Sam Carrington Ewa Ratajczyk
Następna dziewczyna
June 05, 2020 Comments.. 226
Nast pna dziewczyna Sobotnia noc Policja przyprowadza do domu siedemnastoletni dziewczyn Sophie powtarza co niezrozumia ego Rano okazuje si e jej przyjaci ka nie wr ci a do domu A potem policja znajduje cia o dziewczyn
  • Title: Następna dziewczyna
  • Author: Sam Carrington Ewa Ratajczyk
  • ISBN: 9788324161331
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sobotnia noc Policja przyprowadza do domu siedemnastoletni dziewczyn Sophie powtarza co niezrozumia ego Rano okazuje si , e jej przyjaci ka nie wr ci a do domu A potem policja znajduje cia o dziewczyny Sophie nic nie pami ta Policjantka prowadz ca ledztwo podejrzewa, e by a wiadkiem morderstwa Sophie rozpaczliwie usi uje przypomnie sobie, co si sta o DrSobotnia noc Policja przyprowadza do domu siedemnastoletni dziewczyn Sophie powtarza co niezrozumia ego Rano okazuje si , e jej przyjaci ka nie wr ci a do domu A potem policja znajduje cia o dziewczyny Sophie nic nie pami ta Policjantka prowadz ca ledztwo podejrzewa, e by a wiadkiem morderstwa Sophie rozpaczliwie usi uje przypomnie sobie, co si sta o Dr cz j przeb yski przera aj cych scen Kto przysy a jej niepokoj ce maile Kto j ledzi Karen czuje, e c rka nie m wi wszystkiego e jest w niebezpiecze stwie Ale sama a zbyt dobrze wie, co to znaczy si ba Za wszelk cen musi zmierzy si z w asnym strachem, by powstrzyma morderc dziewczyny, kimkolwiek by by Bo wie, e jego celem jest teraz Sophie.
    • [E-Book] í Unlimited ↠ Następna dziewczyna : by Sam Carrington Ewa Ratajczyk Õ
      Sam Carrington Ewa Ratajczyk

    1 Blog on “Następna dziewczyna

    1. Deanna says:

      2.5 starsWhen I read the book blurb for this book I thought it sounded pretty good I was really looking forward to reading it It already has quite a few high ratings as well.But honestly I had a tough time with this one I found myself aggravated quite often and wanted to quit reading a few times However, I became obsessed with finishing it because I had to know what happened, so that counts for something.Karen is in shock when her seventeen year old daughter, Sophie is brought home by police aft [...]

    2. abby says:

      Imagine you ve come home from work one day, and it appears some creep has broken into your apartment and rearranged your underwear drawer Even worse, this dangerous psycho has turned your beloved tropical fish collection into sushi You re probably pretty freaked out, right So what do you do A Call the police Immediately B Don t call the police Start doubting your own instincts and worry that you d be wasting the police officers time Start to wonder if maybe the fish were actually sushi all along [...]

    3. Petra says:

      A perfect example of a true psychological thriller Two police officers deliver your teenage daughter home one night She is completely incoherent and was found wandering along a road This happens to Karen, who is an agoraphobic who hasn t been able to leave her house unaided for the past two years The following morning Karen s daughter, Sophie, is still no clearer about what exactly happened the previous night, but her friend, Amy, is missing and the police start investigating The perspectives ar [...]

    4. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

      The description and the cover made me eager to participate in this blog tour If it is one genre I love is a psychological thriller, especially one where everyone acts suspiciously And, Saving Sophie definitely has many suspicious characters and a story that just keeps getting darker as the story progress The Finch s family is still reeling from a traumatic event from two years prior which left Sophie s mother Karen unable to leave the house without having a panic attack And, how can she help her [...]

    5. BookwormDH says:

      When Karen Finch s seventeen year old daughter Sophie arrives home after a night out, drunk and accompanied by police officers, no one is smiling the morning after But Sophie remembers nothing about how she got into such a state.Twelve hours later, Sophie s friend Amy has still not returned home Then the body of a young woman is found.Karen is sure that Sophie knows than she is letting on But Karen has her own demons to fight She struggles to go beyond her own door without a panic attack.As she [...]

    6. Louise Wilson says:

      Two police officers are at their door with their daughter who is absolutely paralytic and incoherent The next day Sophie has no memory at all of the night before Her friend Amy has not returned home yet Then the body of a young woman is found but it s not Amy it s Erin who had also been out with them.Sophie s mother Karen suffers from acrophobia Karen is Erin s mums best friend but due to her condition Karen can t leave the house to go comfort her friend when she needed the most Karen becomes co [...]

