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His Baby to Protect
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His Baby to Protect Farley is an introverted mess Overweight and still living with his parents he didn t think his confidence could get any lower until he s carjacked in a convenience store parking lot The severe beating
  • Title: His Baby to Protect
  • Author: Kiki Burrelli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Farley is an introverted mess Overweight and still living with his parents he didn t think his confidence could get any lower until he s carjacked in a convenience store parking lot The severe beating is nothing compared to having to replace his mom s car on his part time wages He makes a plan to change his life around starting with getting fit Farley can t see why anyFarley is an introverted mess Overweight and still living with his parents he didn t think his confidence could get any lower until he s carjacked in a convenience store parking lot The severe beating is nothing compared to having to replace his mom s car on his part time wages He makes a plan to change his life around starting with getting fit Farley can t see why anyone like Oscar would have even the slightest interest in him He s a goof off at best but when Oscar agrees to help him get into shape at the gym, Farley won t say no He ll just have to keep his libido in check before he makes a fool of himself Oscar can t explain why his inner wolf has taken him to a hospital room where a man lay, his face swollen and bruised Until now, he and his wolf have lived in harmony When Oscar wants physical contact he goes out and gets it, no strings, no second nights But that all goes out the window when he sees Farley He doesn t know the first thing about being a mate, but he knows that no one will ever hurt Farley again Oscar fears his intense feelings may scare his mate away so Oscar agrees to be Farley s trainer As fun as watching Farley squat may be, Oscar begins to suspect that the simple carjacking Farley endured may be a sign of something , that he may be in danger But this time, Farley won t be left beaten Farley is his baby to protect His Baby to Protect is a steamy, funny, 50k word romp into the world of mpreg and wolf shifters It is the first book in The Den series, a spin off of the Wolf s Mate series and can be read as a standalone.
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    1. Susan says:

      This was an okay shifter mpreg story, but in some points it was too superficial, which made me feel detached from the characters.I really liked Farley and Oscar was an okay character, except there is a thing as being too overprotective Farley is an overweight human man in his thirties, still living with his parents, with a dead end job He is just coming out of a convenient store when he is mugged by a stranger He gets pretty beat up, so he ends up in the hospital.Oscar is a wolf shifter, who has [...]

    2. Rachel Emily says:

      Gosh, this might be my favorite story in the series this is the first book in a spin off series from her Wolf s Mate series because I just adored Farley He might be an introverted mess, but he s adorable, and completely deserving of the love and adoration that Oscar gives him Although this is a stand alone and the first book in The Den series, you would have first met Farley and his family in the Wolf s Mate series and learned how the pack at the Den came about, so I do recommend reading in orde [...]

    3. Stephanie says:

      This wast good Everything happened in hyper speed mode, way too fast even for my instalove heart.So many things just didn t make sense that s saying a lot for an mpreg storyFarley, a human, getting pregnant like a week after they get together was the biggest There was no description of how he suddenly develops the ability to become pregnant, like give me something here I didn t find either MC particularly enjoyable, it read as they were young, unworldly but Farley is 30 I ve no idea abt OscarDon [...]

    4. Tanu Gill says:

      This was a very enjoyable read, with Farley tugging at my heartstrings with his vulnerable self and Oscar making me enjoy his protective mate personality.I am in love with this shifter series, each couple comprises of such unique and distinct characters, and the romance development in all of the books is just drool worthy.However, having said that, I didn t get to see as much of vulnerable mate overprotective mate moments as in previous books This was there being two strong characters, one of w [...]

    5. Yvette says:

      Great story3.75 starsOscar is the things dream are made of and Farley wonders when he s going to wake up This is a nice opposites attracts story Oscar, the shifter and Farley, the overweight nerd Things are shakey at first for the couple but then things click into place.

    6. V says:

      If you want to lose weight read this story, it focus plenty in workout and what food you should eat Not my favourite on this kind of books

    7. VioletMarshall says:

      His Baby To ProtectOne Wants To Protect The Other Wants To Be StrongWhat a Fantastic Book, I was hooked from the very start The writing is very well done and thought out The characters are engaging and likeable as well as though out The flow of the book was smooth and steady This is the first book that I have read by this author This is also the first book of a new series that is apparently a spinoff, of the Wolf s Mate Series There are references to other characters and events of those books so [...]

    8. Karen says:

      I loved this book It was well written with well developed characters This book is a spin off of The Wolf s Mate series by the same author I love that series and this one was just as great I am looking forward to see where this series is going next.

