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  • Title: Позиции
  • Author: Jacques Derrida Жак Деррида
  • ISBN: 9785829108960
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
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      Jacques Derrida Жак Деррида

    1 Blog on “Позиции

    1. Jonfaith says:

      When I try to decipher a text I do not constantly ask myself if I will finish by answering yes or no, as happens in France at determined periods of history, and generally on Sunday.The above citation was chosen to reflect a contrast, one of styles if not intentions The epigram s glibness is useful to distract from the challenging depths of such a slim book I dare say I spent time per page than I have since I was a student It did require a week to absorb this book, though right from the start De [...]

    2. sologdin says:

      foundational interview early into derrida s tenure as carnival king cool colloquy with one interviewer who attempts to nail down deconstruction s relationship to marxist dialectics big D ain t interested in being nailed, yo.

    3. Jens Gärtner says:

      Excelente introducci n al Derrida temprano en mi opini n, el m s denso , llena de se as tiles no s lo para la lectura de los textos derridianos, sino adem s para seguir los hilos de laarmaz n en que se inscribe.Quisiera escribir algo m s, pero reci n cerrando un libro de Jacques Derrida siento que escoger cada palabra es como desactivar una bomba.

    4. A.J. says:

      In this book, Derrida becomes secondary literature to himself, his own expositor It is one of those works that had to be published given the nature of Derrida s project and its understanding of the function of language in his projects relation to semiotics and linguistics In other works, Derrida is difficult and needed an easy entr e reading Derrida is certainly a practice or learned skill in and of itself More than anything, I think the appeal of this work is Derrida s conventional discourse wh [...]

    5. Karl Steel says:

      Probably the best introduction to Derrida s early work.

    6. Joshua Stein says:

      I had written a longer review that prefaced some of my ideas on this book that are in process That review was lost and, since doesn t autosave, I m not going to try to salvage it Since I will eventually write about those ideas elsewhere, I ll eventually add them as links in this review when they are published.The stated purpose of positions is to provide an introduction to Derrida for those who are not yet familiar with the workings of contemporary literary criticism and the other fields to whic [...]

    7. Justin Evans says:

      Tough to rate this, since I disagree with Derrida s positions on most things But this is clear compared to the essays which are being discussed in English, in Writing and Difference Margins of Philosophy Dissemination And it s short If only someone would write a good critique of all this stuff that takes structuralism as a starting point That I could give 5 stars.

    8. August Denys says:

      This book is the combination of three interviews of Jacques Derrida the first is Implications with Henri Ronse, the second is Semiology and Grammatology with Julia Kristeva, and the third is Positions with Jean Louis Houdebine and Guy Scarpetta If one reads this book, then they will spend most of their time with the third interview since it takes up two thirds of the book The usefulness or purpose of the book will be determined by how you approach it In my case, I was reading it as an introducti [...]

    9. Grace says:

      kristeva s interview was the most interesting and illuminating, helping to clarify diff rance and to some extent the process of interpellation i can possibly maybe get down with that but his remarks of marxism were extremely evasive

    10. Jeremy Huang says:

      Very helpful in explaining what diff rance and by extension deconstruction really is.

    11. Chant says:

      Something I suspect that would be fruitful if read and re read and then re read again I m personally not a fan of anything psychoanalytic, continental philosophy, post modern, and laden with obscurantist writing style that was very much used in the mid to late 20th century by French intellectuals I don t know why I keep coming back to continental philosophy and in particular Derrida I feel like he has something to say, but the I come back, the I realize that I get out of one book of Wittgenst [...]

    12. Chandra says:

      we must have truth How can we do without it Some would find it surprising to see Derrida wrote these words in all sincerity, especially given the public opinion that he is a radical subjectivist and relativist opinions of which he directly rejects in this short volume These clarifying essays supplement his works of 1967 and 1972 and allow one to come into contact with things such as deconstruction, differance, etc etc as well as his methods, strategies, apothegms, and even what he considers tota [...]

    13. Alex Obrigewitsch says:

      This text was important for understanding Derrida at the time it was first published It helped to clear away some glaring misunderstandings.Now, one is just as well off reading Derrida s written texts Positions remains a clarification of his work particularly in the speculum of his early works.The third and longest interview, despite what some other reviews say, is very important to the work It opens the space for a resewing of the Marxist thread into the general text a work that was at that poi [...]

    14. Roger Green says:

      This collection of interviews is helpful in elucidating some of the difficult concepts from Derrida s famous and difficult early works He is also frank at certain points about the politically transformative motivations of what writing could be I am struck, however, with all of the references to Saussure, Heidegger, Husserl, Hegel, Lucretius, Lacan, etc that Roland Barthes does not appear by name in the text, despite a passing reference to the zero degree of writing with respect to the literary F [...]

    15. Lorraine says:

      Quite interesting and helpful A little bit of a letdown if you ve ALREADY plowed through some of his works on Marx and Freud but then it does feel better knowing that you were perhaps right However, the man is much direct imo in his interviews, and that s always a nice thing.

    16. David Markwell says:

      Derrida on Derrida Differance described, illuminated, yet what else could be said These interviews with the man himself make his philosophy accessible.

    17. Dan says:

      I understand about 30% of what Derrida has to say here but it mostly seems like play Will return later.

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