Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne
The Innocent Mage
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The Innocent Mage The Innocent Mage is come and we stand at the beginning of the end of everything Being a fisherman like his father isn t a bad life but it s not the one that Asher wants Despite his humble roots As
  • Title: The Innocent Mage
  • Author: Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne
  • ISBN: 9781400189847
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Audiobook
  • The Innocent Mage is come, and we stand at the beginning of the end of everything.Being a fisherman like his father isn t a bad life, but it s not the one that Asher wants Despite his humble roots, Asher has grand dreams And they call him to Dorana, home of princes, beggars, and the warrior mages who have protected the kingdom for generations.Little does Asher know, howeThe Innocent Mage is come, and we stand at the beginning of the end of everything.Being a fisherman like his father isn t a bad life, but it s not the one that Asher wants Despite his humble roots, Asher has grand dreams And they call him to Dorana, home of princes, beggars, and the warrior mages who have protected the kingdom for generations.Little does Asher know, however, that his arrival in the city is being closely watched by members of the Circle, people dedicated to preserving an ancient magic.Asher might have come to the city to make his fortune, but he will find his destiny.
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      190 Karen Miller Kirby Heyborne
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    1 Blog on “The Innocent Mage

    1. Bookdragon Sean says:

      I like fantasy novels that are unique and push the boundaries of the genre Unfortunately, this did nothing new Indeed, this book ticks all the boxes of overworked fantasy tropes, and has little of its own originality to save it I mean this doesn t have to be the case in today s market Look at the brilliance of Brandon Sanderson s books or the depth of Rothfuss world It s still possible to write new fantasy today it may be getting harder, but it s still possible This book is your typical coming o [...]

    2. Kevin Xu says:

      My problem with Karen Miller in general, and with this book is she could have shorten all her books from being over 600 pages each to around 300 so that all the bs slow pacing of nothing happening could be deleted Basically almost nothing really happened in this book and series, only about a couple of things happened, and even with that it felt like nothing really happened or changed within the novel Usually a book would be long just because of it being boring and info dumping, but that is not t [...]

    3. James says:

      Don t judge a book by its cover Seriously This book very much disappointed me, in every way The idea was interesting and very promising, but the execution was terrible Honestly, I don t know why I kept reading it Somehow, the book had a way of making me keep reading, just to see if anything interesting happened, which in retropect is a terrible reason to keep reading a book After 500 pages, I thought back and realized that nothing important or interesting even happened Basically, the main charac [...]

    4. Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

      The first book of a two book series, Canadian Australian author Miller is a refreshing new voice in the genre Set in the kingdom of Lur, the two races, Doranen and Olken, live alongside each other with a precarious balance the Doranen, who came down through the mountains fleeing the evil mage Morg over six centuries ago, are born with magic and use it to control the weather and give smaller benefits to society, while the Olken, the original inhabitants of the land, occupy lower class positions o [...]

    5. Margot says:

      Asher, the backwater fisherman, travels to the big capital city, Dorana, to find his fortune Little does he know, he is the center of a little known prophecy that will either save or destroy the kingdom of Lur.I gave this book a good 200 pages to get good, to no avail I found Asher, the protagonist, very unlikeable, and I felt like Miller often tried to use his contrariness to bandaid her general lack of tension I also felt that she played her cards too soon by revealing the prophecy stuff very [...]

    6. colleen the convivial curmudgeon says:

      So this bookI didn t hate it, thus the 2 stars, but I m not sure I can say I really liked it, either so maybe it s a 1.5 stars, rounded up.Anyway First and foremost a warning This is not a duology in the sense of two complete but related stories like, say, Crown Court Crown Duel This is a duology in the sense of one book that the publisher probably decided to split into two because one 1300 page book is intimidating than 2 650ish page books.There is no conclusion to this story It s a cliffhang [...]

    7. Mike (the Paladin) says:

      I looked at this book several times I passed it by on all those occasions I suppose I always thought I d maybe pick it up at some point but really, it s not the type book I usually get involved in or at least didn t seem to be The synopsis led me to believe that at best I d find it mildly interesting.I have been pleasantly surprised This is an excellent read It s an interesting, well plotted, well characterized novel This book drew me in from the word go and held my interest throughout There are [...]

    8. Beth says:

      Here is what I got out of the book so far Asher runs away to find his fortune in the Capitol Asher sees the prince riding through town Man, that guy is an idiot Prince seems to recognize Asher Prince Hey what are you doing here Asher, None of your business Prince, I like you, want to work in my stables although obviously you can t handle a horse and you are impertinent Asher, Why would I want to do that though I have no other options and no skills Prince, I ll pay you well Asher, I want Prince, [...]