    9. Alesha says:

      I love, love , love Oscar and Farley together I can relate to Farley in so many ways Just like me, Farley is overweight and has confidence issues due to bullying over the years He gets attacked outside of a store and is made to feel helpless He decides to make changes in his life so that he may never feel helpless again He meets Oscar and Oscar can t take his eyes off him Oscar helps Farley get his confidence back I truly loved this story and can t wait for the next installment.

    10. Jessica says:

      I received a copy for an honest review While this is the first book in a new series, The Den, this is a spin off from The Wolf s Mate series If you, like me, have not read the books in The Wolf s Mate series you will not be lost this is still a very good enjoyable book I do suspect, however, that the characters will be familiar developed This was a nice shifter romance good for a light read I liked how not all of the characters were perfect model like, though Farley does tend to focus on being [...]

    11. Chris Kottner-Kirschner says:

      Nachdem Farley Opfer eines berfalls geworden ist, will er sein Leben ndern L ngst ist er erwachsen, lebt aber noch immer bei seinen Eltern Auch sein Job ist nicht besonders aufregend und von seinem moppeligen usserem ist er auch nicht begeistert brigens auch sonst niemand, denn seine Erfahrungen mit M nnern sind sehr d rftig Also geht Farley, nach seiner Genesung, in ein Fitness Studio.Dort begegnet ihm der Wandler Oscar, der sich instinktiv und sofort zu Farley hingezogen f hlt W hrend Farley e [...]

    12. L. Layale says:

      I m very picky about MPreg Sometimes it s not done correctly and there s a lot of wolf shifter mpreg In this case we have Farley a human and Oscar, an alpha shifter I think the first thing that needs to be talked about however, is the pack dynamic They have this structure where they have pack masters This book is a spin off of another series by the author, so I m not sure if you have to have read that to understand the hierarchy and dynamic of their pack structure If so I think that might be a t [...]

    13. Sierra says:

      This was a cute little story sure to please all the BBW ladies who dream of getting the hottest guy in the room Farley is a classic overweight, socially isolated, geeky person like me His friends are mostly online and he uses humor, including making fun of himself, as a shield Oscar is a hit it and quit it kind of guy with no thoughts of a mate When forces drag him to Farley s hospital room after Farley s attack, he is completely confused and freaked out Once the two meet in person at the gym wh [...]

    14. Sheila says:

      Everyone deserves to be lovedKiki Burrell s new Den series picks up where the Wolf s mate series leaves off So if you ve enjoyed the previous books, and I highly recommend them, you re gonna love this one Yes, I know they re all stand alone books but I m one of those who has to read in order I really enjoyed this book and as always the story and characters grab you and you can t put it down It s a bit of catching up with older characters and learning about Oscar and Farley who previously had sma [...]

    15. Becca Waldrop says:

      I think out of all the Kiki Burrelli books I have read, this one is my favorite I absolutely adore Farley I love the way he was written In so many books it s always big guys and built ones and Farley is just a regular, a little overweight man with a charming personality.I already adored Farley from the other books because he was the brother who didn t ask questions He just gave his quiet strength and was there for you no matter what When we first meet him again in this book, he is being carjacke [...]

    16. Diverse says:

      3.5 Stars His Baby To Protect is book one in Kiki Burrelli s The Den series Now, I was told this was a spinoff from another series but I never read that I can say without a doubt you can read this as a standalone without reading it though.My favorite thing about this book was Farley Without question he was amazing I didn t love his self deprecation but he was a product of the life around him He s overweight and when the book opens, he s violently mugged Drawn to the gym to get in shape and not b [...]

    17. Becky Condit says:

      His Baby to Protect doesn t involve a baby until near the end, but there is a lot of protection going on.Farley is human but he is the chosen mate of a wolf shifter Farley is out of shape and lives with his parents, playing video games and eating unhealthy food when he is mugged in a grocery store parking lot The attacker isn t identified until much later in the story but this becomes a thread that will probably continue through the series.Oscar is a wolf shifter who realizes that Farley is his [...]

    18. wild_orchid says:

      First let me mention, this book is a standalone, but I highly recommend reading the Wolf s Mate series Not because you wont understand the book, but because it will make this book just that much sweeter.Kiki Burrelli is a new to me author, but after reading her blurb i didn t hesitate on the opportunity to receive an ARC of his baby to protect in exchange for an honest review While I thought I would just be signing up for a great weekend read, I now know that I ve found a new author to stalk rel [...]

