat is gonna be the badass warrior queen she was always meant to be Rafe was a grand addition to the team Peter and Joe are the sweetest sweeties to ever sweet And Shannon and Merek are my OTP for life I [...]

    7. Mina (minathefangirl) says:

      Review originally posted on My Fangirl Chronicles Real Rating 3.5Even though I had a lukewarm opinion on the first book, The Marked Girl, I was still looking forward to reading the sequel The Broken World I guess one of the main reasons why is because it s an urban fantasy set in the city I live in so it s really cool reading about all these places that I recognize and can picture in my mind perfectly I loved how Lindsey described LA and how magic transformed it into a post apocalyptic ghost tow [...]

    8. Natalie says:

      Cedric and Kat are finally back in Caelum with Liv Merek, still unconscious in a hospital on Earth, wasn t able to return with them and Liv only came with the hope of finding and saving her brother while Kat and Cedric try to free their families, overthrow Malquin John, and return Caelum back to normal On Earth, the Knights of Valere are going missing, or showing up dead Merek, Shannon, and Joe are the only ones who know what s going on and are trying to find a way to stop their world from endin [...]

    9. Taylor Buchanan says:

      I love this duology so much Not only does it have amazing romance come on Cedric and Liv and then Shannon and Merek My heart and humor but it is filled with action and amazing fantasy You don t want to put it down but you don t want it to end at the same time This could have been a longer series and I bet I would ve loved every single second of it I must say the ending left me feeling very complete and content though I absolutely loved the characters, the story line and everything else about thi [...]

    10. Cait Jacobs says:

      4.5 5 Stars The Marked Girl was one of my absolute favorite books of 2016, and with most books I love, the sequel can never equal the first But trust me when I say this one is just as good as book one In book one, we have a great premise, fun characters, witty dialogue, and interesting world building The Broken World continues to keep all of those aspects and beautifully ties together everything we learned from The Marked Girl, while introducing even If you enjoyed The Marked Girl, you will lov [...]

    11. Jessie says:

      Actual rating was 3.5 stars So I enjoyed this book a lot and it was a very quick read just like The Marked Girl was, but by no means was it literature I took off 1.5 stars because of the very cheesy ending and the quality or lack thereof in the author s writing All the same, the story was interesting and I liked all of the characters accept one or two Would recommend this series for a fun and quick read, but keep in mind that you are by no means reading a classic.

    12. Nicole Elisabeth says:

      I really enjoyed the conclusion of this book There was so much action, fighting, and trying to save two worlds from being consumed by magic I loved the addition of Cedric and Liv s story Their romance was not over the top and did not consume the story, but it was a great little addition I kept rooting for them the entire book even when it felt like two people from two different worlds could never make it work.

    13. Lilly says:

      This book including the first was so amazing I loved it so much Every chapter keeps you on edge, wondering what ll happen next A story taking place in the land of Caelum, and in LA literally tackling two birds with one stone This story is so modern, yet it has a bit of fantasy sprinkled in there Ms Klingele, you are such a creative author, and you ve written an amazing story Bravo Can t wait to read another story from you.P.S Merek and Shannon make the cutest couple

    14. Amber says:

      I m still debating on what rating I want to give this I keep thinking 4 but might leave it at 3.I really loved the first book in this series It was a ton of fun and extremely enjoyable But I unfortunately didn t like the sequel as much It s not a bad book by any means It just didn t hold up for me in comparison to the first book.

    15. Kelly Elisabeth Jansen says:

      I LOVED IT

    16. Heather says:

      Loved it Read it mostly in 1 day couldnt put it down

    17. Sophia Kohn says:

      not as good as the 1st.

    18. Kathy says:

      Action, adventure, and romance What s not to like.

    19. Madeline McGrath says:

      i was soooo happy after i read this

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