    9. Maria Elmvang says:

      Asher is a refreshing change to the common fantasy hero he s neither a long long son of some king somewhere, nor a diamond in the rough He s merely rough The unpolished fisherman who travels to the great city to work for a year, in order to earn money for his old dad He says what he means and means what he says and doesn t stop to think that perhaps he should occasionally phrase his comments politely, in order not to ruffle any fancy feathers.I really enjoyed the book The relationship between A [...]

    10. Eli says:

      The story has some interesting ideas sprinkled here and there throughout, and the writing is certainly passable from a technical standpoint However, the end result is that the overall telling of the story resulted in mediocrity when in places it offered a tease of potential to be so much Ultimately, I finished the book out of sheer stubborness, rather than due to much interest in what was actually going on in the story In the author s defense, I believe this is her first novel With further refi [...]

    11. Jacob Proffitt says:

      I haven t been able to pick this back up for two weeks, so it is time to admit the truth I don t really care to finish this book The writing is okay and I m interested in the world, but there s just enough drag from the characters that I m simply not willing to continue.I knew that I was in trouble when I found myself unable to like Asher I think we re supposed to, but at heart, he s kind of an arrogant jerk How Prince Gar didn t just dump him in the nearest midden is a mystery to me Sorry, but [...]

    12. Kathryn says:

      An enjoyable read, but it didn t quite live up to my expectations Classic fantasy, complete with an ancient prophecy, an unwitting hero, magic, romance, intrigue, all the usual fantasy bells and whistles Nothing s wrong with that, of course It just fell a bit short for me spoiler alert I had several hold on moments where my belief was jarred Such as when Asher steps up to save Prince Gar s horse What in the world is a fisherman doing trying to calm down a horse I don t know jack about horses or [...]

    13. Cori Reed says:

      I ve seen some really mixed things out there about this book A lot of people think it s boring and lacking a distinct plot, but I disagree I had a great time reading this.While it certainly isn t anything shiny and new, I found the fantastical aspects interesting and leaving me wanting to learn The one aspect of the magic I didn t like was it didn t seem to have rules I like magic systems that are almost scientific This one felt like Harry Potter in that you can kind of do anything with the ri [...]

    14. Craig "NEEDS MORE DAMN TIME TO READ !!!!" says:

      I m angry Goodness me Ok there are a few reasons why I am angry My new adoration for the Fantasy genre is tainted now knowing there is pap like this out there The writing style, f k me it was aggravating, characters spoke like a cross between The artful dodger and a Northener from the UK, hell I have Yorkshire blood on my veins and it still annoyed The story flow and world building was utter shite, hated main character too Lastly the cover art for both books is great, such a waste

    15. Chichipio says:

      Funny how things work I was in really weird mood read that as horrible and it was impacting in my reading Being in the middle of a mediocre UF series to begin with, wasn t much help at all Still, I have to admit to a lot of undeserved nitpicking In the end, though, it doesn t matter the reason I got so frustrated with that series that I needed a change and I thought fantasy would do the trick Finnikin of the Rock was my first choice, but I m not very good at reading two books at the same time th [...]

    16. David says:

      Pretty much has everything cliched and sorry about Fantasy novels Dreadfully slow pacing The antagonist does not even appear until 500 pages into the story Mostly we have the country boy goes to the big city to find his fortune He finds it as a admin assistant So there s basically 500 pages of admin assistant stuff Dull as dishwater The last 100 pages holds some plot developments but again at the end of the book we re treated to Okay, you get one guess Yup, it s a literal cliffhanger What a surp [...]

    17. Andrew Simpson says:

      I found this to be a really enjoyable read, the depth of the characters as they progress through the story is masterfully written The story is compelling and well told.Would definitely recommend this, now to start on its sequel

    18. Ben Babcock says:

      For a book called The Innocent Mage, set in a land protected by a magical barrier, where the practising of magic is a capital offense for the Olken and a birthright for the Doranen, not a lot of magic actually happens in this book Karen Miller dangles the potential for magic like a carrot before whacking the reader with the stick of scenery chewing dialogue While there is plenty to enjoy about the slow simmer of worldbuilding in which Miller engages here, some of the same decisions that make Mil [...]