    19. Tj says:

      I think this might have been slightly better if I had read the series that lead to this one first I think a lot of background info was lost by not having done that This is pretty much an insta love book I liked the characters overall and the plot was easy and straight forward I really did enjoy the read My problem with the book is that it was SO shallow there is little conflict and the characters jump from one moment to the next with little to no detail The author has a good concept and does wel [...]

    20. John-TorleifHarris says:

      I thought that it was great that Oscar was able to find his mate Of any of the side characters from the Wolf Shifter books, I think that Oscar is definitely the most deserving of it.Farley was an interesting choice for Oscar, both because he is Felix s little brother, and because he always seemed so timid around shifters in the previous books But I found that I really liked the pairing between these two especially how Oscar never had an issue with Farley s body not being as perfect as his own.I [...]

    21. Jacey Jeffrey says:

      These two couldn t be any different Oscar is a gym rat loves being active and working out Farley is a lonerefers to keep to himself and play video games Neither of them were looking for the other until a chance meeting put them together and once Oscar got a whiff of Farley he knew there was something special about Farley Its a sweet romance of two people getting to know each other, finding common ground and learning how to trust each other I really enjoyed their story.I would recommend this stor [...]

    22. Denise GremoryKohta says:

      This is the best one yet While I love Oscar, Farley was a bigger draw to me How he felt about himself and his coping mechanism is something I can relate to I wonder who will be next Personally I am hoping we get a story for both Caleb and Declan Maybe even them together with a third Either way I m sure it ll be awesome whoever gets the next one I have been given the privilege of an advanced reader copy and am voluntarily leaving a review I ve read every one of Kiki Burrelli s books and look forw [...]

    23. Nana says:

      I liked this one, the combination of shifter human was a well done and I ve been looking for a chubby guy having sense of humor, trying to change and become strong instead of focusing on his weight and it being a great source of angst for the story, I m so glad to have found this Farley was a darling My Favorite But, you shouldn t talk like that around the baby, he said, he ended his sentence on dramatic stage whisper Farley started to laugh He can hear me, but he can t understand me If it upset [...]

    24. Amy says:

      Sweet story of Oscar finding his mate He s had a hard life which we learned in previous books, and its clear to him that he has met his mate, Farley in a hospital after being beaten I wasn t as emotionally invested in this story as I was in the previous ones Finn and Christian s mainly Maybe I need angst, and it seemed over very quickly I found that I could relate to Farley s character, being that he is pretty insecure about himself and his weight All in all, still a good solid story I know tha [...]

    25. P Leslie says:

      This is the first book I ve read by this author and I wasn t left disappointed Farley was insecure about his weight which resulted in him having low self esteem and frequently putting himself down Oscar was amazing he was patient, protective and possessive of his mate He earns Farley s trust slowly but most importantly makes him feel special, wanted and loved This was a great read and I really enjoyed it The author captured Farley s insecurities really well Both characters complemented each othe [...]

    26. Joelle says:

      Sweet shifter mating with a little intrigue on the sideI love MPreg and I m a total sucker for a good mating I love how Farley and Oscar weren t an instant couple The attraction was there but there was a slow build to their relationship It was really sweet to see Oscar try to rein himself in so he wouldn t scare Farley off And I liked how Farley grew into his own They made a good couple And now I m really interested to read Finn s story and the others.

    27. Kelly says:

      I loved the story of Farley and Oscar I thought that it was just so cute Farley and Oscar meet after Farley is mugged Oscar is a shifter and Farley is not Farley is a nerd and Oscar works at a gym so it is opposites attract When they come together, it is fireworks The sex is passionate The story is fun to read The characters are really perfect for each other.I voluntarily received a copy of this story.

    28. Tara-lynn says:

      Loved it Great story Spin off series, off to a great start This story follows Farley and Oscar Farley is a gamer and a little overweight His brother is the Co pack master of Oscar They don t meet until after Farley was mugged He goes to the gym which is where he meets Oscar What follows is Oscar wooing Farley Favorite quote turtle me haha If you love mpreg and a great story buy this book Kiki is a great author

    29. Amber says:

      this was a really fun read and as far as shifter books go this one had a really neat twist that I liked a lot I am going to enjoy reading from this author soon though I guess I started in a weird reading reading order as this is the first book in a spin off series lol still lots of fun though

    30. Isha says:

      Enjoyable I really enjoyed this spin off series The Original series was pretty good and this series, seems to be falling in line I just loved Farley and Oscar I especially loved how protective Oscar is over Farley I loved how Farley grew during this book How he became his own man and not wanting to depend on Oscar Great start.

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