    7. Michael says:

      I am trying hard to think how to describe this book in a sentence and the best I can come up with is two steps forward, one step back There is nothing particularly bad about the story other than I was constantly shaking my head in disbelief at the main characters with their inactions and how they treated one and otherventeen year old Sophie s parents are in shock after she is brought home seemingly drunk by police officers after a night out with friends Her mother Karen is alarmed by comments ma [...]

    8. ReadAlong With Sue says:

      It s taken me three days to read this book which is unusual for me Something like this I would have read within a day or two.I ve fluctuated between loving it, hating it and having gasps of really Just some things I found hard to swallow with ease.I liked it.I will remember it.I would recommend to some, not to others on my reading list.I could see this as a book buddy read as lots of things to discuss from within the pages.I liked the plot, enjoyed the twist.Sophie s been out with friends She s [...]

    9. Chloe says:

      Saving Sophie is a psychological thriller by Sam Carrington about family and friendships full of betrayals and deceit Karen Finch s seventeen year old comes home late at night escorted by the police.She was found wandering on the streets muttering to herself about her friend Amy.The next day Karen realizes that Sophie has no memory of the night before Karen soon finds out that one of Sophie s friends Erin turns up dead and Sophie starts getting threatening texts Karen who suffers from acute agor [...]

    10. Kristina says:

      For me, Saving Sophie was a below mediocre mystery thriller The premise was intriguing enough, it was the execution that was sorely lacking Decent suspense but, in the end, when everything finally comes out, the mystery angle of this story was just too ludicrous to take seriously Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this in exchange for an honest review

    11. Carrie says:

      Karen Finch s seventeen year old daughter Sophie had gone out with friends but arrived home being escorted by the police She had been found wandering the roads completely out of it being obvious that she had been drinking or doing drugs The next day Karen finds out that Sophie has no memory of what had happened the night before and one of Sophie s friends is missing Sophie doesn t seem too worried about anything but Karen is determined to find out just went on with her daughter that night I was [...]

    12. Nicki says:

      WARNINGDo NoT start reading this book unless you have nothing else planned because once you start reading it,you won t be able to put it downG,OMG,this book is absolutely brilliant,gripping,fast paced and has a very shocking ending.What starts out as an innocent Saturday Night out with her friends swiftly turns into a nightmare for seventeen year old Sophie Finch.First she is brought home by the police after been found totally wasted and wandering along a road on the outskirts of Ambrook,the tin [...]

    13. Liz Barnsley says:

      Saving Sophie is the type of psychological thriller that I love for an afternoons reading fast paced, intriguing, devisive characters and a terrific mystery element.I read it cover to cover in one go pretty much, totally immersed as Karen struggles with agrophobia whilst trying to work out if her daughter Sophie is in any real danger after a night out goes horribly wrong There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, a fascinating look at family and friendship ties and a cleverly embedded w [...]

    14. Lee says:

      This story is told mainly in alternating chapters between Sophie, seventeen years old and her mother Karen The other chapters are from the police investigating the case Sophie goes on a night out with her girlfriends but something happens and Sophie is brought home by the police The police found her wondering around the streets and think she is just drunk but it soon becomes apparent that Sophie has no memory of what has happened Sophies mother Karen is agrophobic, traumatised by an attack she s [...]

    15. Angela says:

      Gripping and intense, laced with mystery and intrigue, this is a real page turner.Briefly, and without spoilers seventeen year old Sophie is brought home from a drunken Saturday evening out with her friends by the police She was found in a dazed and drunken state close to where the body of her friend is later found Sophie has no memory of the whole of the evening.Her parents are in a strained marriage and her mother, Karen, has panic attacks and agoraphobia since she herself was attacked two yea [...]

    16. Abbie says:

      There has been a lot of hype around this book and, admittedly, I did wonder if Saving Sophie would live up to it I m pleased to say I was not disappointed and it certainly deserves the attention it has been getting.Perfectly plotted from the outset, I was immediately drawn in by the prologue, and then Sophie s behaviour in the first chapter, for some reason, really freaked me out and gave me the creeps I knew then that, potentially, this was going to be a book I would struggle to put down, and i [...]

    17. Tracy Fenton says:

      3.5 stars A good debut novel dealing with how far you would go to protect your daughter I found it quite difficult to connect to Karen and actually wanted to hit her over the head several times with a chair and tell her to get a grip which actually highlights the authors skill at creating characters that get under your skin

    18. Jen says:

      When Sophie Finch returns home from a night out with a police escort having been found wandering drunk and alone, her mother Karen is immediately worried, blaming Sophie s friends for having allowed her to get into such a sorry state and abandoning her With Sophie uttering something incoherent about her friend Amy, and her behaviour being so erratic, Karen begins to suspect that there is something wrong with Sophie and perhaps even Amy When she contacts Amy s mother only to find out that she ne [...]