    19. Aaron Negoba says:

      My family recommended this book as we re all fantasy fans, and I ve been on a tear lately This book takes the usual themes, bends them around just slightly, and sets a reasonable stage for a good story And then nothing happens The characters argue and fuss about and some lame pseudo political wrangling goes on Tiny bit by bit we get some backstory, and toward the end there is a rush toward a cliffhanger ending that finishes nothing It serves only as a bridge to the second book Miller has a bad h [...]

    20. Connor says:

      3 Stars Where I liked the characters immensely and I enjoyed this book overall, I had a few problems with the pacing and plot devices I really liked the dialogue though, and after the way this first book concluded, I will definitely be curious to see how the story moves forward in book two of the duology.

    21. Jen A. says:

      I read a lot of hum drum reviews of The Innocent Mage, a book I borrowed off of my sister s bookshelf, and honestly, I don t know what everyone is complaining about Miller wrote a good if typical fantasy story complete with two races, royalty, an Evil Person, magic, commoners, and what amounts to a secret guild What she didn t do is exhaustively report on the history of this land and these peoples you learn the background slowly, by paying attention and creating the full picture in your head wit [...]

    22. Aaron Rauschhuber says:

      I like the book Karen Miller s Innocent Mage now has a special little place on my shelf The reason is very simple It was fantasy just the way I like it Innocent Mage was realistic, practical, and charming The characters were human, whether Olken or Doranen, each had human struggles Despite the title, magic played a small role compared to the conflicting emotions of the characters Magic seemed to be just oil on the gears, keeping the background plot growing and growing building up for the sequel [...]

    23. Kerstin says:

      The story follows Asher a surly, ill tempered fishermen who in the attempt to escape his cruel overbearing brothers and pull his father from poverty travels to the capital city of Dorana He is planning on working there for a year and then going home with enough money to set him and his father up comfortably with their own house and boat But the capital is not what he expected and soon he is faced with situations and people that he could never have imagined Within his first day of being within th [...]

    24. Reader-ramble says:

      Lur is a kingdom isolated from the outside world by magic There are two races the Olken, who have no magic, and the Doranen, who use magic like it s another limb Enter Asher, an Olken fisherman who dreams of making enough money for his father to retire what Asher doesn t know is that he is prophesied to be Lur s savior.I ll be honest, I liked this book It was enjoyable for me because the characters are so defined and the world feels a bit different that the usual fantasy world Lur is so isolated [...]

    25. Anna says:

      When I first started reading the Innocent Mage, I thought Oh dear, this does not look so good A fisherman With an accent like this But the book was a present from my sister, so I had to at least try And I am quite glad I did.There were some things in the text that made me wince from time to time, mostly redundancy, and repetition of phrases or ideas Many things became worse for wear and every other character was sick at some point of the story I also felt that the story could have been told in m [...]

    26. Phule77 Erickson says:

      I had seen this recommended, I think, by Rothfuss, and besides the covers are quite striking compared to a lot of others on the shelves at this time.I had glanced at them, but the blurb quote inside the dust cover seemed really pretentiousis bumpkin is correcting a Prince Okay, whatever.But while on vacation I needed another book to read, and went ahead and read some of the first chapter, and was hooked by the energy and the writing style I worried about whether to bother picking up the sequel, [...]

    27. Mikko Karvonen says:

      In a word uninspiring.Innocent Mage has its merits The relationship between the two main characters has some interesting moments, and there are couple other potentially decent characters The language is good and flowing It tries to do something bit different with the age old Chosen One theme.But bah, it just never gets anywhere And when it did, it left me mostly annoyed.Miller spends habitually six pages saying things she could have said in two One could argue that it makes her dialogues lively [...]

    28. Dawn says:

      This was refreshing Finally, some traditional fantasy done right It s been so long that I picked up a traditional type series and actually really really got into it But Innocent Mage sucked me right in, and there was never a point where it lost my attention That s not to say it was jam packed with action It was just good Good character development, a super intriguing world It was the full package when it comes to traditional epic fantasy.Just a quick warning though Big time cliff hanger ending I [...]

    29. Nynke says:

      Reread, like the tenth time ___

    30. Helen says:

      The story itself was ok, if nothing special Asher appears to be a down to earth commoner, but he s actually The Innocent Mage , a special snowflake who is destined to save the kingdom.More interesting is Gar, a prince of a race of people all born with magic Unfortunately, Gar was born without magic and is considered a cripple He s not allowed to become ruler and is passed over in the succession in favour of his younger sister I think this suffers a bit because I recently read Robin Hobb s Farsee [...]

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