    19. Amy says:

      Full review on novelgossipThis book has been getting a ton of positive hype on social media, so naturally my nosy self was dying to read it While the storyline itself was excellent, I had so many problems with the Finch family that I found I couldn t quite lose myself in the story as much as I would have liked to.It begins with Sophie being escorted home by the police after a night out with a group of friends She s out of her mind drunk and when she wakes up the next morning she can t recall muc [...]

    20. Heidi says:

      How would you feel if the police turned up on your doorstep one night, bringing your severely intoxicated 17 year old daughter home, who you thought was safe in the company of a group of friends Or the next day, when the body of your daughter s best friend is found, and your own child has no memory of how the friends got separated or what happened that night A parent s worst nightmare was your child in any way involved, or worse still, is she in danger It seems to have become a trend these days [...]

    21. Dorie says:

      Wow, I don t know if any of you noticed how many books are titled Saving Sophie There is even a Saving Sophie series I will never understand why author s don t do research before they title their books.That said, I will say that for me this book was a disappointment I had read a lot of reviews, really raving reviews, for this book The premise is a good one Your daughter is brought home one night by the police and she can t remember anything that happened the night before past a certain point Th [...]

    22. I read novels says:

      Police officers found Sophie drunk and wandering on her own along a main road, after a night out with her friends The police took seventeen year old Sophie home to her mother Karen Finch, Sophie s mother needs to know if Sophie was with Amy as Amy s mother is worried because Amy failed arrive home DI Lindsay Wade knew the description of a dead young girl fits the description of Amy who had been reported as missing A twist here will have readers shocked to find out why the description of the dead [...]

    23. Renita D"Silva says:

      Thrilling, riveting, suspenseful, poignant, unputdownable Loved this beautiful story

    24. Joanne Robertson says:

      I love discovering new authors especially when I get that lovely tingly feeling reading the first few pages of a book and I think to myself this one is going to be a good one There has been a bit of a buzz about Saving Sophie on the social media platforms recently and sometimes that can be a bit of a let down when you actually come to read the book itself but in this case, not only did I really enjoy it, I am now desperate to read her next book based on the blurb at the back of Saving Sophie I c [...]

    25. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

      Darn it This was a disappointing read From the blurb I really thought this was going to be a true page turner but alas, this was not to be.The pace of the book was very slow A good portion of the book is spent with dialogue that really drags out the same scenarios It just lacked the oomph needed to hook you in I really liked Karen s character Sophie s mum Agoraphobic and broken She was a great complex character and probably the stand out one of the whole book The rest Blurred into the background [...]

    26. Luanne Ollivier says:

      Saving Sophie is from British author Sam Carrington.Karen s seventeen year old daughter Sophie is brought home by the police after a drunken night out with friends The next day she has no memory of what happened on the night out Which isn t good as her friend Amy still hasn t been home either And then a body is found.Karen is determined to protect her own daughter, but wonders if Sophie truly can t remember a thing do the police.Carrington has given Karen an interesting affliction she s agorapho [...]

    27. Yellagirlgc says:

      2.5These characters were too unbelievable Karen Finch was a probation officer until she was attacked by a rapist and though she got away she became agoraphobic Her husband Michael is a ranger and fed up with his wifes disability Sophie is their seventeen year old daughter and after being brought home by the police following a night out drinking with friends tragedy strikes I understand Karen having issues leaving the house but there s NO way in the world I can believe she was a probation officer [...]

    28. Nancy says:

      I was disappointedting premise but could not connect to any of the characters, and thought the actions or lack thereof of Sophie and her mom as the storyline developed were really sort of absurd ally, let s just wait a few days a couple daysother day to see what happens next THEN maybe we ll call the detectives.2 1 2 stars rounded up to 3 because I did stay with it to the end.

    29. Joanna Park says:

      4.5 starsKaren s life has changed dramatically since she was the victim of an attack a few years ago She is agoraphobic, scared of going outside her front door This has obviously had an impact on her whole family and caused tension between them Tensions are particularly bad between her husband Mike and daughter Sophie, with Mike blaming Sophie s behavior for Karen s panic attacks Things aren t helped when Sophie is bought home by the police one night, seemingly very drunk Mike is very angry at S [...]

    30. Rachel Gilbey says:

      Saving Sophie is a taut thriller where although I was gripped and couldn t really put it down, I also didn t feel any fear like I often do with a psychological thriller, nor did I have any theories running through my head as I was reading it as to what really happened There are some shocks and surprises but nothing that really made me gasp out loud, or make me catch my breath The story is told by three view points, one of which is very unreliable in terms of information, one of the others is a c [...]

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